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You’re going to be hearing a lot more about this “solution” to disease-carrying mosquitoes in Florida, Brazil, and other places. For now, I want to cover a few basics.

A town in Brazil is already reporting elevated levels of human disease since the GE (genetically engineered) mosquitoes have been introduced.

The scientific hypothesis is: the GE bugs (males) will impregnate natural females…but no actual next generation occurs. However, this plummeting birth rate in mosquitoes is the only “proof” that the grand experiment is safe. No long-term health studies have been done—this is a mirror of what happened when GMO crops were introduced: no science, just bland assurances.

In Brazil, a major target for the experiment, the rational is: dengue fever (carried by mosquitoes) is the target; wiping it out is the goal. But the original ID of the dengue fever virus in a human was accomplished by what’s called the PCR test. There are several serious problems with this test. One is: there is no reliable way to calculate how much virus is in a human patient. In order to claim a virus is complicit in disease, there must be an ID that shows a huge amount of virus—otherwise, there would be no danger. So the entire basis (dengue fever) for the GE mosquito campaign is based on faulty diagnosis and faulty science.

Needless to say, without extensive lab testing, there is no way to tell what these GE mosquitoes are actually harboring, in addition to what researchers claim. That’s a major red flag.

And finally, wherever these GE mosquitoes have been introduced, or are about to be introduced, the human populations have not been consulted for their permission. It’s all being done by government and corporate edict. It’s human experimentation on a grand scale.

Jon Rappoport

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  • Dragonflies have always been a uniquely ubiquitous and beautiful solution to mosquitoes.

    • august

      i notice that dragonflies are a declining
      not as many around as use to be!

      • They are victims of pesticides and lack of interest.

        • august

          yeah and development

      • Dr_NOS

        The GM mosquito are not as tasty as they used to be q.e.d. the dragon flies are starving.

        • august

          yea same as the mosquito eaters the Big one that look like a mosquito

      • D.Moore

        I see quite a few dragonflies, but then I have a creek close by with many mosquitoes. So many squiters that I contracted West Nile Virus in 2010, not a nice virus.

  • NonYo Business

    Eat more GMO slaves and get your arse back on CNN!!!

  • curenado

    I expect to see rises in mosquito borne infections whether there are as many mosquitos or not

  • Mr Gadget

    and now gmo salmon, humanoids grown in cows and and and…………ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! There really is no way to stop these monsters…humanity is doomed.

    • lilred

      Don’t forget about the glow in the dark rabbits and fish

  • Guillotine_ready

    Primary solution to madmen with the intent to experiment on the rest of is to provide some nourishing lead supplements

  • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

    What part about genetic modification doesn’t scare the living shit out of people?!

    • august

      There is a place can’t say were it is in mountain base that has 13 levels each level
      is Genetic testing the farther down levels are called hell
      this is the type of stuff they do Norwich Darpa adding 47th chromosome into human genetics as a vector platform “Johnny”

      • lilred

        That sounds like the hive from resident evil

        • august

          i cant remember the name of the place some where in the USA some American native land

          ill keep on trying to find that that was 6 years ago

        • august

          Cheyenne Mountain keeps coming to mind

  • august

    Bats to

  • D.Moore

    Ah Bats eat mosquitoes but wait they have been getting a fungus. Mankind in their infinite wisdom are creating a situation that will bite us on the arse. Mother Nature doesn’t like being f’d with just wait she will throw someone on life that will nearly destroy us. I juts wish people had the common sense they were born with rather than the zombie state they now live in… All things are meant to be in the web of life when we start altering what lives and what doesn’t in my opinion we a smurfing up big time…