Proposed Legislation in Virginia Could Provide Reparations for Victims of US Eugenics Program

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by JG Vibes

In the 21st century the eugenics movement swept across Europe and the US, it was taught in schools, praised in the media and finally pushed through as government policy almost everywhere.

The Nazi party was not the only regime during those times that were guilty of forcing harsh eugenics policies on their people.

All over the United States during World War 2 people who were depressed, handicapped, alcoholic or even children who were as young as 7 years old who happened to score too low on standardized IQ tests were singled out and sterilized.

More than 42,000 people were sterilized in America between 1941 and 1943 under the guise of eugenics, so Germany wasn’t the only country at the time that had sick master race schemes.  In fact one of the most influential books to Hitler’s ideology was a book called “passing of the great race” by an American named Madison Grant. Hitler called passing of the great race his “bible” and wrote Grant numerous fan letters.

This week it was announced that people in Virginia who were effected by this eugenics program may see some long overdue restitution.

According to WSET:

“Richmond lawmakers decided to table a vote on reparations for victims of forced sterilizations in Virginia.  Delegate Bob Marshall presented a bill last week asking for one million dollars in damages for people who were sterilized after being deemed physically or socially unfit by the state.  A spokesperson for the victims believes the vote was tabled by the committee to keep them from having to go on record with a negative vote.  Tomorrow, Delegate Marshall will make a final attempt for the victims by proposing a budget amendment during the General Assembly session.”

Eugenics was openly a social policy for most of the industrialized nations in the world until the peak of World War 2.  At this time Hitler’s extreme implementation of eugenics exposed the true nature of this sick pseudoscience and forced it underground.  In the United States the eugenics movement changed its name and splintered off into various branches including genetics, population control, sustainable development and social biology, among others.

When straight foreword eugenics failed they moved it under the umbrella of population control and the working class was told that they were poor not because of their local corrupt government, but because there were just too many of them and not enough resources to go around.  This lie is incredibly offensive when you take a look at the vast disparities within our societies where there is literally a ruling class and a serf class.

Today the leading causes for hunger and poverty are war, displacement, lack of infrastructure and overexploited resources (usually on the part of large corporations and governments), but nowhere internationally is overpopulation officially recognized as having any part in world hunger.

In fact, there is more than enough food produced in today’s industrialized agriculture industry to feed the whole world and then some, but unfortunately some people can’t afford that food and others live in areas where there isn’t even proper infrastructure to transport it.

Reducing the global population would still not help the remaining people get food, therefore it would have no effect on world hunger or poverty.  Thinning out the population and making it easier to maintain has been a goal of the aristocracy since ancient times and it continues to this day, but would honestly do nothing to improve quality of life for those of us who are suffering.


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J.G. Vibes is the author of an 87 chapter counter-culture textbook calledAlchemy of the Modern Renaissance, a staff writer, reporter and Executive Producer of the Bob Tuskin Radio Show.

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