Remington Moves to Dismiss Ridiculous Sandy Hook Lawsuit

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In December of 2014, the parents of several Sandy Hook victims filed a lawsuit against Bushmaster and other related corporate entities like Remington. This wasn’t the first time that the victims of gun violence tried to shift blame onto firearm manufacturers, but to date, no one has ever succeeded. The gun companies are protected by federal laws like the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act, which prevents these kinds of frivolous lawsuits.

The only exception to this law, is a clause known as “negligent entrustment.” If say a gun store sells to a person who is clearly intoxicated or insane, they can be sued. So the plaintiffs cited negligent entrustment when they sued these companies, and claimed that the way they marketed these AR-15 style weapons, makes them responsible for the people who are killed by them. According to a CNN interview with the attorney for the families:

“Remington took a weapon that was made to the specs of the U.S. military for the purpose of killing enemy soldiers in combat — and that weapon in the military is cared for with tremendous amount of diligence, in terms of training, storage, who gets the weapon, and who can use it. They took that same weapon and started peddling it to the civilian market for the purposes of making a lot of money.”

The lawsuit has now reached a make or break moment. Remington has just moved to dismiss it before they ever go to trial, and the judge is preparing to make a final decision. At this point, either the lawsuit will disappear or the judge will decide to move the case to a fact-finding phase, and from there it could go to trial.

But there’s one fact that the plaintiffs have ignored, as did CNN when they recently interviewed the parents. Adam Lanza didn’t buy the gun from Remington or Bushmaster, and it wasn’t purchased off the shelves of a gun store. He stole it from his mother before he killed her. So how can the gun manufacturer’s marketing make them responsible for neglectful entrustment? It’s just one more reason why this ridiculous lawsuit needs to be thrown out.

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Contributed by Joshua Krause of The Daily Sheeple.

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  • Dunno y

    Obama the great law bending emporer. Got his smell all over this one.

  • Health Fitness Cafe

    Nobody died at Sandy Hook so how can there be a lawsuit? Read the book.

    • Jeffersonian

      I know! That’s why I want this to go to trial, and have DISCOVERY get all of the evidence that they have covered up, from the crime scene pics inside the school to the Death Certificates (including the Lanza’s) and autopsies! This could be very interesting! Considering that it’s been proven that nobody died, and the Lanza character is a fictional photochopped boogyman! I wan to know who the felon is that they found his DNA (and only his DNA) on the guns! Funny how they didn’t find ANY lanza DNA on the gun or ammo! This could be good!

      • randy wellman


      • Trudy Gatlin

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      • clarioncaller

        Dr. Wayne Carver is already refusing to testify in a case brought by Jonathan Reich in CT. The house of cards is beginning to collapse.

        • Randy

          What in the world is his excuse for not testifying? Was he given a subpoena? If so, he MUST show up or go to jail until he changes his mind!

      • Randy

        Discovery schmiscovery, there will be brick walls thrown up all over the place, national security will be brought up, the phony judges that will get involved will quash any relevant data, etc ad infinitum.
        According to the Old Farmer’s Almanac, on December 14, 2012, the minimum temp was 30.6 F and the max was 49.3 F. On the 15th it was 32.2 and 46.8, respectively. WHY was there no breath fogging to be seen from anyone, and no snow on the ground when less than a month earlier, a MAJOR snow storm had struck and a school bus in the area had to be assisted by some of the students when it got stuck in the snow? Where did all of that snow go to, as winter was approaching and temps were getting COLDER, not warmer?
        Connecticut is like an icebox that time of year, as is proved by TOFA data just cited above. People go to Palm Springs in the winter because it’s normally warm there. People go to cold places year after year for skiing holidays. Connecticut is one of them!

    • NonYo Business

      From Actornauts to these “shootings” to the “Patriots” at BLM. THE Government has been very busy.

    • Brett Baker

      The fbi website says no murders in 2012 Newtown. It’s in Table 8.

    • There is also a lot of good investigative videos on youtube you can watch and get informed. There are so many holes in this event that as a boat, it would not float but sink to the bottom of the sea as if a lead weight. This is an attempt to make American’s emotional so they would be more amiable to more excessive gun control. Call me a nut if you like, but until you watch some of those videos that show EVIDENCE of blatant lying and deceit; until you can take a step back as ask WHY; until you look at the REAL investigators looking into this that are nationally recognized, who are consistently threatened and shot down at every turn – you do not really have a leg to stand on.

      Always ask WHY…. It is your right to do so and it is the power you have!

  • Jeffersonian

    take it to court and demand all of the death records, autopsies, crime scene photo, and felon’s ID that had his DNA on the guns instead of the photochopped fictional character they created & dubbed ‘Adam Lanza’!

  • AllodialTitle

    Wasn’t there some POS who said Guantanamo would be shut down as soon as it got in office of the pretend government?

  • Undecider

    Yes, let it go to trial. Let’s see the “evidence”! Or maybe they’ll do just that and roll out the fake stuff with Remington playing along. Let’s hope not.

  • jaguar

    That’s funny… What parents?! No kids died in Sandy Hook…people of Sandy Hook already got their homes paid off, so they already got their money…

  • Mike

    If this suit is allowed and if any amount is awarded it will open the doors for adult beverage manufacturers, car manufacturers, and the like to be sued for their products being used in ILLEGAL ACTIONS. Can’t wait to sue them for all the hell alcohol caused in my first marriage.

  • Bubba T

    Only thing killed that day was more of our rights & privileges.

  • mirageseekr

    They can’t go to court unless it is another sham like the Boston Bombing or Aurora theater hoax because it will be abundantly clear that nobody died. What didn’t these crisis actors make enough from their participation in this sham and their little “charities”. Just as a little after thought for any past or future crisis actors out there. You have acted as traitors of the people and when the uprising and subsequent revolution happens you will be easy to identify because of continued exposure and insistence in this traitorous lie and will be dealt with as all traitors are.

  • bill lopez

    Why is it that two years later the only law suit ever filed in the Sandy Hook case is against a gun manufacturer? Why is it that no lawsuit has ever been filled against the school, against Peter Lanza, against the city, county or state?

    Within days after the Columbine shooting lawsuits were flying. Same with Aurora. But yet in what we are supposed to believe to be one of the most horrific of public mass shootings, only a few of the distraught parents are able to find the gun manufacturer liable for their losses?

    • Randy

      There was a law suit filed against Nancy Lanza’s estate to disburse lots of bucks to various players in this charade. But since Nancy Lanza is a figment of someone’s imagination, from WHERE did those electronic bookkeeping entries come from to make any payments? Something don’t add up here, folks!!

  • Gavirio Vicuta

    The White House will most likely covertly force the issue here as the goal would be to establish precedent for ultimate responsibility traced back to arms manufacturers, an essential legal step in the prohibition or severe restriction on the fabrication of firearms which is what so-called gun controllers really want. It could be argued that the marketing of firearms such as assault rifles in the civilian market influences a vulnerable public hence the manufacturer shares the blame on the actions of the marketed product. Remember the Joe Camel case? Although there were some documents in that case that could be construed as a proverbial “smoking gun,” the basic argument there was that the cigarette company’s marketing campaign was decidedly effective (whether it was an unintended market or not, it really didn’t matter in the end).

  • Brett Baker

    If the fbi says there were no murders in 2012 in Newtown CT, how can someone sue anyone for something that didn’t happen?

    • When our “reality” actually is reality TV anything is possible.

  • CurlyBill

    Those charges cant and wont stick… the communists are hoping they will, with that foot in the door we would be doomed. There would be no gun manufacturers left if that happened.

    • Boop Gahev

      The day will come when 3D printing will come to the rescue.

  • JMBO

    Corpus delicti
    All “evidence” a crime was committed was destroyed and/or buried.

  • JMBO

    Shouldn’t they sue the ammunition manufacturer? Even the made-up narrative doesn’t have “adam lanza” bludgeoning anyone to death with an AR, Glock or Sig

  • Public_Citizen

    Once again the Clinton “News” Network takes the unchallenged word of a leftist with an agenda as the gospel truth and publishes it without research to verify whether it is truth or fiction.
    In this case it contains a lot of fiction.
    The civilian model firearm in question has about the same resemblance to a military specification AR-15 as a Hummer does to a mil-spec Humvee. From the outside they look a lot alike but when it comes to function they don’t have the same capabilities.
    The civilian firearm uses much of the same engineering for the basis of the firearm but lacks certain key functionality that is a ~requirement~ for all modern military weapons, that being the capability for full automatic operation where one pull of the trigger fires multiple rounds, and if the trigger is held down will continue to fire until the ammunition supply is exhausted.
    Civilian firearms require one pull of the trigger for each round fired. If the trigger is held down the firearm will fire one bullet, eject the spent round, and just sit there – an inert collection of metal and plastic. It is incapable of firing another round until the trigger is released and pulled again.
    Hysteria Mongers and those with a private agenda are once again trying to conflate a military weapon with a civilian firearm that , for reasons of economy and improvements in ergonomics and engineering have a similar appearance.

  • Randy

    BUT… the legal system is totally corrupted, and so if the Executive Administrator who is only POSING as a bona fide judge is bribed or threatened in the right way, anything can happen!!
    Remington Arms Company and all of the others need to discover the fact that the entire legal system is a fraud, partly by reading the paper The Scam of the Legal System, which can be found quite easily online, and partly by reading other such works and just looking at some facts.

  • Pete Smith

    Sandy Hook “parents” sue Bushmaster — but NOBODY DIED at Sandy Hook. This proves Newtown was a HOAX, using ACTORS: