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Radioactive Elements in Moscow De-Ice Salt

Chris Carrington
The Daily Sheeple
February 8th, 2013




Reports that Moscow has used de-icing salts and grit that contains toxic and even radioactive elements is being strenuously denied by the authorities in the City.

The community group ‘For Safety On Russian Roads’ made the claims after analysis of results from a recent study. Roman Kornilov was quoted in Kommersant  as saying:

“I can, of course, emotionally say that yes, we are being poisoned by radiation and scattered with something horrible. But if we put emotions aside, we have now gathered samples of chemicals from sidewalks and found out that substances prohibited years ago are being used once again. These include Radionuclides,”

They attest that some of these chemicals take millions of years to decay. Kalium 40, which can take up to 1.3 billion years to totally degrade is radioactive and was banned from use in Russia in 2006.

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