Wednesday, July 30th, 2014

Rand Paul Grills Sec. of State Clinton on Benghazi:I Would Have Relieved You of Your Post

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January 23rd, 2013
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  • you don’t need to know

    Could she be more smug? She doesn’t give a shit, she has a free get out of jail card!

  • johnd24

    it will get worse, now that we have a Dictator in power, it will crumble from within. She will get blamed for everything and take the fall for it. Eventually she will be dealt with by their very own.

  • MC

    got that right, just like our fearless leader, don’t take any responsibility. Blame 4 low level govt employees and fire them. Reminds me of Holder for Fast & Furious, the top cannot be blamed for anything, always chastise those below you.

  • Lutz


    You are ultimately responsible for what happened in Benghazi. Now, why haven’t you stepped down from your post?

    Oh BTW, has anyone seen Susan Rice lately?

  • Bobbi

    Sen. Paul was exactly right. However, if she wants to take the heat off, then rat out the other traitors, like the Traitor-in-chief

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