Rand: Obama’s New Supreme Court Justice Will Be a “Conflict of Interest” to Decide Immigration Constitutionality

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It’s like no one knows math.

After the untimely (or, timely, depending on from who’s perspective you look at it) death of Justice Scalia, Obama is now set to nominate his third Supreme Court justice — out of only nine justices — for life. While campaigning for reelection in Kentucky, Rand Paul talked about the huge “conflict of interest” this poses.


Citing the recent 5-4 Supreme Court ruling that halted Obama’s Clean Power Plan, Paul said that with the absence of Scalia, a sympathetic appointee would tip the scales in favor of the president’s immigration policies.

“It’s not that I’m implying he doesn’t have the power. Sure, he has the power to nominate somebody,” Paul said on Friday.

“But it sure doesn’t look very fair if he’s going to be picking the person that’s going to decide whether it’s constitutional or not.”

Can you just imagine? Everything Obama wanted to get passed and couldn’t will now fly right through the Supreme Court including immigration. Really there might as well not even be a Supreme Court anymore after Obama gets done with it. Why would they appoint anyone in government for life anyway?  What an asinine idea. Speaking of life, how old is Ruth Bader Ginsburg again? 82? Is there any precedent for a single president getting four Supreme Court justices?

Then again, Hillary has already made the comment that Obama would be a great Supreme Court justice himself…

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  • Mike

    If obama can’t get the appointment done while congress is in session he will try a recess appointment as he has done so in the past. Not sure of the constitutionality of a SCOTUS recess appointment though.

  • BW83

    Might as well not be a Supreme Court? While I agree apply that logic to most of our government and you should reach the same conclusion….the illusion of choice and freedom. Unless you consider choice the option between A or B, but it’s a bit too easy to stack the deck in that scenario isn’t it?

  • Helluva3ngineer

    Considering that the SC never fails to rubber stamp anything fed.gov wants to do – yes, they are completely irrelevant. Let’s just skip the formality and let Prez Zero create law.

  • JayC777

    Obama … a supreme Court Justice? Most hilariously ridiculous thing I have ever heard. He’s a moron.

  • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

    Obama has brought nothing but conflict to the White House. Everything he has done has conflicted with the Constitution-why should we expect this to be any different?

  • Sam Nelson

    It doesn’t matter who is appointed to the Supreme Court; the Court does not have any ability to change the Constitution except a corrupt, criminal Congress allows it to. Of course, we know full well the Congress is corrupt and we know full well the Congress works for the Trillionaires who want to destroy America as a nation of Law, governed by The Constitution of The United States. Why it is so important to the Rothschild’s and Rockefeller’s to dissolve our nation as Chartered is beyond me; these two families are the richest families in all the world, in all of history, the majority of their wealth accomplished through dealing with The Unites States working under the Constitution of the United States. What could these ultra rich people gain that they don’t already have were the Constitution made irrelevant? How much does it take to satisfy them? Do they really want us dead?

    • PJ London

      “the Court does not have any ability to change the Constitution ”
      You clearly fail to understand the basics of American Governance and the function of the Supreme Court, The Constitution and just about everything else.

      • Sam Nelson

        What part of the American Constitution can any court in the world change without American Congressional (permission) approval? Let’s just get Israeli and Muslim Law, International Law, out of the picture right now. There is no body of people in the world that can change the American Constitution except by force or by permission of the American Congress. That is, except the Congress of the United States throws in with that body (trillionaires) or Court and against the American people and their Law, then the American Constitution cannot be changed? Anything can be rammed down the throat of the people (strange and illegal interpretations, i.e., 1965) as long as the police and military support the crooks doing it. The legality of American law itself gets its bearing from within the American Constitution, when any court violates the Peoples Constitution then every decision made by that court is immediately brought into question. Like a Chinese puzzle the American Constitution tightens its grip on the Law everytime an inquisition is made against it.

        • Wags71

          Regardless of what they are allowed to do, they do whatever they want. Nowhere else to appeal…

          • PJ London

            The SC are the ones who interpret the constitution and rule whether a specific law or judicial ruling is in line with the Constitution.
            That is their only function.
            As such they can change the constitution at any time, not the wording, but the laws under which it is implemented.
            As in “All people are equal” it is just that some are more equal than others.
            “The right to …. shall not be infringed” except for nutcases, felons, schools, federal buildings, wherever “snowflakes” are gathered and if anyone is offended or can make a dollar out of arresting and fining you.
            It is free speech unless the LEO doesn’t like it or you are not in the “free speech area” or have not paid your fee for a permit or GW is in town.
            The 4th is now a joke, and the borders which you have to cross for “Border” patrol to inspect are 100miles deep and you don’t have to cross to be subjected to searches and you must always carry ID and if you answer back they will beat the crap out of you and it is legal because the SC said so.
            The 16th was never ratified but the SC refuses to look at the laws derived from thinking and acting as though it was.
            The whole system is a joke with SC as the clowns in funny black clothes.

          • Wags71

            Preaching to the choir brother (or sister).

          • PJ London

            Which is why it is crucial “who” is appointed, the Constitution changes with every appointment

          • Sam Nelson

            These are not changes they are INTERPETATIONS. They are part of the American terror we are experiencing today. They are the work of the Rothschild’s Jewish Mafia, blackmail and as we just learned again, murder, the murder of a Justice this time, i.e., Justice Scalia. It is our only hope that the next President strikes down these interpretations and the congresses go along with that decision. Hopefully, there will be actions taken that will forbid such interpretations as these from ever happening again. Of course, until the Rothschild’s Jewish Mafia is completely and utterly destroyed, its members jailed or hanged, we can never relax, for, destruction is all a Jew can know, from cradle to the grave. That is, destruction of what white people have so earnestly fought and worked to have. Everything Jewish is of course sacred…what goes around comes around, and won’t that be a happy day, for US.

  • rich

    If the Senate allows Obama to pick the replacement justice this country as we have known it will be history. With a decided edge to anything Obama wants passed he will not give up his seat in the White House and SCOTUS will rule that the 22nd Amendment is unconstitutional and he will stay in office. He will then get the 2nd Amendment overturned and his dictatorship will have begun.
    Opposition to his reign will be dealt with and he will have complete control over the most powerful country in the world, or at least we once were. I can even envision all members of his office bowing to him each time they go before him. He will be known as King Barack and Mrs. Obama will be Queen Michelle.

    • Trudy Gatlin

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  • PJ London

    “Is there any precedent for a single president getting four Supreme Court justices?”
    George Washington 1790?