Report On Murder Of DNC Staffer Seth Rich Speculates ‘Hired Killer’ May Have Done It

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A new report from a group led by Republican lobbyist Jack Burkman claims that Democratic staffer Seth Rich was likely killed by either “a hired killer or serial murderer.”

The group is called the Profiling Project, and it is reportedly staffed with George Washington University graduate students who are studying forensic psychology. It’s funded by Burkman, who has offered a $105,000 reward for solving Rich’s murder.

Rich, a 27-year-old Democratic National Committee (DNC) staffer at the time of his murder in July 2016 in Washington, D.C. was the victim of a botched attempted robbery, police have said.

The Profiling Project report released Tuesday claims that “Seth’s death does not appear to be a random homicide” or a “robbery gone bad,” though it provides no evidence that the killer was hired by someone.

The group, however, received “no special access to any materials, evidence or persons and due to case sensitivity, conducted only informal, limited interviews. The bulk of our report is based on statistics, prior research and Logos.”

Embedded PDF of the report, from WJLA-TV:

The Profiling Project Seth Rich Report by WJLA-TV on Scribd

Kevin Doherty, a member of the group that put together the report, said that “the fact that this person has gotten away with it shows a level of proficiency.”

“The crime scene was very organized to the point of being sanitized,” the report wrote. “This would indicate careful planning on the part of the offender, control of the entry to and exit from the crime scene as well as in-depth understanding of law-enforcement investigative processes.”

A variety of conservative commentators have speculated that Rich’s death may have been more nefarious than simply a botched robbery. Sean Hannity urged an investigation, which led to a campaign to take down his advertisers.

“With such a sanitized crime scene and no emotional indications, this is not Offenders [sic] first kill,” according to the report, leading the group to claim that the killer would be “by the FBI definition, a serial killer.”

Brad Bauman, a spokesperson for the Rich family, told The Daily Caller in an email, “The Rich family was not provided a copy of the preliminary report, never saw the report or was otherwise consulted in the preparation of the report.”

“I received the report a half an hour before it was made public thus depriving myself, the family or the families lawyers any reasonable time review it. As noted, by the report’s own methodology, ‘The profiling project was given no special access to any materials, evidence or persons and due to case sensitivity, conducted only informal, limited interviews.’”

“Given that fact, the family hopes that the general public takes the findings at face value– valuable experience in research collection and report writing for students at George Washington University but in no way should take any findings contained within as new, credible or otherwise lending credence to conspiracy theories surrounding the circumstances of Seth’s death,” he continued.

“We further hope that this doesn’t continue to impede the Metropolitan Police Department’s ability to find the killers and give folks who might have information leading to their arrest cover to stay silent.”

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  • elbustaroyjetspeekerson

    Easy. Just ask Hitlery. Or better yet, PULL IT OUT of her/its stinking ass. With the ‘Jaws Of Life”. Hooked up to 440 volts and 10K amperes.

    • robert

      Find out who Clintons use to make their hits

  • Gil G

    Wait, he’s a Democrat? Why is this news?

    • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

      What makes this news is there is every reason to believe he betrayed the Democratic party in general and Hillary Clinton in particular and has become yet another corpse littering the trail blazed by the Clintons over the last thirty years. Apparently, being a “progressive” has become hazardous to ones’ health. In more ways than one.

  • Mechman29

    In the very profound words of our founding fathers… “No shit”

  • SP_88

    “…and give folks who might have information….cover to stay silent” Why would this report cause anyone who might have information to not come forward? The only people who are impeding this investigation are the MPD and democrats who were part of Hillary’s campaign.
    Brad Bauman, the spokesperson for the Rich family was likely appointed under pressure from the democrat party to keep them quiet. They don’t want any information coming out that would give them any more bad publicity than they already have. The murder of Seth Rich is already highly suspect as it is. And the fact that they are trying to claim that it was a botched robbery is quite ridiculous considering that nothing was taken from him, and the fact that he has been connected to the Wikileaks documents as well the Clinton’s history of people dropping dead around them at an alarming rate.
    They always say that the cover up is worse than the crime. I’m not sure that the Rich family feels that way though.
    I wonder if anyone in the family is aware that he was leaking documents to Wikileaks. But regardless, it sure seems like the democrats are worried about the possibility.
    Sometimes, when a crime is committed, it goes from nobody knowing what happened to lots of people knowing what happened, and it’s possibly solved.
    But whenever government officials are the ones who committed the crime, it either goes from nobody knowing what happened to everyone knowing what happened, but the government officials are like “fuck you, we’re gonna deny it to the end”, or, the crime is so blatantly obvious that the government officials immediately take the position of “fuck you, we’re gonna deny it to the end”, and then it’s the usual bullshit from all the usual suspects, and the media will defend them by claiming that anything that even comes close to the truth is a ridiculous conspiracy theory.
    But first of all, how can the media honestly claim that any theory, conspiracy or otherwise, is ridiculous, when nobody is forthcoming with any information about it? And second, when the official story is so absurd? And yes, that was a rhetorical question. We all know that the media is a bunch of liars and that they are desperate to cover for the government.
    Don’t hold your breath waiting for the truth to come out. If anything, they will find some poor sap to take the fall for it. And the media will call it “case closed”, despite how obvious it is that it was a cover up.

  • Susan Underhill

    Assange is captured. Do not submit.

  • The Hundredth Monkey

    The Clinton Machine did it. Now please kindly give me my reward.