Regarding Philando Castile: It IS About The Gun – Not Race, Not BOLOs, and Not Marijuana

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We’ve all heard the narrative which has been coming from some on the right and the “thin blue line” supporters that “Castile was an armed robbery suspect and he, therefore, deserved to die.” But we are about punch holes in that theory and the theory that marijuana is a viable reason to decline someone their right to not only life; but to a jury of their peers.

Thanks to the horrible “reporting” from some sites (some known for propagating biased, fake news), many people assumed there was a warrant out for Philando Castile’s arrest, so the cop had good reason to snuff out his life. Yet, oddly enough, they don’t say that a BOLO (Be On The Lookout) is far from an arrest warrant. That distinction matters – a lot.

The people who claim to be for the protection of rights, smaller government, and more liberty seem to be casting those preferences aside when it comes to Castile’s case. They are all for the execution of those who “fit BOLO descriptions” as long as the “thin blue line,” aka, the government’s enforcement arm, is the one who does the slaughtering.

Philando Castile and his girlfriend, Diamond Reynolds, did NOT match the BOLO description of robbery suspects. The BOLO description put out by the “indisputable police” claimed it was two men who committed the crime; not a male with a female.


But that’s not all. We are going punch holes in the “marijuana users should not have gun permits” theory as well.

Marijuana is safer than alcohol. Marijuana has no known overdose limit. Not only that, it’s been shown to cure rather than harm. Alcoholics, however, can overdose all they want because of legality and arbitrary laws. They may also still acquire permission from the state to bear arms; IE, gun permits.

Alcoholics have a much higher rate of suicide and domestic violence than those who partake in cannabis. This fact alone should usher “theepers,” – you know, the 3% who are standing against the government – into an all-out war against authority.

Castile was killed in Minnesota – a state that has decriminalized marijuana for recreational use, and where medical use is fully legal.

The fact is: IF “threepers” really cared about freedom, they would be taking on the very government that is oppressing the rights of people to use a plant to cure their ailments. They would stand with a man who was violently murdered by the state that they bow to because he had a gun on him and a plant in his vehicle.

Possession of cannabis does not carry a death sentence in Minnesota.

Neither does legally carrying a firearm.

Castile told Officer Yanez he had a gun on him and a permit in an attempt to AVOID getting shot.

If Castile’s intent was to shoot Yanez, why would he tell him he had a gun? Wouldn’t he just pull the gun out and shoot?

Yanez told Castile to get his ID – which is what he was trying to do when he was shot by the cop.

If you still feel that Yanez – an agent of the government – was not at fault for slaughtering an innocent man who was not harming anyone, then don’t be surprised when the authorities come for your guns and tell you to “get on the train, for your own good.”

Freedom should trump the” thin blue line,” but apparently, it doesn’t.

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