Report: NATO Plane From Turkey Shot Down By Syria

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Tensions in the middle east are heating up as armies and intelligence agencies from the United States, Russia, and China arm and give aid to their respective allies in Syria. Now, according to a report from the UK Telegraph, Syria has engaged and shot down a Turkish air force plane, leading the Turks to call an emergency meeting to determine what steps to take next.

Reports in Turkey initially stated that Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan claimed that Syria had apologised for shooting down the plane.

“Syria immediately offered a very serious apology for the incident and admitted it was a mistake”, Haberturk daily newspaper quoted Mr Erdogan as saying onboard a plane on the way to Turkey from Brazil.

However, Mr Erdogan later told a news conference that he could not confirm reports that Syria had shot it down and had apologised.

He said he had no word on the fate of the pilot and navigator on board.

The incident prompted the calling of an emergency security meeting to be led later on Friday by Mr Erdogan and attended by top military and intelligence chiefs.

Turkey is a member of Nato, meaning that it could invoke Article V of the North Atlantic Treaty and summon the aid of all 28 countries in the alliance if it comes under attack. Turkey’s government is a strident critic of President Bashar al-Assad’s regime and tension has risen along the land border between the two neighbours.

As was the case during 1914, it only takes a single incident to change the world. While this incident is not likely to mobilize militaries into action as happened after the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand II on June 28, 1914, tensions are running high and we may not be that far off from an event that sends World War III into motion.

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  • SKIP

    The Saudis backing the anti Assad forces is going to end badly for the idiots! Those forces working to overthrow Assad are the very ones that have taken over Egypt, Lybia Yeman and in the process of wrecking Tunis and Morocco (AND the U.S.). Those same forces, the muslim brotherhood, are the same that are even now attempting to overthrow the Bahrain government which are Saudi family members and only the intervention of the Saudi military prevented that takeover. The muslim brotherhood is dealing harshly with those that have treated with Western infidels and the Saudis can safely be said to be playing both sides of that game. Anyway, after Syria falls, Jordan will be next guaranteed and then the full weight of the muslim brotherhood will be levied against the Saudi families running the Arabian peninsula and we will be bringing all of them to the U.S. as “refugees” and we will find our country embroiled in saving their fortunes again but the worst is going to be the treatment of the hundreds of thousands of foreigners from India and the Philippines that are non muslims, I see a humanitarian crisis of biblical proportions on the horizon here and no one to part the seas for the escape.

  • Nexus789

    I think there is perhaps a gain of truth in what you say. The West, specifically the US, is arrogant and believes they are pulling the strings. However, ‘forces’ in the Middle East may be using the opportunity to create the circumstances for an Arab uprising. These things have a way of getting out of control as history teaches us.

  • evie

    An article a couple of weeks ago said this would happen and it did.
    Are the social engineers of the elite not smarter than the people?

  • Ed_B

    “Are the social engineers of the elite not smarter than the people?”

    Yes, in some ways, they really are smarter. Unfortunately, any advantage that could give them is defeated by their astounding arrogance.

    Besides… it is the western elite along with the Saudis and probably the Indonesians who are funding the Muslim Brotherhood, probably in the hope of either controlling them or setting them up for assassination on a grand scale. Either way, it is yet another elite project that will probably come apart at the worst possible time and do incredible damage to the people of the Middle East as well as to the citizens of the west. 🙁