Real Life Death Star? DARPA to Build a U.S. Military Base in Outer Space

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The stories about this make it sound like it’s going to be the Starship Enterprise, but let’s be real, this is the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, so you know it’s going to be more like the Death Star.

Via iDigital Times:

Current space situational awareness technologies are outdated, as they were created when space wasn’t so crowded with objects like satellites, both new and old. This is why DARPA plans to simulate their enterprise software at a testbed in Northern Virginia first. Brad Tousley, director of DARPA’s Tactical Technology Office, which oversees Hallmark, said he envisions a system that incorporates an intuitive user interface with 3-D visualizations.

In a 40-page proposal outlining the purpose of the $16 million dollar program, DARPA clearly asserts their intentions to gain an intergalactic strategic advantage. “Space is increasingly important as a domain of strategic interest; however, nations and geo-political entities are developing the ability to exploit potential vulnerabilities and threaten U.S. freedom of action in space.”

The threat of an impending satellite war is most likely the driving force behind the demand for space innovation.

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  • MarkovDeBeeste

    $16 million? We wish… This is typical…lowball it in the proposal stage, then when it’s gone too far to stop watch the costs go up by several orders of magnitude. Never fails with government boondoggles like this.

  • It is not Paranoia

    “…when space wasn’t so crowded with objects like satellites…”

    What are these “satellites”? I’ve never seen one!

    • Gary

      I think of them as being similar to those Imperial Probe Droids you see at the beginning of The Empire Strikes Back, and as nobody else has ever seen one, I can’t be disproved.

      NASA creates plenty of Computer Generated Images, for those who don’t have much of an imagination and who don’t like Star Wars.

      • Al Mather

        Childish idiot

        • Gary

          Hey Al, you’ve got the NASA CGIs. Why are you jealous of us? 🙂

          • Al Mather

            It’s not just NASA, idiot…. there are Universities all over the world studying and teaching Astronomy and Astrophysics… they ALL have observatories, fool… are they ALL “in on it”? Are all the Professors and ALL those students part of that big deception those evil Jews are perpetrating on everybody???

            Delusional moron.

          • Gary

            Lol. You’re just jealous, ’cause we have imagination, and all you have are those unrealistic NASA CGIs. 🙂

          • Al Mather

            Cute. It’s true you do need an active imagination for your delusion.
            I can’t help but notice that you also must avoid looking at, assimilating , explaining rationally … So much of what you encounter.
            Just as you avoided addressing any part of my above comment.
            Deflection preserves the delusion.

          • Gary

            Says the king of deflection. You’ve been beaten too many times and by too many to be worth the effort, Deny-Al. Come back with some scientific arguments instead of “I don’t do math”, “Just ignore your senses” and “Magic wobble”, and we can resume debate.

            ‘Til then, enjoy your ball-Earth fantasy.

          • Al Mather

            It’s okay Gary…I knew you wouldn’t address any of those points …too real world.
            The ‘How” is always the thing conspirotards avoid like death.

          • Gary

            Ever heard of the Emperor’s New Clothes, Al? Scientists, students, teachers, employees in the satellite industry – none of them want to appear stupid.

            Sometimes, it takes a conspiracy theorist to tell them what they observe with their senses is not because they are stupid – the Emperor really is naked. 🙂

          • Al Mather

            But Gary…. what they observe with their senses as they look through their telescopes for centuries…as they transmit to and monitor transmissions from satellites… hundreds of thousands of people from all over the planets all the different observatories .. all see the beauty of the identical solar system and the universe beyond… the planet being orbited below… a few zit ravaged idiot flat earthers in their mommy ‘s basement denying reality aren’t going to change that.

          • Gary

            Well, show me one undoctored photograph of a satellite, Al. Just one. And by photograph, I don’t mean a Computer Generated Image.

            People over the centuries have studied the Heavens, and the Heavenly bodies, orbiting the Earth. They haven’t studied the universe, as there is no such thing. I do not deny what they have observed. I do challenge if/when they haven’t trusted their own observations.

            You trying to twist my words into what they’re not… not the dumbest thing ever written, but certainly silly.

          • Al Mather

   a photography site that guides amateur “backyard” photographers through getting pics of ISS ..
            Yet another

            a few more resources for the interested hobbiest to access:

            EOSOC – Earth Orbiting Satellite Observers Club
            This group, sponsored by the Astronomical League, is administered by the Colorado Springs Astronomical Society. The club provides lots of resources for the satellite watcher. such as this Tutorial.

            Google Maps/Google EarthTools
            The Google Map system can be used by outsiders to develop interesting utilities with it. Here are Google map based tools that track satellites:

            Real Time Satellite Tracking –
            Satellite categories
            Analytical Graphics provides a database of 13,000 objects in orbit for use with Google Earth:
            Analytical Graphics, Inc. – Downloads: Satellite Database
   Sirius Radio Satellite and Repeater Map
            Dick’s Rocket Dungeon: Real-time satellite tracking in a Google Maps mashup
            Human Space Flight (HSF) – Realtime Data
            NASA Skywatch Applet
            NASA’s app for iPhone and iPod Touch – provides dates and crossing times, including those for particular US National Parks.
            ISS Sightings – NASA JSC
            Science@NASA Realtime
            J-Track Applet
            J-Track 3D Applet
            J-Pass Applet
            More Sites
            Satellite Tracker at provides a list for US and Canadian locations of upcoming flyovers of spacecraft like the ISS and Bigelow Genesis I and II.
            Global Flybys is available for other locations around the world.
            Space-Track – US government site for access to space object tracking data. Requires a free registration.
            CelesTrak: Important Notice – periodic updates on the efforts to deal with the new US restrictions on orbital tracking data.
            Satellite watchers worried about Air Force restrictions – Spaceflight Now – Mar.2.05
            Satellite_database – Union of Concerned Scientists
            Union Of Concerned Scientists Updates Free Database – Space-for-All – Feb.2.09
            AMSAT – Online Satellite Pass Predictions
            AMSAT – Amateur Satellite Summary
            Gpredict – a “Free, Real-Time Satellite Tracking and Orbit Prediction Software” package
            Track satellites with Gpredict – – Sept.16.10
            Browse Gpredict Files on
            SOCRATES – Satellite Orbital Conjunction Reports Assessing Threatening Encounters in Space at Celestrak
            Top 50 – List of Bright Satellites
            Brooke’s Astronomy – info & links
            Celestial Observer – – lots of info and resources about satellites observation
            Muskegon Astronomical Society
            Satellite Tracking Houston
            Satellite Control Center SatcoDX – satellite footprints
            Satellite Observations – Sky and Telescope
            SatTrackCam Leiden satellite tracking camera station
            SatTrackCam Leiden station blog
            Sky & Telescope – Satellite Observing
            Information and links related to satellite observing at Sky and Telescope, a leading amateur astronomy magazine.
            Space Data Association: “an international organisation formed in 2009 dedicated to safe and responsible satellite operations, including the prevention of collisions in space and improving satellite communications.”
            Star Hustler
            Naked-eye astronomy and satellite viewing. Based on the PBS series.
            Starshine Student Satellite
            These student built satellites consist of a small globes covered with mirrors (like a disco ball). The mirrors are polished by students around the world. Students track the satellites during the period they are in orbit and record their observations online. Eventually the orbit decays due to friction with the atmosphere. The student data give information on the atmosphere and the solar heating. This site provides nformation on how to track the satellite:
            Ephemerides – Astrosurf Magazine (in French)
            Amateur Observers’ Program – UMD
            Originally designed to support the NASA Discovery mission Deep Impact, this site provides info on how to track “asteroids Vesta and Ceres in support of the NASA Discovery mission Dawn and comet Hartley 2 in support of EPOXI”
            Willie Koorts – Lots of Satellite Observation resources
            The numbers game – Space Review – Aug.13.09 – Brian Weeden gives an extensive review of how orbital objects are monitored, counted and tracked.
            Mobile devices:

            There are of course clear images of deployment ..but because they are clear and taken in space you deny them out of hand with no reasoning other than the look “spacey”

          • Gary

            That there are moving celestial lights or something (that others call satellites), I do not deny.

            I do not believe the “satellites” are the shape or devices others claim (like several of the “photographs” show). I believe the same as if one zooms in on a star and learns it is not a distant sun, one could zoom in on a satellite and verify it is not what is claimed.

            I did like the link as it appears to be falsifiable (i.e. provides an opportunity for verification/inspection).

            Certainly, you are dedicated to your cause.

          • Al Mather

            All came from the first link I looked at when I searched.. ” Photographing Satellites from Earth” .. This stuff is everywhere… who knew so many amateur photographers and space bugs enjoyed back yard shutterbugging ISS and the like.

            There’s links that tell you by your locale how and when to track it and take your own pictures!


          • Al Mather

            Of course this is an exercise in futility…. because you can never accept anything that threatens the delusion……but I do it just to put the depths of that delusion on display for the entertainment of all…..

            Amateur how to sites…back yard photographers getting satellite pics…Space X pics just for kicks… of course NASA is run by lying Masonic Jews so nothing from them…no-no-no..








          • Al Mather

            I’m sure you’re just evaluating all the links and images I provided before commenting.
            You wouldn’t just disappear from a conversato6 to be replaced by another sock puppet would ya Gary?

          • Gary

            I liked the link with the map of the Flat Earth, and the little satellite travelling overhead. I wanted to see if I could spot the satellite… ‘Spose its gonna take some time, though (if it even exists!).

            As for the photos/CGIs, most of them seemed fake. There was one that seemed more realistic than the others, but I guess I’d still have to see it with my own eyes to believe (which is why I liked the link mentioned above – if I could spot the “satellite” described, I could try and zoom in to verify that it is not what is claimed).

          • Al Mather

            So you assert all these amateur photography sites and blogss…and the software for tracking satellites, all the amateur pics of ISS and various satellites,…..all fake.

            You asked for one pic that wasn’t NASA ..which you claim are CGI.. I gave you dozens and dozens if you peruse the info… ways for anyone interested to track and photograph satellites .

            You …. very transparently…. lack all intellectual honesty. It seems to be a tenet of fellate earth stupidity. Protect the delusion at all costs.. even if you need to completely shame yourself as a complete lying assholes.


    • Al Mather


    • Al Mather

      Do a bit of poking around at these companies… look a few up…check out job listings..


      Share with us what it is YOU think all these companies and their thousands upon thousands of employees do everyday… how is it they provide all these highly technical services to their customers???
      Weather balloons???

      • It is not Paranoia

        I’m sorry I don’t read your posts…it’s just fun to always see them!

        My little personal al mather 🙂

        • Al Mather

          It’s okay, Paranoid. I knew you’d have no intelligent response, answers or explanations.

          There are none.

          Trying to deny the existence of space ,satellites & entire satellite industry is like trying to deny the existence of the Internet, or the Solar power industry…..


          My post was merely to demonstrate that fact to you and the reader.