Referendum Poll: UK Predicted to Be First Country to Leave EU

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The date is set. On June 23, the citizens of the UK will vote to decide whether or not their country will remain in the European Union. Over the years there have been growing concerns over the country’s membership with the EU, due to burdensome regulations and membership fees that cost billions and provide little in return. On top of that, the recent migrant crisis has convinced many UK citizens that it is time to take back control of their borders.

At present, most polls show that support for the referendum is in a statistical dead heat, with 47% of voters saying they wish to remain in the EU, and 49% saying they want to leave. However, when respondents are questioned on the likelihood of actually showing up to vote, a different picture emerges. It’s estimated that if the referendum were held today, 52% would vote to leave, and 45% would vote to stay. Among undecided voters, 31% said that their biggest hesitation in voting to stay in the EU, is the risk of uncontrolled immigration.

If current opinions hold, then the UK is well on its way to leaving the EU, making them the first country to do so. It’s expected to cause financial strain on the already fragile EU system, and may temporarily hurt the GDP of the UK. In addition, it may also lead to a new secession referendum in Scotland, where the majority of the population favors staying in the EU.

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  • Mr Reynard

    It will be like the Scottish referendum, all the ballot with yes, were counted as no !
    It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people
    who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide
    Joseph Stalin

  • bill lopez

    The U.K. is already one of the “bend over for immigrants” countries of Europe, leading the way with laws against hate speech, and hurting feelings. Why would the idea of taking on MORE immigrants make them want to leave the EU? It is already s Muslim nation.

  • Brooklyn Dave

    If it does, I say good. But looking at some of the comments below, I see a lot of truth also being said —re:just like Scottish referendum. I know Betty Battenberg (aka Elizabeth I) wasn’t too please with the possibility of the Scots going their own way. But Scotland under the SNP is looking to be a sort of socialist paradise — they’d screw things up further.

  • Frank

    The EU concept has been a step in dissolving individual national identity, a stepping stone towards a One World government. Citizens of North America should take note of the troubles and elitist intent in erasing national borders and cultural boundaries. The concept of the North American Union has been floated, but has faded from the forefront because of the negative events that have and are occurring in the EU. How can any sane politician promote an NAU when Mexico is basically a failed, Narco-state? I’ve got no problem with the Canadians, except that their socialized healthcare system is horrible for patient care (and our elitists and Dems are trying to force all of the commoners/serfs into such a system). However, most Canadians would choose to KEEP their border with the US and keep the extra riff-raff out of Canada.

  • Ryan Lucas

    Maybe it’s time for the UK to bring back the empire? Good luck everyone in the UK! May you choose what is best for your children, and make the UK great!

    • chad

      Our British cousins have been brainwashed, their too PC and anti gun, muslims will rule Britian.

  • Meltonmark

    Ireland voted NO. They made them vote again. 2nd time around, the ‘vote’ was YES.

  • chad

    UK will also be the first Anglo-Saxon European nation to be predominantly muslim.
    Within 30 years. Sad but statistics say so. They want Europe and America.