Psychiatrists now say non-conformity is a mental illness: only the sheeple are ‘sane’

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By Jonathan Benson

Modern psychiatry has become a hotbed of corruption, particularly the kind that seeks to demonize and declare mentally ill anyone who deviates from what is regarded as the norm. This is abundantly evident in the latest installment of the industry’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, or DSM, which dubs people who do not conform to what those in charge declare to be normal as mentally insane.

The so-called “condition” for why a person might choose to resist conformity has been labeled by the psychiatric profession as “oppositional defiant disorder,” or ODD. The new DSM defines this made-up disease as an “ongoing pattern of disobedient, hostile and defiant behavior,” and also lumps it in alongside attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD, another made-up condition whose creator, Dr. Leon Eisenberg, admitted it to be phony on his death bed.

As you might suspect from this type of open-ended description, almost any personal behavior perceived by someone else to be undesirable or strange might be categorized as symptomatic of ODD. Children who throw temper tantrums or fight with their siblings, for instance, might be declared to have this supposed mental illness, as might children who express disagreement with their parents or teachers.

Disobedience and defiance are common behaviors among young children, and parents have long dealt with such behaviors by exercising proper discipline. At the same time, not all forms of disobedience and defiance are wrong, depending on the authority involved and the action petitioned. A child who is told by his teacher to keep his unpopular opinions to himself, for instance, and who resists this order might simply be exercising his freedom to express disagreement.

But that’s the problem with categorizing conditions like ODD so loosely, as virtually any uncommon behavior can be declared to be oppositional or defiant simply because it bucks the status quo. Famous minds of the past like Thomas Edison and Alexander Graham Bell, for instance, whose unconventional ideas might have seemed crazy in their day, are the types of folks who today might be declared to have ODD or some other type of mental disease.

An even greater danger to using this subjective approach in the diagnosis of mental illness is that it threatens to curtail freedom of speech and political dissent. The federal government has already tried to declare those who oppose its tyrannical policies, or who simply question them, as having “political paranoia,” a type of mental illness.

Characterizing non-conformity as ‘mental illness’ a hallmark of totalitarian government

Such outlandish abuse of the medical system for controlling popular thought is nothing new. Many authoritarian governments, including the former USSR, implemented similar mental health programs that categorized dissenters as having chemical imbalances in need of a remedy. Today, that remedy is often mind-altering, psychotropic drugs with devastating side effects.

“Psychiatric incarceration of mentally healthy people is uniformly understood to be a particularly pernicious form of repression, because it uses the powerful modalities of medicine as tools of punishment, and it compounds a deep affront to human rights with deception and fraud,” explains a 2002 analysis and commentary on the abuse of psychiatry in both the Soviet Union and China that was published in the Journal of the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law.

“Doctors who allow themselves to be used in this way… betray the trust of society and breach their most basic ethical obligations as professionals.”

You can view this study, which has powerful implications for what the psychiatric profession is becoming today, here:

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  • Kountry Bumpkin

    Thank goodness the human race has spent 2014 years not conforming to what those “in charge” dictated was normal, otherwise we still wouldn’t have the wheel and fire…. they’re nothing but over educated pushers trying to create a nation of junkies.
    They can kiss my (__y__)

  • Douglas Hotchkiss

    worked in the system for 20 years- it’s been militarized as well. hand in hand with private prisons .

  • raven

    Now big pharma can start making new drugs to treat this. More fake made up shit so those above us peasants can get a little more richer.

    • crazy2medic

      They already have a program for schools, it’s called Common Core, teach the children to be good little automatons, don’t question the system just eat your gruel and sip the kool-aid

  • whitefeather

    I’m in real trouble here gang…..

    • M_111

      Now, now. Take your [new] meds, whitefeather. And no complaining!

      • whitefeather


  • Zakath

    The writer at NaturalNews apparently doesn’t know that ODD has been in the DSM since at least 2000. Nothing new here.

  • More vaccines,gmo, and chemtrails needed apparently to numb your minds and OBEY COMPLY SUBMIT PAY TAXES

  • “Good Heavens, Ms. Sakamoto, YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL!!”

    They’ve blinded ME…with Science!

  • GeorgeW

    To “Think outside the Box” will be labelled “Insane”, as will “Brainstorming” to think up creative solutions.
    This idea really is stupid.

  • headshrinker

    Seriously? You are taking a diagnosis out of context for the purpose of sensationalism? A disorder is a group of signs and symptoms that take on a label to improve identification and treatment. It is also helpful for those of us in the field for research and treatment purposes. While I can certainly see the potential abuse of this diagnosis with the rather subjective signs and symptoms, it is still a helpful diagnosis for the purposes of helping a youth in need, parents at wits end, and the clinician treating the individual.

    Such a diagnosis is also helpful for purposes of insurance
    paying for treatment. If the child is not diagnosable, insurance won’t typically cover the treatment. This can lead to misdiagnosis from unethical providers to facilitate payment. With the diagnosis of ODD, a parent doesn’t have to pay out of pocket to deal with an unruly youth. I have certainly treated many over the years that would have benefited with the help of insurance coverage. Be careful not to throw the baby out with the bath water. Not everyone is in the camp of evil and conspiracy. Yes, abuse can occur however good can come from such a label as well.

    Remember, everything used in evil conspiracies wasn’t
    created to propagate evil, however, conspirators can use and abuse just about anything, no matter the origin, to propagate their evil designs.

    • savetheusa2

      Why don’t you just use the truth? Don’t you know that ICD-9 is coming up with more than 70,000 NEW? They call it ICD-10. Parents should learn to discipline their children when they are young. My parents did a good job. Problem is parents let their kids get away with everything, practically. Wanting to be friends with their kids is the worse thing a parent can do. They need leadership and consistent moral guidance! And, probably they should be taken out of those facilities (public schools) that make them DUMB!

  • (CofC) Cult of Cannibals

    Yet they changed the DSM to remove homosexuality……hmmm are shrinks all homosexual?

  • Johnny Shiloh

    So well put! Amen!

  • matism

    They had better get me first, because otherwise I will kill every GD pig I can find once they start to “enforce” this.

  • Cracker122049

    USSA USSA USSA USSA! Do you have your papers?

  • Fascism is not “left”, dumbass.

  • Tom Gifford

    Wow…this is just batshit crazy. Now anyone who isn’t a blind sheeple is in need of “corrective action”.

  • tom nogaro

    this is rich. shrinks now say non-conformity is a mental disorder, which is defined as someone who disagrees with what “leaders”, presumably shrinks, say and think. and so congress wants to get rid of trump since he is a person with mental disorder.

    some problems, outlined in 10 simple forthright questions:

    1. what about einstein, gallileo, Jesus, etal, who disagreed with leaders? were they all mental disorder cases? if so, what DSM shrink today can compare their worldly accomplishments? perhaps dr, leon eisenberg, dvm, creator of the diagnosis, who clearly denounced it on his deathbed, before his one and only true Leader?

    2. trump was elected to office. is everyone who voted for him suffering from a mental disorder, aka being one of the deplorables?

    3. but then hillary was once elected to office. and after decades she conned (not coined) the term, deplorable, to describe someone liking and agreeing with trump, not her.

    4. but in 2016 he won, she lost.

    5. so he, winning, is appropriately definable as a leader.

    6. hillary obviously disagrees with him and his views. that is why she ran against him. so does this make her a person of mental disorder, the new deplorable?

    7. demorats in the congress supported her. so did rinorats. so are they, the great congressional uniparty, also now the new deplorables, aka swamp persons of the ODD (oppositional defiant disorder) mental disorder?

    5. if they are, who are they to decide mental disorder, since they are not mentally fit themselves, for disagreeing with the nation’s leader, its legitimately elected leader, trump?

    6. further if congresspersons are proven to be criminal, which effort they violently resist, and of ODD mental disorder, must they not be incarcerated in prisons for the criminally insane?

    7. if they are criminally insane, are the members of congress then not persons properly not of leadership quality?

    8. if they are not of leadership quality, should they not be removed?

    9. if so, by whom, we the people, the ultimate leader as our constitution and declaration of independence state?

    10. but if we the people agree with trump, a person of mental disorder, then we his led too are such persons, no? so now what, jerks? fema camps for all?

    fine, then you shrinks and congress rats file first into your respective dr. leon cage. then we lab rats will all follow into ours, one by one. promise. honest injun.

    only 1 thing, kiddies: ma yellster’s cage must have a p.c. in it, so she can hit the qe button daily, to fund our national incarceration forever. ain’t life grand? (the bells of st. mary’s, 1947).