Radio: Beck to Use Straw Man Arguments to Debunk Real Sandy Hook Questions

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By Shepard Ambellas

In what will essentially be a continuation of the debunking FEMA camps saga, Beck is planning an apparent all out “straw man” assault on “conspiracy theorists” Wednesday on his radio show.

His presentation will likely include a video put out by what I would consider a counter-intelligence group (channel) pushing the theory that the Sandy Hook School shooting was a hoax involving all actors. The video has ascertained over 11 million views and is ultra viral.

This theory encompassed by the videos maker quickly circulated around the internet as it has been used over and over by the mainstream media including CNN’s Anderson Cooper as an argument, once again claiming that “conspiracy theorists” say “all actors” were used in the school shooting when in fact this is only the view (personal opinion) of several misinformed under-researched conspiracy theorists and not the reports presented by credentialed alternative media agencies.

I would like to also mention that the purpose of this article is to raise public awareness to the prudent questions and facts surrounding the Sandy Hook School shooting which took place at 9:30 am on December 14, 2012, in Newtown Connecticut.

These questions need answers and the facts need to addressed instead of being overwhelmingly frayed by mainstream reports.

Here are some important questions that Glenn Beck will be sure to not to address:

  1. Glenn Beck will be sure to not address the fact that the suspects car (black Honda Civic) was reported by eyewitnesses (minutes after the shooting) and was shown on video to have had all 4 doors open with two black sweatshirts discarded on the passenger side onto the ground signifying possible multiple shooters.
  2. Glenn Beck will not address the fact that the police actually did chase a man into the woods and apprehend him after the shooting however no further reports by officials have been released.
  3. Glenn Beck will not address the fact that police audio confirms that people possibly disguised as nuns in ski masks in a purple van were spotted by police heading away from the scene shortly after the shooting.
  4. Glenn Beck will not address the fact that Lt. Paul Vance of the Connecticut State Police and the Newtown Police Department has previously been engaged in Active-Shooter Drills locally.
  5. Glenn Beck will not point out that Adam Lanza was listed dead on the SSDI Death Index on December 13, 2012, one day before the shooting.
  6. Glenn Beck will not tell you that initial reporst describe the shooters as being disguised as members of the clergy.
  7. Glenn Beck will not address that all evidence pertaining to Adam Lanza was sealed by a Superior Court Judges for 90 days following the shooting.
  8. Beck will likely not address why no surveillance footage was released from school cameras.

He will most likely instead tell you essentially that we can’t ask questions regarding any of these issues, out of respect for the victims families and or because it makes pro 2nd Amendment activists look bad.

It is also important to note that actors were likely not used in the shooting (besides the ones clearly used in interviews by the corporate media) and that real victims did indeed lose their lives that day. However, the media has gravitated toward this issue and it is adding confusion to what facts lie in front of us.


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  • David B

    They are getting desparate !! Now GB has to come out to discredit, people with a curious mind! Like Holder said in 1995 we have to brainwash people about guns!! There scared! Just to many loose ends on that entire day! Last week he went on the attack of Alex Jones?! Pitiful !! True showman!!

  • Confused, whos side is he on?

  • Miguel D’Anconia

    When did GB become a tool of the elite?

    • umx3

      The day he became an Israeli-firster.

  • umx3

    This is the guy who once told his audience to ‘Question with BOLDness”. He’s become a complete hack and I can’t believe anyone listens to him anymore.

  • Patriot247365

    shepard wrote: “It is also important to note that actors were likely not used in the shooting (besides the ones clearly used in interviews by the corporate media) and that real victims did indeed lose their lives that day.”

    Is this article REAL? Do you really believe ANYONE was “killed” at the sandy hook HOAX? WAKE UP! No one was “killed” but the truth.

    Tens of millions of us who are not stoned and are AWAKE, ALL know sandy hook is a CONFIRMED HOAX, just like Aurora/VAtec/giffords HOAXES.

    The fact that you dare to suggest otherwise, in the face of >>> overwhelming proof <<< it was a HOAX, truly makes me wonder if you may be like ventura and jones: a DISINFO CIA TROLL running a site called – won't be dropping by your site anymore.

  • ManCavePatriot

    I have a feeling that the same person that gave Andrew Breitbart his ‘exit interview’, also got to Beck.

  • Clueso

    As a police officer and investigator with over 20yrs experience, I can tell you that the media always gets it wrong and reports anything they hear at a scene. Once it’s out there, it becomes truth in the minds of some. Beck has done some very honest, factual reporting for many years. He started his own network to avoid being controlled by suits who are worried about advertising dollars, control of the show, etc. I am a subscriber of his network and find it to be the best I have seen yet. I can guarantee that the previous commenters do not watch his network. The mainstream media would love to take down Blaze tv. All they would have to do is expose him as being wrong on his reporting. It’s easy to believe in conspiracies. Please do yourselves a favor and do a little research.

  • Jerry H.

    I watched his how a few times it will not happen again, that’s what we need to do is unplug from the system that drives them and that is money. It won’t cure it but it will put a dent in it. He is a puppet like the rest his spin is he will be all truth. This proves who controls him.

  • Locus

    Sandy Hook this, Sandy Hook that. Between the lunatics manipulating it to destroy the 2nd Amendment and the creepy button-pushing weirdos trolling the Internet to claim it was all staged… this is all sick behavior.

    Considering the world population and overwhelming opportunity for this to happen, it is an extremely rare phenomenon.

    It is a tragic disaster. Nothing necessarily need be done about it.

    Aside from reasonable normal precautions, such as trying to spot the folk around you who may be sinking into that type of homicidal madness — and try to reach them before they go over the edge.

    What has happened is that somehow, a large mass of people implicitly agree that ‘someone will do something about it’.

    So each camp has set out to ensure that The Thing That Will Be Done About It is the Thing They Want To Do.

    Obama and Feinstein push Their Thing. The NRA pushes their Thing. Alex Jones pushes his “isn’t all of it suspicious” Thing.

    It is a tragic disaster. Nothing necessarily need be done about it.

  • vaportrail

    Beck also tells listeners to passively resist possible gun confiscation. Hold out your hands to be cuffed and say, “I will not comply”. What could be any clearer than that. He’s definitely a shill for the progressives and probably always has been.