Report: Voice Stress Analyzer Confirms Zimmerman Told Truth to Police About Trayvon Incident

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Now that George Zimmerman has retained new council, more details begin to emerge about the evening 17-year old teen Trayvon Martin was killed:

Did you know that, on the night of Trayvon Martin’s death, Sanford police gave George Zimmerman a voice stress test?

They did, and the results probably contributed to his release.

A voice stress test is like a polygraph, but instead of measuring heart rate and blood pressure, it looks for changes in an individual’s voice patterns that are thought to suggest psychological stress. With the help of software, investigators record a suspect answering baseline questions and then compare them to answers about the case.

George Zimmerman’s voice stress test came out clean, according to attorney Hal Uhrig. If the Sanford Police Department is willing to spend more than $10,000 on the product, then it probably trusts its results. And those results probably corroborated what officers initially saw at the scene.


Market Ticker’s Karl Denninger also reports that NBC news has fired a producer over the doctoring of a recorded 9-1-1 call , which only added fuel to the already brewing race conflict emerging across the country:

On March 27, NBC aired a recording of the call in which Zimmerman appeared to volunteer the information that Martin “looks black.”

However, on the full recording an emergency dispatcher is heard to ask Zimmerman for the apparent race of the individual who would later be identified as Martin.

The failure of Florida authorities to investigate Zimmerman’s actions in any depth or to prosecute him has sparked a national uproar. And conservative media outlets including Fox News have accused NBC and others seeking to foment discord and strife.

NBC apologized Wednesday for what it called an “error made in the production process that we deeply regret.”

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  • Telling the TRUTH!!! WTF does anyone think the truth has any bearing on the “facts” of this incident, Jesse, Al and all the blacks want a hanging like the “Incident at Black Rock” Movie. A black has been shot and killed and a non black is apparently responsible and nothing but a hanging will do. I hope the hispanic voters keep this in mind in November. Remember, only blacks can murder or kill blacks and be above the law.

    • Roscoe P. Coletrain



    • KAFNT

      The hispanics dont give a rats ass because WHITES are being blamed. They will take their fed handouts just like the others and vote Dickmycrack like always.

  • Robert

    The left wing raticials have never been interested in the facts in this case. They have/wanted a predetermined outcome and will change or dismiss any facts that doesn’t agree with that outcome. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpdon are there to make themselves revelent in the black communities again, to gain more power and influence in the political ring. The “New Black Pather Party” is nothing more than the KKK in different color robes. I hope cooler heads prevail, let the justic system work. You may not like the facts or lack thereof, but let it work.

  • M

    Interesting information, but the quality of voice stress tests is only as good as the skill of the operator. It’s one test, but it’s hardly definitive. If I were to guess where the best voice test operators were, I wouldn’t be thinking small local police forces in Florida.

    The right wing is, of course, never interested in facts.

    • TheSerf

      Sounds like you cant handle the fact he passed the test…

  • Otis

    Voice stress analyzers and polygraphs are junk science elevated to an art form. The National Academy of Sciences, in the ONLY peer-reviewed study of the polygraph (as opposed to industry-paid propagandists) confirmed that the “poly” has NO SCIENTIFIC VALIDITY when it comes to detecting deception. Polygraph examiners are the most dishonest and dishonorable individuals any security-clearance applicant (or innocent citizen falsely accused of a crime) will likely ever encounter. Such frauds (technical and personnel) will eagerly lend themselves to trumped-up “investigations” when there’s money to be made.