Red Alert: Obama Plans Executive Actions to Eventually Fully Disarm the American People

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by Alex Thomas

In a move seen by many as a step toward fully disarming the American people, Vice President Joe Biden has publicly announced that President Obama is considering broad executive action to limit the 2nd Amendment rights of American citizens nationwide.

After a meeting with various pro gun control groups and with a plan for more meetings in the days ahead, Biden publicly announced something many have feared long before the horrific Sandy Hook Shooting.

“The president is going to act, there are executives orders, there’s executive action that can be taken. We haven’t decided what that is yet. But we’re compiling it all with the help of the attorney general and the rest of the cabinet members as well as legislative action that we believe is required.”

“As the president said, if you’re actions result in only saving one life, they’re worth taking. But I’m convinced we can affect the well-being of millions of Americans and take thousands of people out of harm’s way if we act responsibly.”

In another statement, this time covered by the Weekly Standard, Biden also let it be known that Obama plans to target not only the retail sale of weapons, but also private firearm sales.

“And so the kinds of things that there’s an emerging set of recommendations, not coming from me but coming from the groups we’ve met with,” said Biden today, before a closed door meeting on gun control.

“And I’m going to focus on the ones that relate primarily to gun ownership and the type of weapons can be owned. And one is, there is a surprising — so far — a surprising recurrence of suggestions that we have universal background checks.

Not just close the gun show loophole but total, universal background checks, including private sales.”

The meeting was attended by numerous gun grabbing groups including the Brady Campaign, Mayors Against Illegal Guns, and several state gun control groups.

John Feinblatt, an aid for notorious globalist, eugenicist, NYC Mayor, and gun grabber Michael Bloomberg, attended the meeting and, in a report published by the New York Times, outlined what Obama is supposedly seeking.

“Mr. Feinblatt said the general consensus among the representatives of advocacy organizations at the meeting was to seek broad changes to law that could include an assault weapons ban, limits on high-capacity magazines for ammunition, better enforcement measures, a gun-trafficking statute and improved data for background checks.”

Sadly, the fact remains that many of the most prominent voices in the so called gun control movement have publicly stated their belief that most if not all guns should be fully banned.

As we have covered many times in the last few weeks, leading gun control advocate Senator Dianne Feinstein has publicly stated her goal of disarming each and every American.

In a clip taken from a 1995 episode of 60 Minutes, Feinstein is seen and heard making the startling declaration that the only reason she didn’t pass a full-scale gun ban is because the votes in Congress simply weren’t there.

“If I could have gotten 51 votes in the Senate of the United States for anoutright ban, picking up every one of them….  Mr. and Mrs. American turn em all in. I would have done it.”

Now, fast forwarding 18 years later, Feinstein is set to introduce new legislation that includes the banning of over 800 firearms and the registration and fingerprinting of millions of American gun owners.

From Feinstein, to Bloomberg, to Obama, the REAL goal is the full scale disarmament of the American people, complete with plans for gun confiscation for those that refuse to be disarmed.

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  • freepalestine

    Feinstein, Feinblatt, Bloomberg… This is ZOG in action guys!

    • SKIP

      Stay out of this you muslim lover.

  • johnd32

    They must be dealt with. Without courts….Its justifiable. And up to us to make a difference. Politicians and news papers always advertise where their going next. These targets shouldn’t be hard to get.

  • 2amendment

    If Obama wants to remove guns from law abiding citizens, and if he takes that action by way of Executive Order, we will be watching the beginnings of Civil War 2.0.

    The Second Amendment is very specific. It states “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”
    What part of the word “infringed” does Barry not understand?


    • tiredofthiscrap


  • TLate

    Passing a law is one thing enforcing it is another. Look at speed limits Americans disregard those at will. It will be interesting to see how they plan to enforce these executive actions. Liberals all seem to think Americans will comply with anything they pass into so called “law” Interesting times ahead.

  • I am tired of their Commy bullshit. I say hurry up then and BRING IT ON. Reap the whirlwind.


    See you at noon.

  • Bob

    What a bunch of crap….How in the hell did we get to this point? The mother of the kid was the reason the Sandy Hook thing went down……the kid was screwed up!! The guns should have never been in the stupid house. This Obama group needs to be stopped…..its not his country! Its ours! This jerk has to go…..along with the rest of his croonies…….I say….bring on the fight!

  • I think the economy and the hurricane Sandy mess should be the pro
    Iority. But they would have to do something. Easier just to pass laws and legislatiin to collect fees.
    I guess people see this as progress.

  • PeoplePower

    Time for the People to stand together and Nullify this unconstitutional Usurper once and for all, one county and state at a time. Let’s remove this criminal.

  • HS

    WHy do we allow this illegible president (fake SSN, fake birth certificate) and liar-in-chief to take our freedom? WAKE UP SHEEPLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • SKIP

      Because there are MO BLACKS and mOOslims and welfare parasites that vote than there are White taxpayers…hence…..we have another 4 years of a NEGRO muslim, socialist, white hating president. Fights coming, arm up white people, as difficult as that is right now.

  • HS

    I am sad that sheeples elected him as president for the 2nd term….what a disgust…did these sheeples elect him again just to get “entitlement” from government??

  • DK

    Exec Order can not be used to circumvent the Constitution without House consensus and 75% of states approval , chances of happening , 0%

    • SKIP

      DK if you believe that the senate and congress will not do exactly as Obama tells them to..WELLLLLLLLL then, you are simply not paying enough attention.

      • SKIP

        No offnse meant DK:)

  • TimeHasCome

    Please Mr. Obama keep your promise to ban guns . Our side could not get off their backside and save our country . Now that your drunk on election power please try an take our guns. Our side trains at 200 yards (deer hunting) . Your side trains at 50 feet ( law enforcement). Your side locks up people . Our side mounts the heads on walls . Your side 800,000 strong . Our side a mere 40 million.

    • R-man

      Just so you know, “Time has Come”, not even all law enforcement are even on their side. Their job is to actually protect your rights and protect you from harm. Some of them actually know what their job is and they do it correctly.

      • Jc

        Are you serious? Cops are spoon fed their thinking by the same powers that try to enslave free Americans. They cannot be trusted until their actions indicate otherwise.

        Don’t believe me, try getting a cop to use his morality when dealing with matters of freedom (mal-prohibita). Isn’t going to happen….that’s why they’re “enforcement”.

        Lastly, if cops are on the side of justice and freedom, why don’t they rise up against the evil that they work alongside, why don’t they stop oppression and sadistic brutality meted out by the “law”? That isn’t happening either, they’re nothing but ground-based drones of the state.

  • Johnny

    He has no idea what hell gates this will open, once it starts, it won’t be that easy to stop. Obama, better think this through. If he thinks the military will back this, as one man used to say..SURPRISE SURPRISE SURPRISE, SHAZAM

  • Kulafarmer

    I hope they are dumb enough to try to ban mags and ar’s etc
    Time for the STHTF, these politicians have bankrupt the country,all these career reps, there are too many federal employees, too many programs, too much foreign aid,
    You want hope and change? I got your hope and change,

  • ManCavePatriot

    Most of these toads are like the Wizard Of OZ behind the curtain. Write your Reps, email your Reps, phone your Reps, and keep on doin’ it. Then find out which Corporate slugs are supporting them financially, and do the same thing to them. Keep your powder dry for the time being.

  • Samcolt78

    Using executive the way he is, is not the way they were intended, which makes them illegal actions. Further more, infringing upon the rights mentioned in the constitution also makes them illegal actions. Following an order issued by a superior, in this case the president or commander in chief, that is in contradiction of the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the Rules of Engagement or any reasonable moral standard, is considered an UNLAWFUL ORDER. just for the record, and for those who slept through history class, German soldiers who chose to follow orders such as these were held accountable for their actions at the Nurenburg trials at the end of WWll.

  • Julie

    Well, well, well….my Mother taught me…ignore them and maybe they will go away!!!

    • SKIP

      Trust this Julie, “THEY” will NOT go away, it is in their nature to meddle in other people’s lives and they can, and will, do no other.

  • Anonymous

    Many, many years ago, when I went into the military service, I swore an oath to ‘protect’ the constitution of the USA. I did not take an oath to ‘obey’ any presidential orders or other shit, so I think that having once sworn an oath, to protect the constitution (which includes the 2nd amendment), then any ‘order’ to ‘take my guns’ or register them, I will consider to be unconstitutional, and I will continue to honor my oath. Furthermore, I think that the current (as well as the retired) military will feel the same. Have you wondered why the DHS, SS, other gov agencies have purchased so many bullets over the last 6 – 8 months. I doubt if those people have ever taken the same oath.

    Old gun 2 (retired army)

  • house of cards

    It was VOTER fraud….. That is how this traitor got it…

    BENGHAZI – FAST & FURIOUS….etc.. etc