Race War May Be Imminent as South Africa’s President Calls to Confiscate White Owned Lands

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When the apartheid regime collapsed in 1991, it was hoped that racial tensions could finally heal in South Africa, and prosperity would finally be had by all. Unfortunately, South Africa was promptly taken over by socialists who have been running the nation into the ground ever since. Now we may be witnessing the flash point that could disintegrate the multicultural nation.

Last Friday, South African president Jacob Zuma called for the confiscation of land owned by whites, who are a minority in the country, and who own a disproportionate amount of land and wealth. Specifically, he called on parliament to change the constitution, so that the government could confiscate white owned land without compensation.

Zuma wants a “pre-colonial land audit of land use and occupation patterns” to help decide which lands need to be taken, and has said that “We need to accept the reality that those who are in parliament where laws are made, particularly the black parties, should unite because we need a two-thirds majority to effect changes in the constitution.” It’s believed that Zuma is calling for this radical action in response to the rise of a rival political party known as the Economic Freedom Fighters, who have long called for the confiscation of white owned lands.

The chairman for the white activist group known as the Boer Afrikaner Volksraad, responded to these statements by calling for diplomacy. “We need urgent mediation between us and the government. If this starts, it will turn into a racial war which we want to prevent.” However, the organization later stated that “Deprivation, dispossession and occupation of our country in terms of any law shall be considered formal acts of war against the Boer Afrikaner people, which we have to defend against and retaliate with internationally accepted means and methods in order to ensure our ownership and recovery.”

Clearly, land confiscations could lead to an ethnic civil war in South Africa. Moreover, it would most likely lead to the economic collapse of Africa’s wealthiest nation. Zimbabwe for instance, successfully confiscated lands from whites decades ago. The wealth flight from that country, coupled with the fact that the land was given to people who weren’t qualified to work it, contributed to the financial collapse of Zimbabwe and the hyperinflation that followed.

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  • Mike

    may the whites wipe out the savages this time.

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    • Tom Tom

      impossible. better to leave. come back after they’re invited back like the gov’t did in Zimbabwe.

      • Obama’s boyfriend

        Name one sane white person who went back to Zimbabwe. Its like a white person moving to Bedfort Stuyvesant. Some people are beyond stupid.

  • Clementine

    I’ve got an idea for him… why don’t you come and take back all of your people from us? That would be delightful…!

    • BW83

      We’d never get that lucky. All the “proud of my heritage” folk get eerily quiet when talk of moving “home” gets brought up. Besides, there’s no government assistance or scholarship advantage to being African-African lol

      • Clementine

        HAHAHAHA! That really did make me laugh out loud! Niiiiiice!

    • Tom Tom

      no Africans came from South Africa to the U.S.

  • James

    Zimbabbwee did this. Today there money printed in N Korea is the U.S. dollar. They said the white man needs to return. Or they need walk to Europe to survive a lack of whites there.

  • Nexusfast123

    A racist mental midget.

  • evola33

    Global Marxism a cancer on Humanity

  • William the Resolute

    Great another war, at least it won’t be with a bunch of fundamentalist Muslim maniacs, this time it will be a good old fashioned fight against Communists. The President should rethink his position, I hear the Afrikaners can fight.

    • Red Tick Alert

      Most of them have relocated out of the Country but yes, they can fight.

    • KORGG

      I have met some of them here that have served in the armed forces of the United States. They will go home and fight.

    • Allan Quatermain

      They have largely been disarmed and the kommando’s disbanded. But, yes they can fight.

  • doucyet

    Mud huts and desolation land will consume the landscape if the blacks take back the land. All they have to do is look around to prove it……..

    • I have a great meme for this and if I find it and post it you should check it out because it validates your statement with backed up facts.

      • doucyet

        I knew a veterinarian 30 years ago that traveled to Africa on humanitarian missions, they would drill wells and teach the locals in various villages how to plant crops and such. Year after year he would return only to find their work efforts abandoned and ignored and the locals had gone back to their hunter gatherer ways.

        • We are doing them and ourselves a great disservice by trying to make them act like Europeans in a European-built civil society. We cannot exist under the same government just like Thomas Jefferson said. It’s pretty obvious now that he was right.

        • Vlad TheSkewerer

          You can take Salem out of the country but, you can’t take the country out of Saaaaalem…(I admit you gotta be over 50 to get that one)

  • Allan Quatermain

    Good analysis except for the lead in. the “Apartheid” government did not “collapse” rather it was sold out from within by the likes of Pik Botha. I was there…

    • Red Tick Alert

      …. and the West who wanted to appease the libtards.

      South Africa now is already a joke, if the above happens you will get white flight and South Africa will turn back into a sh1t hole.

      • Allan Quatermain

        The problem is that most of the whites can’t flee since they have nowhere to flee to nor the economic wherewithal to do it. Otherwise you are correct, a new third world s h it hole. Such an incredible pity is was a magnificent place.

        • Stibbs11

          A new genocide is about to take place, we have read about this coming, now it is here in no small step. May G-d be with you all. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b1e818aea972420b8a2e5199df69171eda24f105834aa70d55c03f191a1a0aba.jpg

          • Treblinka is a bad example. There’s no mass graves there and they’ve searched with ground penetrating radar… no bodies which means treblinka was bullshittta

          • Jordan D

            Screw you… NAZI TWINK.

          • Eat shit, fairytale lover

          • arahn
          • Jas

            Plus, at Nuremberg, they convicted the NAZIs for executing people with ‘steam chambers’ and ‘electrocution’ there, but everybody talks about ‘gas chambers’ at Treblinka.

          • Really? Wow! I swear almost every day I find out more bullshit about WWII. I’m gonna go learn about that now… thanks!

          • Stibbs11

            Sorry to burst your love bubble but the bones were ground and spread across the fields like fertilizer. Your hate makes you weak, so weak.
            Pathetic really.

            Did you know that love is a four letter word?
            Halo on fire!

          • My quest for the truth is not hate and it is more than weak of you to try to project it that way, how pathetic and it this point, getting old. I’ll keep telling the truth and hurting the feelings of the weak it exposes but the truth is coming out, like it or not, like the cream of the crop, it will always rise to the top:

            “Sorry to burst your love bubble but the bones were ground and spread across the fields like fertilizer. ” – oh – so now the “Nazis” ground the bones up and spread them out so there would be NO evidence – LOL! Do you hear yourself? Have you read the sheer numbers the fables include? If true, the ground bones would be inches/feet thick lying on the ground!

            Get some sense into your head and grow up. Santa Claus and the tooth fair are fake too, ya know?

            Treblinka Ground Radar Examination

            Finds No Trace of Mass Graves – That is the IHR, Okay? That is an academic source telling you right to your face that there are and never have been mass graves there.

            Be strong and stand for the truth, never hide behind weak lies no matter (((who))) they serve.

            Jews are the ones who had the Germans holocausted in terror bombing campaigns by multiple militaries for not having a central bank and for using barter with other nations. Your phony narrative is dead and exposed. All I did was highlight your bad example anyway and with this link here I’ve proven my position even further now because you go right .

        • Red Tick Alert

          Fair play – agreed.

          If I could only remember the formula of that virus I created, the problem would be stopped in a day or so.

        • Mind of Christ

          We are trapped in SA,

          • blagostwin

            Can you appeal to the White House? Maybe Trump will send in troops? Can you leave? Or are you really trapped and blocked from leaving?

        • Obama’s boyfriend

          Poor slob doesn’t realize half the whites have British passports. I saw Capetown and Joburg in the 80s. Now they look like Harlem.

          • Allan Quatermain

            A large portion of the English, perhaps have British passports, but non of the Afrikaners have anywhere to go.

      • ElGgggs

        I think it is already turned into shit hole.. It will just get way worse.

  • Homunculus Cyclops

    Why don’t they focus on the diamond mines and take possession of those properties? What a bunch of idiots.

    • Jas

      Because those are owned by ultra elite bankers who are Jewish, stealing from them will get the call to fight ISIS in South Africa! Then the US and NATO smash like Hulk.

  • Benny Hill

    The rulers need to take a close look at Zimbabwe if they start taking land from one group and giving it to another. I think you can still get 100 trillion dollar Zimbabwe notes on ebay for pretty cheap. They use to have notes on public toilets warning people about using the Zimbabwe notes as toilet paper because they would clog the pipes. The people that were given the farmer’s land had no experience and only looked at short term gain. Starvation ensued and food prices went through the roof. South Africa better take a good look at Zimbabwe because it may be their future if they do this lunacy.

    • KORGG

      You could get a $100 trillion dollar note for $5 a few years back. The price for that same note today is around $50. Their defunct currency is worth more as a novelty than actual money.

    • Just posted a meme of that below…

  • roger

    hemp necklace for that “president”………..;)

  • dav1bg

    But it is the Whites who are racist? I think that since we are the majority in America that we should confiscate all Black property and give it to the whites who leave S. Africa and come here; along with instant citizenship.

    • Every race is “racist” and looks out for their own and shouting at people for it is just a commie/Marxism technique.

      • arahn

        True! In the past a person who would betray his/her own people was despised above all others for good reason. Any tribe/community survived by mutual defense.

  • Stibbs11
  • RichK54vet

    Yes as we see they will attack whitey and we will see what happens as we are true Israel. At some point in time Yahweh will step in and NO it will not be lovey dovey for the races that came against Israel.

  • Lance H

    Dimwitted leftists destroy everything. They’re a scourge even worse than their imagined “global warming”.

  • thomas jefferson

    Considering,IT was the white american women who started all this in the first place,we need to load them on an airplane and send them down there to fix the mess they caused,and if they can’t fix it,let them be part of the BOER african peoples army,so they can get a good closup of what sticking your nose into stuff your to stupid to be involved in looks like……….

  • Bite the hand that feeds you, typical savages.

  • cmb

    Good for THEM!

  • Kate Frederickson

    Oh! Oh! Time we all go back to Europe and push out all the Muslims. We are scattered all over the world with our colonization and nation building tactics. Starting wars and displacing the original natives of those lands. Killing most of them but leaving enough alive to work them like cattle. It’s in our religion in our bible the guidebook on how to treat other people that aren’t white. A racist hateful white race, yet we want others to love us? Hah! Fat chance,we already ruined most of the world. Most hate us and would like us to take our nose out of their business. Our Bible tells us it will happen, America will not exist to stop it from happening.

    • I see that you are imposing the previous will of the elites onto white people you anti-white piece of garbage. You wouldn’t even have the ability to type your masochistic self-hatred online right now if it wasn’t for those “evil white people”. Our race does need a serious culling, though, and you are living proof!

      The best, brightest, and most importantly, the strongest of our race will survive this and build a great future without defects like yourself.

    • Jordan D

      STFU you ranting, ignorant woman..
      You make you entire gender look stupid.

    • tony

      Kate I see you converted to wigger

  • Jordan D

    Yeah… No wonder the average IQ of negros worldwide is less than 80.
    This ignorant, hateful race never invented a wheel, a bow and arrow, or domesticated a single animal on the largest continent in the world.
    Then SOLD EACH OTHER to Muzlim slave traders..and BLAMED WHITES.

    • and jewish slave traders, let’s not play favorites and conveniently leave out facts:

      • Jas

        Primarily funded by Jews. The slave trading houses were even closed on Jewish holidays.

        • Yep, and previously it was captured white white women who were the sex slaves of the moslems in the Ottoman Empire.

      • Jordan D

        That’s right.. post a video..
        Muzlims were the slave traders you fucking NAZI maggot.

        • Well whenever a lying little piece of shit tries what you just tried I will! Keep trying and I’ll keep doing it, too! Watchagon’ do? Huh??

  • countryboy

    Typical….Wait for another group to work hard and build up a society with a civilized prosperity then come and steal it from them.

  • Northerngirl

    Satan’s greatest weapon…..pitting humanity against each other based on skin colors. 😥

    • arahn

      “nation (race) shall rise against nation (race)” ~ Jesus

    • tony

      Satan’s people against Gods people. Guess who wins ?

  • FadingFiat

    South Africa is the experiment for doing it eventually elsewhere I’ve heard

  • Mind of Christ

    Living in SA, search on google for “farm killings South Africa pictures” see what we as whites are going through, Farmers being tortured and killed, old ladies raped and murdered. But international media says nothing. Folks we are living in a country where whites are hated by blacks. We are only about 3 million whites amongst 50 million blacks. Please make this public.

    • Bill the eighth

      Then you require a kill ratio of ~ 17:1, should be no problem considering who you are up against.

    • tony

      Come here to America,we will help each other, we have same problem here.

      • Roux Gerber

        Our currency is so weak how can we afford to leave. We are truly trapped.

        • Mind of Christ

          Leaving would be nice, but the problem as Roux Gerber stated is that our currency is very weak. The other problem is that about 1991 affirmative action was implemented, now replaced by Black Economic Empowerment. Most whites cannot get employed as they are not allowed in proper jobs. The whites that are employed is mainly in professional positions like docters and engineers. There was a massive brain drain and many that could leave left this hell hole. For the best info on what is going on in SA visit this blog go read about the real history of SA, not the rubbish the international media spun on apartheid. http://mikesmithspoliticalcommentary.blogspot.co.za

    • blagostwin

      I’ve been praying and pleading your case for decades. This started way back under Mandela. Can you organize a militia? Mercenaries will come if you can pay them. I know you’re familiar with them.

      • Roux Gerber

        We have families. How will we keep them safe if we do this ? Most of our people have been disarmed.

        • blagostwin

          Yes I understand, it’s terrible. Can you get your families out of the country? Because I don’t see help coming soon? If you want to resist you have to arm yourselves, obviously. Perhaps you don’t. It’s fight or flight. Do you have an avenue of escape? I will at least contact my Senators and reps. I can even contact the White House on your behalf. Keep in touch.

          • Roux Gerber

            We just want this to be made public. The world dont know whats really going on here. So by spreading the truth help. I was born here. A farmer. I dont want to flee.

          • blagostwin

            I’m a yank in the know, I’ve been following the Plight of South Africa for close to 40 years. Ever since DeClerk and before stabbed your nation in the back. It’s been a communist conspiracy from the get go. You’ve got a lot of diabolical corporate interests there such as the diamond merchants. Special interests want your resources and the land. Your Prime minister is a lackey doing the bidding of the corporate elite.

      • Mind of Christ

        Roux is correct, remeber there is a massive propaganda war agains white Afrikaners. The goverment keeps on pushing this false narrative. We are the evil whites and we stole from the blacks. Ome of the worst movies that pushed the apartheid lie was Lethal Weapon 2 starring Mel Gibson. What utter garbish. Most of us served in the old South Africa Military which was of the best in the world. We were trained to fight communism, it was to keep everybody in SA safe including the blacks. We were hated back then by World and we are hated now by the ANC and EFF. We wonder where is the international outcry over the murders of our people now. If you want to get on our wrong side then mention the word “Apartheid” and that Nelson Mandela was a hero, he was a evil terrorist responsible for so many deaths. Please go study this blog. http://mikesmithspoliticalcommentary.blogspot.co.za and do real research about SA before 1994 when the ANC was put in place by the sell outs like FW de Klerk and Pik Botha, and ever since 1994 what the new SA became. New laws are being discussed to block these conversations on social media. These are of our last chances to speak up and share reality.

        • blagostwin

          Yes I’ve been following the whole terrible story from the beginning. A great nation taken down and now being destroyed. I hate deClerk the traitor! Makes me want to jump a plane and come to your aid.

          • Mind of Christ

            Thank you blagostwin. You are informed and you are 100% Correct. During 1985 the blacks used car tyres to kill other blacks that did not support the sick evil anc, one of the videos blacks were seen eating the flesh from those they killed. Most of us whites were not racist at all before 1994, now its only libtards that are supportive of the so called poor little blacks. We as whites are blamed for everything the anc does wrong. When useless jacob zuma speaks he always blames so called apartheid. We need a very real and workable outcome. Getting the Truth out is one of the strategies. Steve Quayle spoke of the anc goverment declaring war on whites and under his alert section a letter from a fellow afrikaner is posted, his brother was brutally murdered the other day. In the security complex we live an old lady of 78 was murdered by a black man. He strangled her and wrapped her in a carpet. Its not just farm killings. I can go on and on, sadly the article posted here will go cold again soon. We need constant news to be published. We are carefull what we say as new laws will meen the same monitoring of free speach as in China. The anc is bedfellows with the Chinese. Please keep getting Truth out and dont forget about us.

          • blagostwin

            I won’t ever forget you my brother. I used to go on radio stations in my local talking about America facing the same fate and using your once great nation as an example of what we one day could end up like if not careful. The same rotten globalist tactics are used constantly on all nations. I would like to stay in your info loop. If that’s possible let me know.

          • Mind of Christ

            Thanks Brother. Herewith a link to another article about SA, its very real and very revealing.Please give your feedback. https://grandmageri422.me/2017/03/10/white-genocide-in-south-africa-a-plea-for-american-christians-to-pray/

          • blagostwin

            I just got back and read the article, I’m conflicted between, sadness, disgust and outrage. It’s pretty obvious to me that Zuma run government and the ANC are responsible for these atrocities, in my opinion. I will be praying for sure for your relief. I agree with the author about resistance. You can’t allow yourselves to be slaughtered piecemeal. The more these animals kill the more they will want to kill. You’re a proud brave people with a long fighting tradition against even the British. You earned your right to exist. Don’t let these savages destroy you without a fight! You need leadership, organization and the desire to defend and the means to do it. Can you get assistance from other countries? The Continent of Africa has gone to the dogs. Speaking for myself I’d rather die fighting than be tortured and murdered along with my family. You need military leadership, which you have. Please stay in touch.

    • arahn

      Has the gov disarmed you there like elsewhere or are you yet able to defend yourselves?

      • blagostwin

        You can bet on it. The only guns they have are ones they could hide.

      • Roux Gerber

        They have disarmed most. Defending yourself is hard. 5 of these people attacked a farmer trying to kill him. The farmer managed to fight them off. In the prosess 1 was killed. The 4 attackers stood together and told the police a diffrent story. The farmer will go on trail for the murder of one of his attackers. This country is anti white. We are screwed here

  • I don’t honestly know much about South Africa, the suffering that blacks probably have endured from two hundred years of brutal oppression. However, if I must ignore all of that to support Africaners now, then so be it. Atrocities are taking place now against white women, children, and men by primarily black men. Just as atrocities are taking place here in America by blacks against whites, and also in Europe by a combination of black and middle eastern men, so much of my patience has been exhausted for blacks and their problems. May God grant the Afrikaners victory over their enemies, or shelter if they are forced to flee for their lives.

  • Mara natha

    I have friends who fought in the bloody Zimbabwe/Rhodesia wars to keep the land they’d bought and built. They lost it all and barely escaped to S. Africa. They moved to England a while later (where I met them).

    Most Americans don’t realize that no one was in South Africa when it was originally settled by white men and women . As the country flourished under their stewardship , many Africans from local countries moved there and were employed by them . Unfortunately, ignorant overseas white people think the entire continent of Africa is solely composed of black people . This is simply not true .

    Now the white families that made South Africa what it is are going to be dispossessed yet again . There seems to be a growing trend against white people around the world . The only thing these countries that oust white people have in common is that they wind up in debt and poverty , enslaved by their own people .

    Here’s to progress .

  • blagostwin

    If this happens, South Africa will return to the jungle as it has through out the rest of Africa. Angola, Rhodesia, Congo etc. In case anyone wants to know the Afrikaners who are of Dutch descent were there first. Black Africans came afterwards, seeking jobs and prosperity.

  • tony

    Trump needs to bring all the white people from SA. To the US. Let the jungle bunnies go back to their mud huts.

  • Lorungee

    Now….those kinds of Africans are the type we would welcome without condition here in America.

  • Joey Lopez

    The whites in africa should come to the US and, in equal proportion, american blacks and can go to S. Africa. That would be a good exchange to the US’ benefit.

  • Hmmmm…..I bet if the leaders of this Nation would ask those white farmers to help and teach native farmers how to farm using modern methods they would be happy to lend a hand. But that’s not the agenda here is it Mr. Zuma?

    Once again leaders using people one against another rather than bring them together. As for the race issue…I encourage everyone to do some home work and you will find that the slave trade was not based on race and people from all nations have suffered under its curse throughout history…and it’s even worse today.

    Daniel http://www.knowingforyourself.com

  • Deplorable Lyn

    Hmm, because it worked out so well in Zimbabwe.

  • Talon

    Two years max….after that they’ll be importing food.

  • Fish Deep

    Who knows the true history of AmaBhulu ? The land was mostly empty when Anglo Saxon settlers came. The barbarians always come as parasites.
    It was the rich London Jews who insisted on stealing the gold and diamonds.


  • Governmental Deception

    He is trying to RENAME a Monument somewhere in Arizona to Flagstaff. Since when does some other Country re name our crap. this sob needs to go to hell coming here trying to rename our land.

  • Tom Tom

    If you are white and you continue to live in South Africa, well, you should leave now. Things are better in Zimbabwe, believe it or not.

  • barry oldwater

    Like the union had almost a 2 to1 advantage over the confederacy . There is strength in numbers.

    • Hillary

      Just more targets. Too bad the Yankees didn’t find more final resting places in old Dixie.

  • barry oldwater

    The Boer needs to start a go fund me site to raise funds for arms before they are outlawed or considered a terrorist organization.

  • shuane53

    You have Bill Clinton to thank for the mess in S.Africa. Ethnic cleansing in Africa has been going on for some time now. Black Lives Matter crowd also want ethnic cleansing here in this country.

  • Vlad TheSkewerer

    So it will come down to the machete versus the race specific bio weapon, with the bio weapon having a two week head start.

  • gil

    get the hell out NOW and let it collapse.

    • Stibbs11

      and go where? its getting dificult to find a new location not in the throngs of YoMama’s “change”.

  • ecomostro

    Zimbabwe 2.0 in the making…

  • All land belongs to Yahweh God and We are taking it back on His behalf. The implication of this lawsuit will topple the government and ban corporation /maritime law; it is up to YOU to inform: http://wp.me/p4XCG4-b9/