RED ALERT: FDA Announces Plan To Regulate Homeopathic Medicine

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The FDA tried to ban Kratom and they couldn’t do it without people pushing back and demanding they butt out. Now, they are trying to backdoor new regulations through to “regulate” the homeopathic supplement industry. The article below has information on the 90 day public comment period. Make your voices heard!

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Source: FDA Announces Plans to Target Risky Homeopathic Remedies

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  • Yeah because people keep dying from these medicines because the FDA rubber stamps them and doctors prescribe them for off label uses when they aren’t even safe for the labeled uses… oh wait, I think I messed up 😉

    • darkhorse

      but what’s wrong with that? Don’t you know they’re depopulating us?

  • Only the government should be in control of your health. Not hippies. And remember to keep voting.

    • darkhorse

      but, Mr. President…these things aren’t working anymore…

      • Darkhorse, this comment makes me suspect you have run low on your prescribed medications. Please see your doctor ASAP. We care only for your well being.

        • darkhorse

          Thank you for caring, Mr. President, I’m so honored…. now, can you undo your tax bill which wipes out Medicare, Medicaid AND Social Security? Because if I don’t have Medicare and SS I’ll be dead soon (as will many, many others) and you don’t want THAT to happen on your watch, do you?

          • Next question…

          • darkhorse

            LOL!!! Real life exists on the alt net

  • endofwatchersbegan1/28/2011

    The FDA is as CORRUPT as the FBI.

    • darkhorse

      ditto the CIA, DOJ, NSA. MI5, MI6, MOSSAD. JDL, ADL, SPLC…

  • Roy Hobs

    You knew this was coming. They’ve already obliterated the “organic” standard.
    But hell…………..Walmart has great prices! And don’t those football jerseys just ‘pop’ on the Tv screen.
    Mike Judge is the 21st century Nostradamus!

  • Lunarcus Moonbatticus

    FDA and Big Government has been trying to do this for YEARS!
    Anthony J. ‘Tony’ Hilder exposed this in his video titled ‘Millennium 2000’ with Jordan Maxwell and Terry Cook.
    FDA no longer allows home-grown gardens for food usage, you cannot collect rain water for personal consumption in several states, and now they are going after vitamins.
    Stock-up, and hide the same!
    The SWAT Teams are coming for your One-A-Day vitamins and Flintstones Chewables!!!

    • It’s even worse than that. They have your spice rack in their sites! “To many milligrams of turmeric, there, slave. That’s enough to elicit a medicinal effect in the body thus you are possessing an illegal amount!”