Radical Activists Want To Turn Trump’s Inauguration On January 20th Into One Of The Biggest Riots In US History

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Radical leftists are planning to make January 20th the most chaotic Inauguration Day in American history.

Their stated goal is to “disrupt” the Inauguration festivities as much as possible, and they are planning a wide range of “actions” to achieve that stated goal.  Some of the more moderate groups are using terms such as “civil resistance” and “civil disobedience”, but others are openly talking about “blockades”, jumping barricades, throwing projectiles and “citywide paralysis”.  My hope is that all of their efforts will turn out to be a big flop, but it is important to understand that these groups are well funded, highly organized and extremely motivated.  The election of Donald Trump has been perhaps the single most galvanizing moment for the radical left in modern American history, and they are working very hard to turn January 20th into a major political statement.

In fact, just recently one activist group took out a full page ad in the New York Times

Thousands of activists, journalists, scientists, entertainers, and other prominent voices took out a full-page call to action in the New York Times on Wednesday making clear their rejection of President-elect Donald Trump and Vice President-elect Mike Pence with the simple message: “No!”

“Stop the Trump/Pence regime before it starts! In the name of humanity we refuse to accept a fascist America!” the ad states, followed by a list of signatories that includes scholar Cornel West; author Alice Walker; Chase Iron Eyes of the Standing Rock Sioux; educator Bill Ayers; poet Saul Williams; CNN‘s Marc Lamont Hill; Carl Dix of the Communist Party USA; and numerous others.

The ad pointed people to refusefascism.org, and it asserted that Trump must be stopped whether he was legitimately elected or not

Trump promises to inflict repression and suffering on people in this country, to deport millions, to increase violence up to the use of nuclear weapons on people across the globe, and to inflict catastrophes upon the planet itself. He has assembled a cabinet of Christian fundamentalist fanatics, war mongers, racists, science deniers. NO! His regime must not be allowed to consolidate. We REFUSE to accept a Fascist America!

If you go to refusefascism.org, you will discover that the protests that they are organizing in Washington D.C. will begin on January 14th.  They say that they want to “stop the Trump-Pence regime before it starts”, and they hope to have protests going “every day and every night” without interruption through at least January 20th.

Another group that plans to kick things off on January 14th is DisruptJ20.  Of course that is short for “Disrupt January 20th”.  If you go to their official website, you will find a long slate of events that have already been scheduled.

According to Legba Carrefour, a spokesperson for DisruptJ20, one of the goals of the group is to block major transportation routes into and throughout our nation’s capital.  And he is not shy about the fact that they literally want to “shut down the Inauguration”

“We are planning to shut down the inauguration, that’s the short of it,” he says. “We’re pretty literal about that, we are trying to create citywide paralysis on a level that I don’t think has been seen in D.C. before. We’re trying to shut down pretty much every ingress into the city as well as every checkpoint around the actual inauguration parade route.”

If Carrefour and his fellow conspirators are able to actually accomplish that, it truly would be unprecedented.

And while DisruptJ20 is not publicly advocating violence, they are not exactly discouraging it either…

Carrefour says DisruptJ20 has no publicly announced plans to jump barricades along the inauguration parade route or throw projectiles at the new president, but that autonomous direct actions are encouraged.

“I can’t comment on specific stuff we’re doing like that, mostly because that would be illegal. But, yeah, it will get pretty crazy, I expect,” he says. “‘Have fun!’ I say.”

After the rioting that we have seen in Baltimore, Ferguson, Charlotte and many other communities around the nation in recent years, I hope that authorities are taking these threats quite seriously.

Once Donald Trump won the election, many conservatives seemed to think that the war was won.  But the truth of the matter is that many on the left were completely blindsided by Trump’s surprise victory, and now that they are fully awake they are gearing up for battle like never before.

And these protests are not going to end on January 20th.  In fact, abortion advocates are hoping to get close to a million women into Washington D.C. on the day following the Inauguration to protest for abortion rights.  Filmmaker Michael Moore is hoping that this march will be the beginning of “100 days of resistance” against Trump’s presidency…

Filmmaker and liberal icon Michael Moore has announced his plans to attend the Women’s March on Washington to protest Donald Trump’s inauguration later this month and has called for sore loser liberals to go further — by staging protests acts of resistance through the first 100 days of Trump’s presidency.

In an appearance, this weekend on MSNBC’s The Last Word, the 62-year-old Trumpland and Fahrenheit 9/11 director made a “call to arms” to those opposed to Trump’s presidency to join the Women’s March on Washington scheduled for January 21, the day after the presidential inauguration.

“It’s important that everybody go there,” Moore told MSNBC’s Ari Melber.

Of course it is easy to imagine how all of this could spiral wildly out of control.  If Trump cracks down on these protests really hard in an attempt to restore law and order, that could end up sparking a dramatic backlash against his “police state tactics”.  And if the protests become even bigger and more violent, Trump could respond by cracking down even more harshly.

Let us hope for some really cold weather in D.C. at the end of January so that as many troublemakers as possible get discouraged and stay home.  Violent protests, blockades and riots aren’t going to solve anything, and they could easily open fresh wounds in a nation that is becoming more divided with each passing day.

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  • landy fincannon

    Hello SECRET SERVICE, NSA, FBI ETC. Arrest are forthcoming

    • randy wellman

      not with o’bomber as their leader….right up until the moment, it’s HE that has to call out nat. guard….will o’bomber DO that?….PFFT!

      • g.johnon

        5000 national guard troops have already been assigned to the event. so yeah. guess he would. but only because he had to.

      • deplorableirredeemable45

        Trump done fired that general over the National Guard up there. At 12;01 JAN 20 the old boy is history. Wait until you see the head cracker he replaces him with. Going to be some very soar heads in DC on the twenty first.

        • simplicimuss

          Obama fired the General, not Trump !!!

  • Mike

    And of course the feds and all government abc agencies will just ignore this. You know what if the left starts a war THEN WE NEED TO TAKE THEM ALL OUT once it starts.

    • g.johnon

      yep, but make sure they start it. i have a very uneasy fear that some testo pumping group of supremists may show up to represent for the right. cant think of a worse scenario than that. it will be all the fault of we the people before the first snowflake hits the pavement. interesting times will ensue.

  • randy wellman

    has michael moore done an expose on killary yet?…..i will WATCH that one.

    • g.johnon

      lol…. aww god randy. i would definitely watch it too. but dont hold your breath.

    • Ted Dolkens

      Randy- I think hillary is on the wrong side of politics to make Michael interested in doing exposes?

  • jim_robert

    Always and without fail, H8TE, violence, oppression, poverty and death (100 freaking MILLION murdered by the left, per The Black Book of Communism, Oxford Univ. Press, Courtois, et al) follows the vile, fascist, evil left. It started with Robespierre, and continues up through today with the USSR (62 mm murdered), Mao (maybe 30 mm), Cambodia, Venezuela, Cuba, Zimbabwe and now the EU dying an economic death.

    Nice work you vile leftists. EVERYTHING you touch dies.

    • g.johnon

      good points jim, but you should have added that every one of those nations mentioned was disarmed by their government before the bloodshed was commenced.

  • Uncle Sham

    Yeah, you know, because nothing persuades the opposition more than acting like a bunch of violent feral savages

  • tonye

    Follow the money, then arrest the money for fomenting acts of terrorism.

    • dav1bg

      But the same guys are funding our senators and congressmen.

      • g.johnon

        yeah, so….

  • magic1114

    I wonder if anybody told them that the National Guard have already been ordered to police the event? I hope not; I want to see them get their clocks cleaned!

  • Frank

    Get the water canons ready!
    January 20th, Trump’s Inauguration Day, is the day that law and order will begin to be restored – these would-be disruptors had better make a note of that fact. Also, there are special rules for rioters and looters, with a “shoot on sight” protocol being authorized for looters in many states when times require.
    There will be plenty of cops, both in uniform and in PLAIN CLOTHES, with the plain-clothed cops being seeded throughout the crowd….
    I was in DC back in the early 90’s on a day when an element of the KKK was holding a rally/demonstration on the steps of the Capitol – having been issued a permit to do so. There was a half-ass counter-protest that the DC cops were keeping back and, when the crowd began to push too much against the barricades, the cops tossed tear gas canisters – and the (would-be) hardcore protesters ran and scattered like roaches afraid of the light.
    Also, the Army/Mil Industrial Complex has developed some wicked, non-lethal crowd control toys that may be put into service – I’ll watch it all on TV while eating popcorn and laughing at the stupidity and childish “revolt.” We can count on the disreputable MSM to cover it all, and the “anti-democratic” tactics that the cops may be forced to use to quell the criminal violence.
    Viva El Presidente Trump!

    • deplorableirredeemable45

      I have already popped my corn. May get a little old but I will just add more salt. Going to be a fun time. Don’t you think? I wonder if Moore will be up front and center. I think not. He will just send some brain dead in to get their heads cracked in his place. Hopefully Whoopie and some of those other Libs will get more stupid and show up.

  • dav1bg

    Wonder what all this is going to cost Soros.

    • g.johnon

      hopefully his freedom. or his ass.

  • dav1bg

    Wonder if police will use concussion grenades like they did with the S. Dakota oil pipeline protestors? Almost blew a protestors arm completely off, just hanging by the bone. Or water cannons in sub freezing weather. How much you want to bet the police just stand back and let them riot and vandalize ?

    • Ted Dolkens

      dav1bg- You are forgetting that from the 21st Trump will be in charge and he is generally considered to be far more pro police than hillary (understandably so) and obummer, so now they don’t have the threat of the government trying to blame them for everything they may act like they should?

  • xyz234

    Let them riot and destroy. The mayhem will show average citizens what the left is all about.

  • jim_robert

    We REFUSE to accept a Fascist America??

    The utter and complete STUPIDITY of the left never ceases to amaze.

    Nazi stands for the Nazionale Sozialistische Deutsche Arbeiter Partei – the National SOCIALIST German Workers Party. Was it just a name, as some say? Then why did the Nazi’s introduce the “Reichsarbeitsdienst” – the National Labour Svc that had public work systems; why the “Kraft durch Freude,” where the STATE even took care of the leisure time of workers?

    Here are the some planks of the Nazis, adopted in Munich on February 24, 1920:
    “We ask that the government undertake the obligation above all of providing citizens with adequate opportunity for employment and earning a living… We demand profit sharing in big business… the government must provide an all-around enlargement of our system of public education. . . We demand the education at government expense of gifted children of poor parents. . . . The government must undertake the improvement of public health… permanent recovery of our people can only proceed from within on the foundation of The Common Good Before the Individual Good”

    No the Nazis did not advocate public ownership of production, only that the govt oversee and run the economy, as they knew that legal ownership wasn’t what counted, but rather CONTROL. So, private citizens could hold title – as long as the state had the unqualified right to use their property. I.e., de facto socialism, the STATE still controls. Or, as Carl Limbacher wrote in NewsMax, Dec. 5, 2005, “Benito Mussolini’s Fascist economic policy, which he called the “mixed economy,” tried to combine Marxism with capitalism. What resulted was a dictatorship which allowed limited economic freedom to those favored industries willing to operate under government patronage.” The observant among you will note well the phrase “operate under government patronage.”

  • jim_robert

    Time to test all those new non-lethal weapons, I guess – sound cannons, heat rays. Maybe spray some jock itch powder on the women?

    • g.johnon

      aww man, those women would not know the difference……
      k, that was my cheap shot for the month

  • YeahRightOkay

    …that was MacArthur…

    • WinstonSmithy

      Both were involved.

  • breakawaymotorsports .

    So liberals cannot stomach defeat by conservatives,,but conservatives are suppose to accept liberalism like sheep? Um..it doesn’t work that way.

  • thelargekahoona

    Roll out HAARP, that will cool their idiotic jets.

  • Terrorists get shot these days.

  • deplorableirredeemable45

    Any one ever been hit in the top of the head with a Billy Club? Darn that hurts.

  • deplorableirredeemable45

    I will be running a sale on popcorn starting at 7;00 AM Jan, 20. If you buy the popcorn I will throw in a free coke. Have fun you all. I will also be running a special on bandages for the Liberals. Get them while they last. You gonna need them. Buy ten and I will throw in one for free. Sorry I have no gas mask or dry clothing. Have fun you all. Would like to be there with you but I have not gone completely brain dead yet. I don’t get a real big kick out of being hit on the top of my head, blasted with a water canon or sucking tear gas up my nose.

  • Ted Dolkens

    So is the term “radical leftists” now considered as the new name for the Democrats in order to help them hide their agenda?