Proposing Harsher Sanctions, Senator Says: “We have been attacked by Russia. That is no longer subject to any debate.”

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Senator Ben Cardin (D-MD) appears to have gone insane. He said today “We have been attacked.  We have been attacked by Russia.  That is no longer subject to any debate.”

He was joined by Senators John McCain, Lindsay Graham and others to announce the introduction of a Bill in the Senate to strengthen Sanctions against Russia over it’s alleged meddling in the November Election; a claim which has been repeated despite not one shred of proof.

It almost seems as though these US Senators are trying to start a war with Russia in the ten days that Barack Obama has remaining in his Presidential term!

It’s time to get these profiteering warmongers OUT.

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  • bbb

    it is so obviously pathetic that these traitors are trying to start a war .

    The fiat dollar is about to collapse and the banksters through their puppet politicians need a war and scapegoat to blame the collapse on.

    • Seen2013

      Not to mention, the globalist repeatedly praise the government of China. Can’t imagine what that ‘freedom and equality’ based on the ‘freedom to follow orders’ results in…

      • Bernicejcarpenter

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      • Jahangeer Niyazov

        Except Obama and the givernment has repeatedly criticized China and its government’s high handedness.

    • Jahangeer Niyazov

      The only traitor is you and the Chamerlain Trump turning an obvious blond eye and playing subervient to Putin and his trolls..

      • bbb

        troll alert

      • bbb

        troll alert

        • Jahangeer Niyazov

          I’m your daddy alert!

          • bbb


  • elmysterio

    Frickin warmongers… going to be the death of all of us.

    • NonYo Business

      Sealed signed and delivered.

    • Seen2013

      It’s like running an experiment of using the world’s nuclear warheads to target Yellowstone’s resurgent domes to make the world nuclear free and see if the mantle-hotpot induced magma chamber goes VEI 7+ or not…

    • Jahangeer Niyazov

      Who are you kidding? Rightists and Trump angering multiple countries will give us war without even uttering its name.

      • elmysterio

        That is hardly the case… what’s more likely to start a war? Trump saying something stupid or the constant sabre rattling and provocation of Russia but the US establishment? Pretty clear that it won’t be Trump’s big mouth.

        • Jahangeer Niyazov

          Really who are you kidding? He’s doing all, sabre rattling, playing subservient and talking trash that too even before coming into office. Oh I’m sure it won’t be his big mouth that starts a war. It will be him and his supporters.

  • g.johnon

    hey maryland, reel that shitstain senator in, he is criminally and lethally insane. and freaking mccain and lindsey graham. there’s a surprise

  • doucyet

    “And it’s not far down the road until they could change the outcome”.

    WTF are they setting us up for……..

  • Seen2013

    Pretty much, they’re trying to establish an Self-Fulfilling Prophecy that in occult practice is called a ‘Harbinger Concept’ that dissolves Karma’s Justice on the perp in favor of the ‘victims’ who through their own will chose it…

  • Trac Mila

    And this is why we need to make the parasitic word ‘politician’ redundant. Government is a racket run by the satanic NWO Jewish mafia. We need to rule over ourselves.

  • Say_it_ain’t_so

    WTF ever. The DNC is a private organization so what…yet no mention of China hacking into federal db’s

  • Arrow

    He can share a cell with Traitor John and his gay friend.

  • davee

    Doesn’t McCain realize we can see his reptilian form? Never seen a person resemble a snake so closely.

  • Yankee ’42
  • Yankee ’42

    Let God lead us and guide us just like He did with Jefferson, Washington, Halsey, Patton, Shughart, Gordon, Tanto and Kyle to do what our country require from us all.

  • Joseph Chiara

    Cardin is pathetic… no proof or even substantial evidence has been presented. Evidence and statements to the contrary by reputable and knowledgeable people have been presented.

  • Jimmy Yost

    These old farts have so lost their credibility that hardly anyone pays any attention to anything they have to say. Thinking about guys like McCain and his ilk reminds me of this quote by T.S. Eliot: “There is not a more repulsive spectacle than an old man who will not forsake the world, which has already forsaken him.”

  • Nexusfast123

    Can someone from the snowflake set or idiots like this democrat explain how a nuclear war with Russia and China adds value to their lives.

  • It is not Paranoia

    Putin will post a meme about it and it’ll be alright.

  • John C Carleton

    Perhaps a stay in a sanitarium somewhere, with a change in medication?

  • Fearthenut

    Also been attacked by China and North Korea. Why no mention?? Is a was with Russia more profitable for the elite? Or do they feel the need to remove them for opposing globalization? I wonder!!!

    • Lisa Montez

      Probably because they don’t want the white people of the world to stick together.

  • Jahangeer Niyazov

    The Daily Sheeple and other rightists as well as servant Trump actually appear to have gone insane, fraternizing and becoming subservient to Putin and his trolls for their personal gains. The traitor rightists will always use excuses and bash their own country for Russia. They’re playing Chamberlain to Putin who has extended his influence, increased separatism, took land of other countries and has made Central Asia his puppet. Trump’s angering so many countries, even Russia now. In fact the “traitor warmonger” Trump will give us war with multiple countries without us even knowing what happened.

    • Lisa Montez

      We’re critiquing our own country (call it “bashing” if you want) because we don’t agree with what our government is doing, and has been doing for decades now. You probably know that horrific things this country has done all over the world. Are we not to question our leaders?! Hillary Clinton demonizes Russia every chance she gets! She has never said no to a war. She is as much a war-monger as John McCain. We are sick of it! We need to get along with other countries. We need to make this world a safer place. You must agree with that! Crimea had a referendum and 90% (or thereabouts) of the population wanted to be re-annexed to Russia. Why is that so hard to understand? It was a part of Russia until 1954. Most of the population is Russian. So, it makes sense that they wanted to re-join Russia. Besides, it was Victoria Nuland who orchestrated the coup! Putin is standing up for the Russian people. We have not had a leader stand up for Americans in a very long time. Trump is not angering world leaders. He is angering the powers-that-be in this country, the military-industrial complex, and everyone should be on board with that. Let’s hope they don’t assassinate him, like they did JFK. Don’t buy into the fake news.

      • Jahangeer Niyazov

        No you’re not critiquing, it’s called “making excuses” and “bashing your own” for the other. Now maybe you forget, even if you want to “criticize” the government. And what is “Hillary Clinton demonizes Russia at every chance she gets”? Because per reality, she was the one who tried to have a normalization with it. But who invaded Crimea and annexed it? Who worsened relations by backing Assad for their own naval base instead of having him talk? You think holding some phony referendum in an annexed territory, that too without any real process of law and international observes is supposed to be legal? About Crimea being part of Russia, it wasn’t part of Russian Empire till late 18th century. But forget history, even by what you’re saying, that’s like saying hey my grandfather or a distant cousin of his used to live here, so it’s my place. Hell Russian Empire conquered East and South Ukraine in 18th century. So it’s Russian land and not of Ukrainian people? Now let’s be real. All these fake “excuses” you are making one can easily see through that. Even you know you don’t believe it. Trump is angering powers that be, except unlike his mongering of he is against the “elite’ he has appointed the very people in so many jobs and has turned his back on Americans and parts of his promises already. As for buying into fake news, I sure do know who’s buying it here. The only one you’ll fool is yourself.

  • Luap Seugirdor

    The whole subject is a joke; as long as the internet has been available to the world, countries have been hacking each other. But we still have no idea what Russia has supposedly hacked and not one so called intelligence agency has been named. China has been very active with its hacking and has been able to reproduce technologies as a result. So how could the U.S. claim Russian hacking an act of war, and not say the same about China? None of what is being said in Washington makes any sense, but a good portion of the population is falling for it. Have the American public become so complacent in thinking for themselves that they just go with the narrative of the day?

    • Lisa Montez


  • Lisa Montez

    Whenever anyone states that anything is “no longer subject to any debate”, we can be pretty sure it’s a lie that they don’t want anyone to question. Whenever I’m really passionate about something, I WANT to talk about it. I want people to question it so that I can counter them.