REALLY BAD IDEA: Oregon Musician Going to Syria to Stop ISIS with “Peace Concert”

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Note: The author was torn between using the word “bad” in the title of this story and the word “dumb”; while “bad” was chosen in the final version, it should be duly noted that “dumb” equally applies. Thank you.

And in other news, this is happening today.

A singer from Portland, Oregon named James Twyman is heading on over to an ISIS-controlled, war-torn Syrian village to quote “serenade ISIS with songs of peace in a bid to defeat their savage regime” in a plan he has referred to as an “unprecedented spiritual experiment” but what may also be referred to as “suicidal” and/or “the worst idea anyone has ever had ever”.

The plan:

Twyman will travel to the Israeli-Syrian border to hold a concert in a Syrian village. It is in ISIS-dominated territory, but Twyman says he has people there setting it up and making sure it’s as safe as possible.

“As safe as possible”… yeah, sounds reassuring. Continued:

“With all the violence, with all the feat that has been generated, I think the only answer is for us to focus on love and compassion and peace. And so do something as crazy as going over there, it hopefully inspires people.”

Twyman doesn’t seem to realize that it will probably inspire ISIS all right… to torture and kill him.

Again, this is going down today apparently. Here’s one of the videos Twyman made about it.

Not that peace isn’t a nice idea. Love is great, too. But you can’t just show up somewhere and make people suddenly agree with your worldview simply because you pull out a guitar. Stuff like that only works in Disney movies.

Even the State Department is saying this is a really bad idea… (Guess casting for future ISIS green screen beheadings is full up at the moment.)

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