Psych QUACK: Yale Psychiatry Professor Who Attacked Donald Trump Doesn’t Even Have A Licenses To Practice Psychiatry In Her Home State

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Yale University psychology professor Brandy Lee has been in the news lately for calling President Trump “mentally impaired,” and arguing that this diagnosis disqualifies him from being the leader of the free world.

However, as it turns out, this professor appears to not even have a valid license to practice psychiatry in the state of Connecticut, which begs the question: What exactly qualifies her to say that Trump should be removed from office on the basis that he’s not mentally stable enough to serve as commander-in-chief?

As if this wasn’t embarrassing enough for Professor Lee, following her comments, the American Psychiatric Association released a statement urging members of its profession to stop diagnosing public figures like President Trump without first giving them a full and thorough medical exam.

“We at the APA call for an end to psychiatrists providing professional opinions in the media about public figures whom they have not examined, whether it be on cable news appearances, books, or in social media,” the American Psychiatric Association wrote, even though they didn’t specifically mention Professor Brandy Lee by name.

“Arm-chair psychiatry or the use of psychiatry as a political tool is the misuse of psychiatry and is unacceptable and unethical.”

Poor Professor Lee. All she wanted to do was attack President Trump and argue that he isn’t mentally fit enough to be president of the United States. Instead, she embarrassed herself in front of the entire country, first when it was revealed that she doesn’t even have a Connecticut license to practice psychiatry, and again when the American Psychiatric Association urged members of its profession to refrain from diagnoses public figures without a proper examination.

The campus news website Campus Reform provided more details on Professor Lee and her lack of a license to practice psychiatry in the state of Connecticut, explaining that, according to state records, Lee’s “physician/surgeon” license expired almost three years ago on May 31, 2015. Lee’s application for reinstatement has been pending ever since.

Campus Reform also noted that the professor’s “controlled substance registration for practitioner” license is also expired as of last February, which means that Lee is legally prohibited from prescribing medication as a medical practitioner.

When Campus Reform reached out to Professor Lee for a comment on the matter, she simply stated: “I only need one license.” At this point, it is still unclear what Lee meant by this. (Related: Democrats are now planning a full-scale “medical kidnapping” of President Trump.)

But even though Professor Lee was humiliated in front of the entire country and sent down in flames after the truth was revealed, the comments she made about Donald Trump are part of a larger movement to impeach the President on the grounds that he is mentally unstable.

In order to accomplish this goal, many Democrats within the mainstream media and in Congress are citing the 25th Amendment, which states in part that the President may be removed from office if he is “unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office.” But where exactly is the evidence that suggests that President Trump is not mentally stable enough to “discharge the powers and duties of his office?”

Truthfully, it’s likely that even the Democrats themselves don’t know. Some point to the fact that he tweets on a regular basis, and claim that this is a sign of immaturity and mental instability.

Others cite the way in which he speaks, which is perhaps more casual and down-to-earth than the way previous presidents have addressed the American people. But none of these are signs that Trump is mentally unstable, and they are definitely not reasons to remove him from the White House.

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  • elbustaroyjetspeekerson

    Almost right. Psyquackery ITSELF is “unacceptable and unethical”. And: “…….she simply stated: “I only need one license.” To WHAT? Spew libbiot lies&garbage? Or to show your imbecility to the world? Soooo, what’s your 1st year med. school diagnosis of Hitlery? Fair question, INNIT?

    • darkhorse

      What’s YOUR first year medical school diagnosis of Hillary… HIGHER EDUCATED SUPERBRAIN ????

      • elbustaroyjetspeekerson

        You asked for it, Cuntess. Your precious POEM is as of Saturday, posted all over the ‘net in song form, MY SONG form. Good luck finding it, you fucking PSYCHO.

        • elbustaroyjetspeekerson

          Stand back, everybody! Cuntess Darkwhore is about to simultaneously pop her fat-necked aorta, AND have an aneurysm! Sorry, can’t call it a brain aneurysm in her case, since SHE NEVER HAD ONE…..

        • darkhorse

          I no longer read comments from hysterical morons!

          • elbustaroyjetspeekerson

            You sure do know hysterical Cuntess, I will give you that. You’ve been attacking everyone on this thread with demonic vitriol all day. What, your lobotomy wasn’t a full-frontal? Maybe you should see a new psychiatrist. Oh, you can’t, right. You’ve already blown through all the ones on the East Coast after they resignedly turn you loose with the words: Sorry, but you are hopelessly incurable…..Found your song yet, Cuntess? It’s not hard to find, actually. I’d say ‘think about it’ but you are grossly incapable of even putting two synapses together to form an idea…..Pity.

  • Jaguar57

    Most people berating Trump are quacks !!!! I’m looking forward to my tax breaks , like a bigger paycheck starting next month ! Yeah Trump !!!!!

  • Thought_Police_Reject

    Fake psychiatry and fake news go together since fake news comes from the msm which is the propaganda wing of the globalists. Their thought police are working over time to delegitimize Donald Trump.

    The communists use fake psychiatry to imprison dissidents whose only crime was telling people that the communists are the ones who are crazy.

    If air head Brandy Lee wants to label people in office “mentally impaired” she should have given that label to Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters who clearly suffer from dementia.

    Brandy’s “I only need one license” comment refers to her drivers license which by her logic means I’m qualified to call her “mentally impaired” and unfit for position.

  • Phil_Ossifer

    BTW – her full name is Bandy (not Brandy) X. Lee, MD, MDiv, and she is part of Yale’s Department of Psychiatry’s voluntary clinical faculty.

    Also…MDiv is a Master of Divinity degree, which Lee also obtained from Yale. Huh?

    The American Psychiatric Association is right to condemn any medical professional who would make a diagnosis of someone’s mental health (which is, in itself, almost entirely subjective) without a comprehensive physical and psychological examination of the patient. But, if you look at Lee’s background, well, whatddaya know…pure shitlib.

    Ain’t that a surprise…NOT?

    The shitlibs’ hatred for Trump knows no bounds – ethical, moral or legal.

    • darkhorse

      and when did you get your MD and MDiv at Yale?

      • Anita Doogan

        Oh here we go, the evil one with the glass panniculus is now an expert in psychiatry and needs to slap y’all upside the head. Aren’t you late for your ECT treatment, Ztwat?

      • Phil_Ossifer

        Don’t you remember, horsie? I was in the same Yale graduating class you were.

        • darkhorse

          you feel so qualified to express your opinion on a woman of superior intellect who has TWO doctorates from YALE University!! Really? Please let us know what YOUR degrees are and from what University?

        • darkhorse

          still waiting for your educational credentials that so enable you to pass judgement on your intellectual superiors…which ivy league did YOU attend, moron?

  • Billy Sharpshooter

    Most shrinks I know drink far too much for their own good. Some even smoke skunk weed man. What does that tell you?

    • Phil_Ossifer

      Most shrinks are f*ed up as badly or worse than their patients. I suspect a lot of them know, deep down, despite all the academic and professional pretenses, they’re just peddling psychological snake oil and shilling for Big Pharma’s hyper-profitable psychotropic drug products.

      • darkhorse

        and you know most shrinks personally, correct? When and where did YOU get your MD???

        • Anita Doogan

          It sounds like you’re quite familiar with many shrinks. Too bad none of them could help you.

    • darkhorse

      did you get your MD? Or are you blowing hot air like the other morons putting this brainiac woman down? Bunch of morons!!!

      • Anita Doogan

        Sure Darkwhore, psychiatrists are brainiacs. Why does an imbecile like yourself hang out on a forum like this anyway? If you really believe the “practice” of psychiatry is a good thing, your diagnosis is much more severe than we all thought, and I mean everyone who has had the ill fate to have any kind of an encounter with you. Do you have any idea how many children these dope pushers prescribe Adderall to? You belong in a padded cell with a ball taped to your mouth and your hands tied behind your back so you can stop being such a menace to thinking people. What the hell is wrong with you anyway? Folks, I can verify that this woman is certifiably insane. Silly me, you don’t need me to tell you that.