Rand Paul to Opponent: Stand Up and Be A Man

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In response to allegations from democrat Jack Conway that he joined an anti-Christian organization in college and tied a woman up and forced her to worship a false idol, Rand Paul responds by facing his opponent directly and telling him that he needs to “stand up and be a man.”

You’re accusing me of crimes. Do you know nothing about the process. You’re going to stand over there and accuse me of a crime from 30 years ago from some anonymous sources? How ridiculous are you? You embarrass this race.

Do you want to discuss the issues of the day? The issues of the day – discuss your support for Obamacare, but let’s not let this degenerate into calling me names and accusing me of crimes from thirty years ago from anonymous sources. I mean really, have you no shame?

Run a race as a man. Stand up and be a man instead of just calling me names.

Watch the video:

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