“Propaganda”: Anti-Gun Brady Center Ordered to Pay Ammo Dealer’s Legal Fees in Aurora Shooting Lawsuit

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For its failed lawsuit against Lucky Gunner and other online ammunition dealers in the wake of the Aurora movie theater shooting in 2012, federal Judge Richard Matsch has ordered the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence to pay the ammo dealer’s legal fees in the case.

The center was attempting to hold the ammunition manufacturer legally responsible for the mass shooting during the Batman film The Dark Knight Rises for which James Holmes has been convicted and been sentenced to 12 life sentences.

“A crazed, homicidal killer should not be able to amass a military arsenal, without showing his face or answering a single question, with the simple click of a mouse,” said Brady Center’s Legal Action Project Director Jonathan Lowy at the time of the lawsuit. (source)

The judge however called the lawsuit out as total propaganda:

“It is apparent that this case was filed to pursue the political purposes of the Brady Center and, given the failure to present any cognizable legal claim, bringing these defendants into the Colorado court where the prosecution of James Holmes was proceeding appears to be more of an opportunity to propagandize the public and stigmatize the defendants than to obtain a court order.” (source)

But clearly the intent to dismantle the Second Amendment with a run around is there, and they started with a high profile case just to test the waters.

The Brady Center recently announced they are supporting Hillary Clinton’s bid for president. Hillary has said she plans to sign anti-gun executive orders if and when she becomes president, including one that would allow gun violence victims to sue gun manufacturers. It’s just like Josh Krause recently reported:

Look at all the objects in your house and try to imagine how each one could be used to deliberately hurt someone. Pretty much all of them right? If this bill became law, then every company that produces and delivers goods in this country would go out of business due to frivolous law suits…

Yep. Let’s sue car manufacturers for a maniac driver who commits vehicular manslaughter. Let’s sue cutlery makers for stabbings. Let’s sue crowbar manufacturers if a burglar uses one to break into a house. Let’s sue clouds for making too much water when someone dies in a flood.

And because the anti-gun lobby and the politicians pushing to take away America’s firearms cannot directly attack an amendment like the Second which “shall not be infringed,” putting the gun and ammo manufacturers out of business due to frivolous law suits is exactly what they plan to try and do instead.

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  • Mike

    LOL good.

  • advok_8

    Molon Labe lib clowns

  • This is a totally different federal Judge Richard Matsch than the one that accepted all of the specious evidence brought against Timothy McVeigh, while ignoring the absence of multiple John Does.

  • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

    Thank God there are still some judges who can see through political posturing, and attempted end runs around the Constitution. We’ll see if the appellate court judges are as clear minded.

  • mayday911us.

    I really like that judge.

    I just want to know what it costs the courts to go through this and what’s being wasted?

  • mirageseekr

    They love to use these false flags to try to make legal precedent because once it is on the books it can be crammed down our throats. Funny how we saw every minute of the OJ case and the Jody Aries case and yet nothing of the Boston smoke bomb or fake Batman shootings.

  • SP_88

    So, despite the fact that they wasted money trying to bring a frivolous lawsuit against an ammunition dealer, which they thankfully lost, they are still going to support Hillary the felonious criminal who is going to sign an executive order to sue firearms manufacturers, which in all likelihood will result in more frivolous lawsuits that they will hopefully lose and have to pay court costs and lawyer fees for and it will cost the taxpayers millions. This anti-American group should have to pay for this out of their own pockets and not cost the taxpayers one cent.

  • Verner Hornung

    But Hillary Clinton can’t change the laws on tort procedure by executive order. All the links are just to the Sheeple website. Yeah, none of us readers like infringements of 2nd Amendment rights. But give us a break on the hype.

  • federalist46 .

    This kind of behavior will continue until these anti-rights dirt bags are defeated, and I mean crushed, otherwise they will keep coming back and trying again and again. It’s what rabid fanatics do, it’s what they live for.

  • Reverend Draco

    “A crazed, homicidal killer should not be able to amass a full tank of gas…”

    “A crazed, homicidal killer should not be able to amass a political machine designed to deny people their natural rights as humans…” (I’m looking at you, Jonathan Lowy – among others)

  • doucyet

    A crazed homicidal killer should not be able to run for the presidency of the United States.