“Ready for Hillary… to Take Your Guns”: Brady Campaign Backs Clinton as Gun Control Advocates Throw Themselves at Her for President

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It would appear a large segment of the liberal Dem population is definitely “Ready for Hillary”… to take away your guns, America.

After focusing her campaign around the idea that the U.S. desperately needs more gun control in recent months leading up to and following Obama’s executive action announcement, famous pro-gun controllers with deep pockets are throwing money at Hillary to be the next commander-in-chief.

Major anti-gun endorsements are pouring in. Just a few days ago, the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence announced it is backing Hillary. So are well-known gun control advocates Mark Kelly and his wife, former Arizona Congresswoman Gabby Giffords.

Via Politico:

“Hillary Clinton has been a national leader on gun violence prevention for decades. More than any candidate on either side of the aisle, she has the experience, record, and demonstrated commitment to help reach the Brady Campaign’s goal of cutting gun deaths in half by 2025,” Brady Campaign President Dan Gross, who is set to appear with Clinton on Tuesday, said in a statement.

“She was with us when we passed the Brady Bill in 1993, she took on the corporate gun lobby by fighting the truly evil Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act, and now she’s made gun violence prevention a centerpiece of her campaign, supporting a policy that’s already saved lives in Iowa — expanded Brady background checks on gun sales,” he said.

It’s already been pointed out that the gun violence figures Hillary has been floating in her campaign speeches of late about how many people are killed by guns are bloated and misleading, lumping suicides and accidents in with the numbers as if every single gun death is by interpersonal gun violence against an innocent person.

Via Breitbart:

In other words, 11,713 gun-related deaths in 2013 represent about 32 deaths a day out of an American population of 318 million people. That is not enough to give gun control the traction it needs to get moving. Add in suicides, however, and that brings the figure to 32,888–and Clinton can lump all deaths together and claim “88 to 92 people are killed” as a result of “gun violence.”

Hillary has praised Obama’s use of executive gun control actions, and has vowed to pass her own executive actions for more gun control if she becomes president.

Gun control groups and advocates all across the country are throwing themselves at her at the hopes it will happen.

Obama cried when he announced his executive orders, then had a hard time answering a question from Kelly and Giffords a few nights later at his gun control town hall where he tried to claim there is no conspiracy to disarm Americans.

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  • Maybe her supporters will fill the gallery during her upcoming felony trials.

    • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

      We can hope!

    • none

      That would be a good idea to round up criminals!
      Can anyone think of one thing she hasn’t done or seen?
      Please do not mention lesbianism, as this is all over U tube.

      • Has she ever had a job that she didn’t hold for deceitful self interest?

  • Reverend Draco

    Humans are a social species. Psychopaths, people who harm others compulsively and wantonly have no place in it. Shed no tears for predators who become Darwinated while victimizing innocents. The choice to attack
    was theirs. The choice to survive that attack should be yours.

    However, those who wish us disarmed don’t see it the same way we do. If a grandmother protects herself from an attack with her handgun, the perpetrator of the attack would be listed as a “victim of gun violence.” Criminals and their apologists dislike armed citizens. That, in itself, is a good
    reason to stay armed.

    When a person or an organization objects to your ability to protect yourself, their motives are seldom innocent. Some of them wish to attack you outright,
    others hope to pass “protective” legislation after you are victimized, under the guise of ensuring your safety in the future.


  • Guillotine_ready

    If voting were going to do the people one ounce of good it would be considered a terrorist act.

  • Joey Lopez

    i heard about the penalties of not heaving health insurances in 2016…. i’m a hair’s width away from being pushed over the edge….. Revolution Is the only Solution.

    • rich

      Let’s get it on!

  • It is not Paranoia
  • rich

    The only place Hillary the Hag should be headed is federal prison. And anyone who is supporting her should be locked up in some insane assylum.

  • Tom

    Ron Johnson’s channel on Youtube nailed it within days of the recent San Bernardino false flag attack: The Democrats absolutely CANNOT run on their record and are desperate for anything that will distract us from their miserable failures on everything. So they are running on gun control, because it’s all they’ve got left.

  • Guillotine_ready

    The only way the government can take away the people’s guns is for the people to give them up. No matter how they bully, brag and march around like macho boys they cannot get it done.