Raw Venezuela: Looter Burned Alive, While “Streets Filled With People Killing Animals For Food”

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The situation in Venezuela is reaching all out chaos, as crippling socialist policies have resulted in a devastating power and food shortage, as well as looming political instability.

The point was reached long ago where people were forced to wait in long lines for basic rations that may not even be there, or turn to the black market.

Now, hunger and scarcity have apparently reached a tipping point that is driving people to poach stray animals and even pets for food.

According to the PanAm Post:

Ramón Muchacho, Mayor of Chacao in Caracas, said the streets of the capital of Venezuela are filled with people killing animals for food.

Through Twitter, Muchacho reported that in Venezuela, it is a “painful reality” that people “hunt cats, dogs and pigeons” to ease their hunger. People are also reportedly gathering vegetables from the ground and trash to eat as well.

The crisis in Venezuela is worsening everyday due in part to shortages reaching 70 percent […] six Venezuelan military officials were arrested for stealing goats to ease their hunger, as there was no food at the Fort Manaure military base.

As pure desperation sets in, crime also becomes inevitable.

A man accused of mugging people in the streets of Caracas was surrounded by a mob of onlookers, beaten and set on fire, according to the Daily Mail, who published a pixeled-out but still graphic video of the man burning:

An alleged thief suffered the most brutal mob justice in Caracas, Venezuela, when he was beaten up and burned alive in the street.

Roberto Fuentes Bernal, 42, was reportedly caught trying to mug passersby in the Venezuelan capital, and before police arrived at the scene, the crowd took the law into their own hands.


Local media reports that Bernal was taken to a nearby hospital and is receiving treatment for burns covering 70 per cent of his body.

One witness said Bernal had been caught trying to rob a man as he left a nearby bank, while another version of the story has Bernal arguing with his wife in the street. 

Here’s the video (Warning: Graphic):

There are factions vying to oust Maduro, but signs that he may hang on and force his population to endure more of this socialist nightmare.

Let us hope that these events don’t come home to the streets of America, and prepare to avoid them in case they do.

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  • Mike

    ah, the wonders of socialism.

  • db cooper

    I think those guys on the ground are feeling the Bern

  • Frank

    If Hillary gets into the White House (instead of going to jail or perishing), we’ll eventually see this type of collapse and devastation in the US. Economic collapse, tyrannical oppression, confiscation of private assets (financial and material), mass-dependency/destitution and reliance on government handouts – leading to revolution and wide-spread killing of public officials who are responsible. We’re nearing that Exit on the road we’re on, and this election will determine our path.

    • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

      If only our vote actually counted.

      • Frank

        “Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun” – Mao Zedong
        This may be where We, The People, are headed. Its time to purge the corruption.

        • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

          Unfortunately, I’m afraid you’re right. In fact, it’s overdue.

        • RE

          “We the a$$ holes”

    • Gregoryjford1

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    • RE

      Hillary = Obama’s 3rd term.

  • lilred

    Wont the tpp deal cause this type of chaos in the us in the next few years?

  • TellTheTruth-2

    It used to be the USSR had an IRON CURTAIN; now the IRON CURTAIN is being put up around the USA. Thanks for telling the truth.

  • pharmerdavid

    It wasn’t “socialism” that caused the problems in Venezuela, rather its engineered chaos that is causing the food problems. All the “isms” (socialism, communism, zionism-nazism, and especially capitalism are created by the same international banksters. Capitalism is a disease destroying our planet with the pathogen of money controlled by international banksters. Pretending capitalism is better than socialism, communism, or any other ‘ism’ is illogical. Venezuela has all the sweet crude oil, and is close to the USSA, so its no wonder the greedy oil company parasites want it – that is what’s causing the chaos. It reminds me of the “hunger games” and “Panem” – we live on a “hunger games planet”, but instead of playing individual ‘tributes’ against each other, the evil entity plays entire military forces representing countries against each other. The wars will end when humanity realizes they are being played by an evil entity that wants us all DEAD…!

  • Tommy p

    Please forward to Bernie Fans….

  • Ken, Megapolis

    Right mate. This site seemed on the level a few years ago and I took an interest in prepping. However, what we observe is CONTROLLED opposition. Mainstream media has probably made a lot of conspiracy sites an offer they cannot refuse. What is that?
    I think they were still allowed to function as a thriving business concern but they were instructed “Guys, keep making monkeys out of yourselves so that the wider public (meaning our customers LOL) is at no risk of being taken in by you.
    Failure to comply could result in something too unthinkable.
    So help us God.

  • It is not Paranoia

    Thanks for the insight.

  • RE

    Yeah. But the salary there is 2cents / hour.

  • RE

    And Obama is not?