Report: Police Believe There Was More Than One Shooter During Las Vegas Massacre

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Officers within the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department believe that there was more than one shooter during the horrific mass shooting that killed 58 people and that officials are engaging in a coverup to hide this shocking information, according to a video report by investigative reporter Jake Morphonios.

The video, posted on the “End Times News Report” YouTube channel, details an interview Morphonios claims he conducted with a police officer who told him that it was the “sentiment” of many police that there was more than one shooter involved.

“I asked, is the metro PD investigating the possibility of multiple shooters, and was told, officially, no. Everything is focused in on the one gunman theory,” Morphonios detailed.

“However I was told that it was the sentiment of many police officers that there was more than one shooter involved, I pressed for details and wasn’t given any.”

Morphonios continued, “This officer was very forthcoming, told me a lot of stuff, but when I asked about the story of the glass being shot out of the Bellagio hotel the officer said no comment. Had been very forthcoming throughout the entire interview but when I got to that he said sorry I cannot talk about that.”

The officer also reportedly told the journalist that “no sense of normalcy had returned to Vegas at this point” and that due to the mass chaos the night of the shooting, police believe the attackers used diversions to lead police around the strip as they conducted their attack.

Keep in mind that the FBI is running the entire investigation and thus has the ability to release whatever disinformation they wish, knowing the mainstream press will immediately report it as fact.

The above report is by no means the only evidence that there was more than one shooter, in fact there are at least six different eyewitness reports that detail or prove multiple shooters even as the authorities and media desperately try to convince the American people that one old man conducted the largest mass shooting in the countries history.

As I recently reported, one of the shocking eyewitness reports came from a man named Gio Rios who posted what he saw before deleting it amid seemingly coordinated personal attacks.

“Facebook user and eyewitness Gio Rios has sent shockwaves throughout the internet after he not only confirmed he was present during the attack, he presented a variety of details that are were either unpublished or have been denied by authorities and the mainstream media.”

“There was more than one shooter, I believe there were 4-5 shooters and I saw/heard 4 of them,” Rios claimed. “There was one of their men down in the concert who lit firecrackers either to distract people…. or to decoy the Mandalay Bay shooter breaking the windows out of the hotel without being noticed right away.”

Other evidence includes video footage that clearly shows gunfire at the ground level as well as various other eyewitness accounts that have already been seen by millions.

No doubt about it, we are clearly seeing some sort of large-scale coverup in action.

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  • Justin time

    No. Evidence is photo,documents,items,etc.
    Statements point to, indicates. The story is obviously bull crap. Guard was a hero. Cops never said 2 guys in stairwell ! Now he isn’t even a guard. Or on payroll now?

    • darkhorse

      wait…it will keep getting better and better…. SNL should do a skit on this…

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  • Phil_Ossifer

    Misleading headline (like, what else is new around here)? While technically accurate, the headline implies that the cops now officially believe that there were multiple shooters when, in actuality, only a few individual cops believe that, unofficially. The “lone nut” theory is still the official story, just like it was a “lone nut” on 11/22/63. Deja vu all over again.

    • g.johnon

      the more things change….

  • jim_robert

    Gee, Google and YouTube going corrupt. What a shock. These companies have gone over to the dark side, pure and simple. Disgusting. Someone needs to start a new YouTube.

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      Alternatives to youtube DuckDuckGo or GoodGopher it

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        duckduck gets me where i wanna go. fuckerberg can zuck it.

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          agree with you on this for sure

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            common ground. good deal.

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      Remember Google old meme…”Don’t be Evil”….
      Now that’s funny….

  • dav1bg

    FBI = Fellons Brotherhood Incorporated. Alphabet organizations should be under the constitution and congressional oversight. Right now they are just Illuminati hit men.

  • tscull

    Obama’s Marxist deep staters did the attack. Used the old fool as a patsy.

    • g.johnon

      yeah, like deep staters only do the bidding of democrats. i see the nazis are crowding into this thread like a pack of zombie rat dicks, so this can only mean that there is fun afoot 🙂

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            No, I’m no Hitler lover.

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        • g.johnon

          ohhhh stop!! it hurts to laugh that hard!!
          and anyone who calls you a nazi is a liberal. you could not get more classically dumbfuck than that if you tried for 50 years.
          “socialist” aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhahahaha!! (ouch).
          no moron, people who believer that hitler was a great man are nazis. this is not my first rodeo with you by a long shot. “traditional american conservative ideals” .oooooowhaaaaaahhahahahahah1 oh fuck please stop!!

          whatever happened to good old original american republican ideals? please do not try to tell us that you are a republican. you are not.

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            How’s that brainwashing workin out fer ya genius?!

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  • R. Shultz

    FBI-CIA-Mossad…blew it!…Either Paddock was patsy or collaborator regarding FBI setting up _________?…It went wrong….
    My money on Paddock did NO shooting…instead was shot early on….
    I WANT TO SEE PICTURE OF WALL opposite the door where 200 rounds
    went through….
    Can you imagine what that wall would look like???

  • TrevorD

    Well the FBI should know. Do they ever catch the CIA at doing anything?

  • kimmmmm

    Even in this alternative site they use a picture of a young Paddock. That is misleading – helps to promote the “official” story.