Putin Slams Washington Hypocrisy — US Admitted to Meddling In Russian Elections Before

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Russian President Vladimir Putin, doubtlessly having reached his fill of mudslinging by the U.S. political establishment — which insists Russia tampered, somehow, in the presidential election to throw the election in favor of Donald Trump — reiterated to filmmaker Oliver Stone in an interview those yet-unproven allegations amount to the United States pompously throwing stones from inside a glass house.

For the final segment of the long-anticipated documentary series, Putin Interviews, on Showtime Thursday night, Putin recounted how the U.S. government effectively meddled in a number of Russian elections via diplomatic staff and through funding non-governmental organizations — which, the Russian leader asserted, “are frequently financed through a number of layers and structures either from the State Department or some other quasi-governmental sources.”

Washington influenced Russia’s elections, Putin told Stone, “in 2000, and in 2012, this always happened. But especially aggressively in 2012. I will not go into details,” but, he added, the U.S. has done the same with elections in every nation spawned through the breakup of the Soviet Union.

“As one of the most glaring examples,” Russian state-run RT reports, “Putin pointed out that US diplomatic workers had actually campaigned for the Russian opposition.”

Diplomatic staff, Putin noted, should be attempting to “establish interstate relations,” but Washington’s pawns instead “gathered opposition forces and financed them, went to opposition rallies,” thus, actively interfering in a sovereign state’s affairs.

Putin balked at the running contention in the U.S., insisting the ongoing narrative of Russian election tampering is a mere “lie” manipulated by D.C. establishment as “a tool in the intra-political fight in the United States.”

Further, he stated,

“We have not engaged in any cyberattacks. It is hard to imagine that any country, including a country like Russia, could seriously influence the electoral campaign and its results.”

Election meddling, ironically enough, is so common a tactic by more powerful nations as to be virtually expected in elections at every level of government — but Washington’s obdurate stance on Russian hackers having penetrated voting machines or other electoral infrastructure has not been proven, despite months of supposed investigations into the matter.

But at least one glaring instance of election meddling decades ago proved influence over the popular vote can indeed be accomplished by a State determined in its goals.

“Since the early 1990s, we assumed that the Cold War was over,” Putin continued. “We thought there was no need to take any extra security measures because we were an organic part of the world community.”

Enter the Americans.

In 1996, Washington attempted successfully to prop up the re-election campaign of Russian President Boris Yeltsin — whose approval ratings had plummeted, but whose politics matched the U.S. agenda.

TIME Magazine’s Michael Kramer authored Rescuing Boris on July 15, 1996 — an in-depth exposé covering admitted election manipulation by the United States, whose subtitle summarily extinguishes all firey sanctimony from the current politik on just about anything blaming The Russians:


Kramer summarized the lengthy piece,

“The outcome was by no means inevitable. Last winter Yeltsin’s approval ratings were in the single digits. There are many reasons for his change in fortune, but a crucial one has remained a secret. For four months, a group of American political consultants clandestinely participated in guiding Yeltsin’s campaign. Here is the inside story of how these advisers helped Yeltsin achieve the victory that will keep reform in Russia alive.”

Yeltsin falling out of favor with the Russian public concerned Washington because, TIME noted, at the time he was “arguably the best hope Russia has for moving toward pluralism and an open economy.”

Kramer’s expository should be required reading for the American public, not to mention D.C. politicians, amid this astonishing revival of Red Scare propaganda; but one statement explaining the gist from an insider involved in the effort — George Gorton, then-California Governor Pete Wilson’s longtime top strategist — as told to the TIME journalist truly encapsulates the hypocrisy Putin underscored.

“We were brought in to help win,” Gorton told Kramer, “and that’s what we did. The Russians are prideful and say that people like us won’t be necessary in the future because they’ve learned what to do. You hear that everywhere after the hired guns have done their work — and it may be true. All I know is that for every guy who thinks he can go it alone, there will always be another guy who knows he can’t.”

Perhaps Washingtonian pols would appreciate a reminder from their constituents that election rigging has traditionally been a two-or-more-way street — and the pomposity of mounting a political high-horse on the topic is little more than farcical façade covering guilt over similar or worse tactics in a succession of years.

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  • John C Carleton

    Putin forgot the first rule of Zionism. It is ok for the “god” chosen few, to do anything, at any time, anywhere, for what ever reason they choose, to anyone.

    It is NEVER ok, for their victims to do it back, or even try to defend themselves against the lies and evil of the Zionist.

    BECAUSE, their “god” said so, thats why!

    • gato felix

      While what you post is true…I firmly believe Putin doesn’t give a damn!!! about those treacherous leeches

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        • Cynical Old Bastard

          Why the fuck are you stalking me and Felix, bitch?

          You think we’re some kind of weak-minded sheeple?

          Look at the sites we visit. Read our comments. Bitch… we are sheeple hunters, not prey.

          So take your spam BS somewhere else and leave us alone. We don’t want to talk to you.

          • gato felix

            Right on COB, click on her link name or whatever the hell it’s called, and block her ass like I just did!

          • Cynical Old Bastard

            Heh-heh. I’ve been tracking all her sock-puppets and steadily blocking them since day one.

            The thing is, Cat, ya gotta hit their IP addresses or they don’t stop. It took me and Jos (PRB) spent months tracking down stalkers and spammers and getting them off our channels. It was so bad I gave up Banned Camp. Burned out.

      • Kathypchenier

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  • Cracker122049

    Invading countries and killing their citizens kinda bypasses the election cycle like this country does.Especially when they have done nothing to us and the government narrative is toital bull shit. The drone strikes that kill innocent civilians of course sweetens the pot a tad too!

  • gato felix

    The book “Confessions of an Economic Hitman” details how the U.S. government goes around the world sniffing every countries ass!!

  • SP_88

    This would have been front page news if we had an honest media in this country. But instead, these liars and propaganda dispensaries go along with the lying politicians who are trying to spread this nonsense.
    The US government has meddled in the elections of many countries on numerous occasions. The fact that they are making a big deal of Russia meddling in our election is preposterous, especially since it isn’t even true.
    If you ask anyone why they voted for Trump, they aren’t going to tell you that it was because the Russians hacked the election. They’re going to tell you that it’s because Hillary was so obviously a liar and a criminal that she shouldn’t have even been allowed to run for president.
    The fact is that the leaked e-mails exposed Hillary as a liar and a cheat. They exposed that she was colluding with the media and the super pacs, which is illegal. And the most glaring information from the leaked e-mails exposed that Hillary was the one meddling in the election. And because of her meddling, Bernie Sanders lost his opportunity to be nominated. Why isn’t this fact being thrown in the faces of these snarky media people who keep pushing the Russian hacking nonsense?
    And because of the media, and their constant rhetoric, that wack job Bernie Sanders supporter went and shot a bunch of republicans at a baseball practice when it was the democrats fault he wasn’t nominated. Not that it matters in the big scheme of things, because they’re both two sides of the same coin anyway. But it’s the principal of it.
    The point is that few people are pointing out that it’s not the source of the leaks that affected the election but the content. The content showed Hillary was a very corrupt politician who should never, ever be allowed to be president.
    And these leaks came out well after Hillary’s campaign was tanking. So their effect on the election was negligible to begin with. Hillary didn’t need any help letting the people know what a horrible candidate she was.
    And now that Trump is president, they are using this to give the illusion that the government is two separate parties fighting against each other. It’s all smoke and mirrors.
    While they use issues like this to further divide us against each other, they are sitting back laughing at us from the comfort of their ivory towers and spacious mansions.
    Nothing really ever changes. It just gets worse.