Public Schools: One Of The Government’s Biggest Failures? Or Successes?

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Baltimore is proving just how ineffective the government is at educating the nation’s children. Almost as if it was their goal, the city has six schools that failed to produce one child proficient in either English or math.

Even though it spends more per pupil than every other large school district in the country save for two, Baltimore City Public Schools is failing to teach students even the very basic concepts that will help them get through life. Proving that the government will always fail, Baltimore’s education costs to the taxpayer are not small; about $16,000 per student, per year. An investigation by Project Baltimore found that five high schools and one middle school in the district should pretty much be shut down at this point because they’re serving no useful purpose whatsoever – except to drain the taxpayer of their money and indoctrinate the youth.

Booker T. Washington Middle School, Frederick Douglass High School, Achievement Academy at Harbor City, New Era Academy, Excel Academy at Francis M. Wood High, and New Hope Academy all failed to pass even just one student that met the minimum requirements for exceptional proficiency in either of the two subjects. -(source)

Baltimore is now not producing students proficient at even simple math and English, yet government apologists don’t want the blame to go to the education takeover by the government. Our nation’s declining IQ should be evidence enough that public schools are a big government failure, or does that make them a success? In a society in which the media and government tell the populace at large what to think, IQ is unnecessary. Just vote and pay your taxes and all will be fine, right?

Obviously, because these non-proficient students are still on schedule to graduate. According to Freedom Project, this is because of “radically dumbed-down exams linked to Common Core,” a controversial curriculum approach that in many ways deforms traditional mathematics and corrupts children’s minds.

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Frederick Douglass High School had the worst results out of all six schools. With 185 students in total, a shocking 165 of them achieved a 1/5 on the proficiency scale, with 1 indicating that these students in no way met proficiency expectations. Nineteen students partially met expectations ranking at 2/5, but were still considered to be not proficient. Only one student scored a 3/5 for “approaching expectations,” though even this one was dubbed not proficient. Not a single student at Frederick Douglass achieved a 4/5 or a 5/5, which would have put them in the proficient category. –Natural News

The shocking results show a monumental tragedy unfolding in the city that represents a microcosm of the damage being inflicted on children across America. It should now be clear that public schools are a tool of propaganda and mind manipulation. They only attempt to prevent a student from learning on their own and regurgitating the mandatory information and revised history that a government employee presents.

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