Rape Case Against Politician’s Grandson Dropped Despite So Much Evidence, It’s Ridiculous

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Demand justice for Daisy Coleman and accountability for above-the-law Good Ol’ Boy network.

An online storm has erupted pressuring a new look at the case, in part thanks to efforts by the hacker collective Anonymous, to bring attention to a rape victim whose family was run out of town while all charges were dropped against her assailant without cause.

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It is the strange and nightmarish case in the Missouri town of Maryville. After the rape, then-14-yea- old Daisy Coleman was dumped on her front lawn without shoes in below freezing weather, drunk and assaulted. Her hair was frozen and she was incoherent when her mom answered the door. Her assailants confessed to police over their role – part of the act in question was even caught on video tape – but the accused football star Matthew Barnett, then a high school senior from a prominent Maryville family, would not be prosecuted. Instead, Coleman was literally blamed for being a victim, her mother was persecuted and fired from her job at a veterinary clinic, and their house was literally burned down.

It seems Barnett’s grandfather is an important and well-known politician in the Maryville area, Rex Barnett, a former member of the House of Representatives in Missouri‘s state government on committees in charge of funding for many parts of the criminal justice system, a long-time member of the Missouri State Highway Patrol and a prominent Mason.

The elder Barnett has specifically denied interfering in the case, though his close ties with area prosecutors and the local law enforcement system cast serious doubt as to why evidence disappeared, charges were suddenly and inexplicably dropped and the Coleman family was persecuted and intimidated.

Are those in power simple above the law and immune from all accountability?

Due to what would appear to be open corruption in a case with blatant evidence of a crime gone unpunished, many have demanded an investigation into the handling by authorities and a re-opening of this case.

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