Public School Made My Kid Imagine Herself Dying in the Twin Towers on 9/11

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Public schools have become little more than government indoctrination centers in this country.

Case in point: Activist Post reported that 12 and 13-year-olds were forced to write what basically amounted to suicide notes as part of a class assignment on the anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks:

A language arts teacher at Fairview Junior High in Alvin, Texas asked students to pretend they were trapped in one of the towers or planes, then asking who they would write a letter to if they knew they were going to die.

Parents were understandably outraged.

Then my daughter came home from her Austin, Texas high school to tell me that she too had an assignment in her drama class where she had to imagine herself in the twin towers on 9/11 just before the planes hit. She was told to write about what she would miss most (you know, because she was dead) and what she would regret she never got to do (again, because terrorists killed her by slamming a jet into the building she was in).


My kid talks about her ‘assignment’:

The teacher then told my daughter’s class the reason she was giving them this assignment was because my daughter’s generation lacked empathy. Now it was my turn to feel outraged.

While I recognize that many of the people in my generation and generations before me were made to complete repeated lessons and watch films on the treatment of Jewish people during World War II, I never had an assignment where I had to pretend I was a Jewish person siting in a gas chamber pondering what I’d miss most after the sprayers turned on.

Why are our public schools asking kids who were babies or who weren’t even alive yet when it happened to pretend they are 9/11 victims and write their own last words?

The only conclusion I can come to is that kids are being indoctrinated into our trauma-based society where we give up our natural, God-given rights at the very mention of the phrase “9/11″ as if that is just the rational, expected trade we must make. If the kids can be traumatized enough early enough, perhaps they’ll submit to the United Police States of America just as easily as the adults in this country have since that day.

Founding father Benjamin Franklin warned about giving up essential liberty for a little temporary safety. We have not listened.

In case you haven’t noticed, something really screwed up is going on with our public education system in this country. For more proof on that, look no further than the types of homework assignments that are being given to our children in government schools these days:

  • Fourth grade students in Illinois were recently given a “What Is Government?” worksheet with a cartoon Uncle Sam character holding a baby wearing a matching stars and bars top hat that literally told the children “Government is like a nation’s family. Families take care of children and make sure they are safe, healthy and educated, and free to enjoy life.” Uh-huh. Apparently Uncle Sam actually believes he’s your uncle now.
  • A private school in New York City made students as young as 14 write suicide notes that included justification for why they would kill themselves.
  • Arizona fourth graders were given a worksheet asking students what would happen if a woman found another woman’s hairclip under her bed. One girl wrote, “The husband had cheated, and he was in big trouble.” The school apologized, claiming the teacher hadn’t fully read the assignment before handing it out.
  • Kindergarteners in Illinois are being taught sex education, including the examination of different family structures, such as whether or not there’s two moms at home. The curriculum follows the recommendations of The Future of Sex Education (FoSE) sponsored in part by the Society of State Leaders of Health and Physical Education that includes an advisory committee of senior officials from Planned Parenthood and the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN).
  • Seems like fourth graders are particularly targeted. This time fourth grade students in Florida were made to write, “I Am Willing to Give Up Some of My Constitutional Rights…to Be Safer” following a lesson on the Constitution.
  • Earlier this year, female high school students in a small Texas town were girls were made to dress up in full-length Islamic burqas while students were told Muslim terrorists are to be referred to as “freedom fighters“.
  • Tenth graders fell victim to the common core in Arizona, as students were made to read passages from the novel Dreaming in Cuban by Cristina Garcia out loud in class. Here’s an example: “Hugo and Felicia stripped in their room, dissolving easily into one another, and made love against the whitewashed walls. Hugo bit Felicia’s breast and left purplish bands of bruises on her upper thighs. He knelt before her in the tub and massaged black Spanish soap between her legs. He entered her repeatedly from behind.” All that before she ties the guy up with her underwear and he calls her his Bitch. That’s what passes for tenth grade reading material in this country. Who could make this up?
  • A teacher in Tennessee banned a ten-year-old girl from writing about God.
  • High school seniors in Texas were told they’d receive zeroes on a writing assignment about what they did over the weekend if what they did involved attending a gun show.
  • A reading assessment prep given to third graders in Seattle was filled with Bill Gates hero worship.
  • Even online charter schools parents homeschool through are not indoctrination-free. A homeschooling dad from Maine found his son was being subjected to lessons that espouse the virtues of communist China.
  • A Texas fifth grader was given a CSCOPE curriculum worksheet entitled, “Why Can’t Kids Vote?” that said, “Adults think we don’t understand things like global warming and war. But we know these are things that need to be fixed. Adults have not fixed any of it yet, so maybe it’s time to give the kids a chance to make things better. The adults clearly need our help because they do not always make the best decisions.”
  • A third grade teacher in Georgia gave the class slavery-themed math homework with questions like, “If Frederick got two beatings per day, how many beatings did he get in one week?”

This list could literally go on and on.

The majority of students in this country are educated within our public school system; these kids are America’s future.

Add all these assignments to the fact that many schools are beginning to actually resemble prisons, complete with biometric palm scanners in the cafeterias and rules that force students to kneel to their teachers, and we as Americans really have to start asking ourselves what our nation’s future is going to look like.

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  • Ken, your UK friend

    This is disturbing. I was asked by a younger friend called Mr F who accepts me as a near Fatherly figure “if you drop a spider off a skyscraper would he survive?” The poor Mr F I instantly knew had watched a video on the Falling Man and it disturbed this formerly happy, joke telling, always loving life, Pakistani Muslim, and do you believe his World, only an innocent child then in 2001 was turned upside down?
    For the record, a man experiencing the Towering Inferno will assume he has already died and gone to Hell so anything next is of no consequence, do you get me?
    I’d rather shed an Ocean of tears meeting my fate on the sinking Titanic where the band played on till they were waist deep in freezing water.
    I am so sorry.
    Nearer my God to thee.

    • nc joe

      This is not more disturbing than the bible bangers brain washing their snow flakes into being ignorant, fairy tale believing morons.

  • 0jr

    next they have to imagine they are queer jews in nazi germany

  • 0jr

    next they have to imagine they are black and white slaves brought over to amerika by the jews

  • Locus

    I am NOT OUTRAGED by ANY of these examples… in fact the hysterical tone of this ‘attack on public schools’ sends me in the opposite direction.

    Everything in this “gather ’em up and shove ’em in yo face” puff piece of doom represents the curriculum choices and lesson plan details of individual teachers. Granted, some of them are boorish and in poor taste. We recognize that. So should our kids.

    In a sanitized hypothetical world absent of examples of poor taste — and your reaction to it — how could your children ever be expected to grasp the concept?? Definition of ‘in poor taste’: something surprising that makes you feel so uncomfortable or surprised you feel the need to discuss it with your parents.

    If you have raised a child to the age of six and hat child is unable to go out into the world and recognize poor taste, creepy behavior, and deal with astonishing and confusing ideas by coming to you directly and discussing them — well hell, home school certainly is NOT an option that will help much because you have ALREADY FAILED as a PARENT.

    My daughter has come to me occasionally telling of some weird assignment (or even comment on the general behavior and personality) of her teachers… my general response has been that the schoolteacher is a ‘drill sergeant’, that is someone whose orders you need to follow to the best of your ability even as you hold on to (and cherish!) your own personal disgust or disagreement.

    There are two issues here though. When school systems institutionally lock down ‘bad ideas’ and respond in sloppy and absurd ways to non-treats with real threats, such as the pastry shaped like a gun theme, it CERTAINLY IS cause for a general uprising of opposition.

    But any single “don’t even mention guns in my presence” teacher or a teacher who gives out of the box assignments, the bible thumping or ranting atheist teacher, these are all creatures in the human zoo your child needs to identify, discuss, and decide how to deal with. In the real world these represent future figures like bosses, commanders and even (quirky) significant others.

    Oh and on that “discuss the virtues of Communism” yarn… of course Communism — like any system that seduces you into accepting short term gains and undeliverable promises — but is completely unworkable in the global or long term. Of course it has ‘virtues’ and our children need to be able to discuss and debate them.

    But they need to be able to grasp WHY Communism will fail despite its feel-good beginnings. Teaching that Communism is evil or avoiding the subject altogether will not accomplish this.

    If you really want to get a glimpse of what happens when parents (clumsily) over-shelter their children and over-sanitize the education process… check out THIS horrifying tell-all video. It will reduce you to drooling hysterical terror.

  • Anonymous

    The Towers of Zion have fallen by Zion-
    Justice for 9/11

    the U.S,, Saudia Arabia, and Israel, as of now, are known to be responsible
    for the planning and execution of 9.11

    There will come the time, very soon, when International pressure on genocidal-death loving Israel is finally
    met. Every empire has never lasted. Every single empire has fallen.
    That time is near.
    It is inescapable. It is inevitable.
    Watch with your moral heart. It is happening and it will happen.
    What comes up, must always come down.

    The era of “the Empire” is over.
    The era of power over other is finishing and destroying itself.

    Having the Power To is true leadership. And we are entering a World where leaders will no longer lead over the all, but it will be the All who will lead the leaders.

    Be true to your Self.

  • Ken, your UK friend

    Mucho regretto and apologettico.
    The anniversary of the twin towers disaster happens every year and last Wednesday was a most trying time.
    It is not practical for me to discuss the ins and outs of the official explanation verses the many and varied conspiracy theories. 911 was simply a disaster and I get down on my knees to thank God for sparing me such a fate.
    I find it a little far fetched how a strange turbaned bearded misfit in life can plan an operation like this from some funny caves in Tora Bora. Osama must have been an awesome off grid prepper LOL.
    But the whole day was an aberration in history, something which affected us all and we cannot explain it.
    For the record a spider dropped off the Burj Khalifa Tower, his web would act like a bungee cord. A mouse may survive, a cat no chance, an elephant would die of shock before he reaches the ground.
    See you in Heaven Mr Falling Man. Pardon my tears and sensitivity Sir.