Proof CNN Is Fake News, No Proof Of Russian Hacking Lie

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It’s over for CNN. The media giant has been busted using propaganda and false narratives to promote an “anti-Trump” agenda. Even Alex Jones is calling on the White House to revoke CNN’s press credentials.

For once, “conspiracy theorists” don’t sound like looney birds. Alternative media outlets like The Daily Sheeple have been on the ball calling out CNN for their obviously biased reporting, and if you haven’t noticed it until now, you’re one of the ones successfully brainwashed during their intentional misinformation and propaganda campaign.

In a new undercover video, a CNN producer is caught on camera saying the infamous “Russian hacking” narrative was a lie and pushed for ratings. Still don’t believe the media is using propaganda on the weakest leaks? Here’s the video by Project Veritas, and the “Russian hacking” lie is not the only admission John Bonifield, CNN’s supervising producer speaks of.

It isn’t like the media hasn’t slipped up in the past and literally told the public that they control what those who tune in think. MSNBC accidentally said that it’s their job to tell people that to think back in February. Anyone assuming MSNBC is somehow better than CNN didn’t see this little spark of truth. The anchors actually told their viewers that it’s their job to control what the public thinks.

The mind control tactics have worked to an extent. The Russian hacking narrative was still dominating headlines regardless of the FACT that there is not a single shred of proof or a smoking gun. And what the mainstream media and CNN conveniently left out for their simple minded lemmings, was the fact that Wikileaks released Vault 7 documents titled “Marble” proving the US (more specifically, the CIA) can hack anything they want and put stamps from any other country on those hacks. This would shift the blame to any country they think they can get away with blaming. Now even if they ever manage to fabricate some kind of proof, it’ll implicate their precious government and the CIA.

Even parody accounts poking fun at Antifa are more credible than mainstream media at this point.

All of a sudden, CNN is making Alex Jones look incredibly credible. Three CNN journalists were also just forced to resign after the network apologized for pushing another fake news story about Trump advisor Anthony Scaramucci being linked to a Russian investment fund. That prompted Jones to ask Trump to revoke CNN’s White House credentials.

Any other news outlet that admitted it created fake news simply to make money and attract eyeballs would be savaged by the rest of the media, put on a blacklist and wouldn’t get anywhere near the White House. –Info Wars

Any American (or foreigner for that matter) who couldn’t see the media’s bias are the very ones who are easily controlled and manipulated by outlets like CNN. Free thinking is rare anymore, and the truth is now treason in the empire built on lies. John Bonifield, even said that CNN had no respect for journalism ethics.

Credibility and honesty and integrity are gone, and it is more likely than not, not just CNN. Fear is a powerful tool, but so is thinking for oneself. Issues like this one the very reasons why people are turning to alternative media. We don’t hide the government’s corruption on this site, and we don’t protect those in the media who use propaganda to brainwash the public.

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Contributed by Dawn Luger of The Daily Sheeple.

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  • NonYo Business

    Oh, CNN is the enemy. Huh. I could of sworn all MSM are the enemy. They all do the same thing, they just target different audiences.

  • renee ciccioni

    Oh here we go again when the Dems were in office it was fox news now that the right are in power and boot worshiping Trump CNN is the enemy , and Alex Jones is just as sensational and embellishing as the rest ,personally I think all of it not just main stream is meant to distract us and keep us at one another while the corporatocracy eliminates all of our rights through the dismantling of the public sector.

  • Roy Hobs

    TV – TalmudVision

  • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

    A bright, shining lie is as dazzling to the Sheeple as a finely cut diamond. The promise it is meant to represent is difficult for them to say no to-or to question. After all, it is offered with sincerity and an affectation of integrity. It’s comforting to stare at the bright white light and sleep in the warmth of its glow. To be awoke from this slumber can only leave you edgy-and angry. And who wants that?

  • Steve Rusk

    “Almost without exception the employees of large corporations are unorganized, as a result of the active and aggressive ‘non-union’ policy of the corporation managements”, the commission continued: Our Rockefellers, Morgans, Fricks, Vanderbilts and Astors can do no wrong because all effective action and direct responsibility is shifted from them to executive officials…”

    In addition, the commission found, the Morgans, Rockefellers, and their allies were controlling the thoughts of Americans and their lives. through monopoly ownership of influence, the press expressed monopoly’s policies. Moreover, Wall Street was increasingly controlling public education, as well as colleges, universities, professors and preachers through gifts, endowments and foundations.

    The report continued: “The domination by the men in whose hands the final
    control of a large part of American industry rests is not limited to their employees, but is being rapidly extended to control the education and ‘social service’ of the Nation. This control is being rapidly extended largely through the creation of enormous privately managed funds for indefinite purposes, hereinafter designated as “foundations” by the endowment of colleges and universities, by contributions to private charities as well as through controlling and influencing the public press…

    “Incapable of being spent in any legitimate manner, these fortunes are burdens,
    which can only be squandered, hoarded, put into so-called ‘benefactions’ which for the most part constitute a menace to the State, or put back into the industrial machine to pile up ever increasing mountains of gold. We have, according to income tax returns, forty-four families with an income of $1,000,000 or more,
    whose members perform little or no useful service, but whose aggregate incomes, totaling at the very least fifty millions a year, are the equivalent to the earnings of 100,000 wage earners at the average rate of $500.”

    No different now is it? Excerpts from “1915 Industrial Commission Final Report” Link is below.

  • MindWarrior

    Exactly how is ANY of this surprising? Those in power have always manipulated the masses–no matter what medium they choose to employ.

  • Rey d’Tutto

    Lobbying is Bribes.