Proof: The Entire Trump-Russia Probe Is A Complete SHAM, Robert Mueller Isn’t Even Investigating Ties To Russia!

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Another day, another piece of evidence that points to the now transparently obvious fact that the FBI’s counterintelligence probe being led by deep state operative and Clinton supporter Robert Mueller is nothing more than a complete sham that isn’t even actually investigating whether or not Trump colluded with Russia to win the election.

That’s right, the supposedly extremely important probe into Russian attempts at fixing the U.S. election isn’t actually looking into connections between Trump campaign officials and Russia (because there are none) but rather they are using a form of financial terrorism to bankrupt Trump associates with white-collar crime investigations that have absolutely no connection to the 2016 election, much less Russia.

This is not up for debate as this shocking fact has now been openly admitted in the mainstream media through an article by The Daily Beast’s Betsy Woodruff, a reporter who in the past has had key information leaked to her with the specific aim of taking out a democratically elected president.

The article details the fact that Mueller is likely to indict short-lived Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort once again and of course his supposed crimes have literally nothing to do with Russia.

In other words, this is a clear cut operation to take out President Trump by any means necessary.

Woodruff reports:

It’s been seven months since Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein ordered Bob Mueller to take over the FBI’s counterintelligence probe into possible links between the Kremlin and people associated with the Trump campaign. Trump’s lawyers have long said they expected the probe to stay focused and end quickly.

Instead, Mueller has assembled a team of prosecutors with expertise in handling financial investigations and white-collar crime, and obtained guilty pleas for crimes that weren’t committed during the election year.

And, most importantly, he’s sent a thinly veiled warning to the White House: No one’s finances are off limits. If 2017 had the president’s inner circle sweating, 2018 could feel like a sauna.

So there you have it. This is not about Russia hacking the US election but rather about attempting to tie up former Trump associates with charges that have nothing to do with the election or even Trump in general with the hope that they will eventually turn on the president.

Woodruff also noted in her report that Mueller is attempting to “grind” Manafort down in order to turn him. This is clear cut corruption at its finest folks.

And no one may feel more heat than Paul Manafort. In Washington legal circles, there’s a broad expectation that Mueller will file what’s called a superseding indictment of Manafort and Rick Gates, his erstwhile business partner—and alleged partner in crime. Gates and Manafort both pleaded not guilty when Mueller’s team filed their indictment on Oct. 30. Legal experts say there may be more charges to come.

“I would expect a superseding indictment to come down relatively soon,” said Jonathan Turley, a professor at George Washington University’s law school.

“There was much in the narrative of the indictment that referenced crimes not charged,” he added. “Prosecutors will often issue a superseding indictment as the grand jury continues its work. There’s also a tactical reason for this, that superseding indictments tend to grind defendants a bit more over time.”

A superseding indictment would essentially replace the current indictment of Manafort. And in that current indictment, Mueller’s team hinted there was more to come. In particular, they hinted at potential tax charges for Manafort’s foreign financial transactions.

Federal prosecutors can bring charges against any American who has money in a foreign bank account and doesn’t check a box on their tax forms disclosing it. The Manafort/Gates indictment describes financial behavior that may be liable for that kind of prosecution. And that’s an indicator that Mueller’s team may be preparing to formally charge both men with violating tax laws.

The proof is in the pudding and the mainstream has now openly admitted that the Mueller probe isn’t even looking into connections between Trump and Russia.

At this point it would be the height of insanity for Trump to allow Robert Mueller to continue this deep state operation against him.

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    Never been about Trump/Russia – that dog don’t hunt – not even a sniff in nearly a year. It’s always been about ‘getting’ Trump, any way that can be gotten.

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    TRUMPUS MAXIMUS is not worried, nor should he be. Mueller has told him as much.

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    So he leaves Mueller in, Trump could be indicted for tax laws, then impeached. He fires Mueller, Antifa and every Soros minion releases chaos on the streets. This is not an investigation: it’s a vise.

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    Robert Mueller is a mega traitor who covered up 911.

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    Actually, the proof of the pudding is in the eating.

  • Milly Vanilly

    ALSO…Mueller & his team of Mentally ILL agents have complete access to ALL evidence against THEM & THEIR masters. They are (BEING PAID by Us) to systematically take their time to destroy, bury & stop ANY prosecutions against the REAL Criminals that have been killing, raping & robbing the American public & the world over the years, the globalists & THEIR Muppets. (Soros, Obamas, Clintons, Bushes & ALL their lackeys). Very EVIL SCAM.

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    mueller needs a job and alot of money….he keeps the fire in the pit….

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    Watch and learn lefties. Trump, as usual, has a big surprise for you. The Executive Order he signed the other day should give you a hint. Soon, most of Trumps tormenters will be facing a lot of trouble.
    Just settle in and watch the fun. It will probably begin in early to mid-Jan 2018. Just around the corner.