Pro-Migrant Zuckerberg Builds Massive Six Foot Wall Around Property

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Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has had a lot to say on immigration in recent years. He has supported President Obama’s executive orders on immigration as well as Germany’s liberal refugee policy, and has been highly critical of Donald Trump’s border wall idea.

And when he criticized Donald Trump, he wasn’t just scoffing at the wall. He seems to have disdain for the very notion of national borders and immigration restrictions. Here’s what he said on the matter last April:

“I hear fearful voices calling for building walls and distancing people they label as others. For blocking free expression, for slowing immigration, reducing trade, and in some cases around the world even cutting access to the internet. It takes courage to choose hope over fear. People will always call you naive but it’s this hope and this optimism that’s behind every important step forward.”

Notice how he lumps all kinds of terrible things with reasonable border security? Clearly, Zuckerberg is deeply invested in the open borders ideology.

But like most wealthy liberal elitists, he is a hypocrite. Though he may not support building any kind of barrier along America’s southern border, he has no problem building a wall around his massive Hawaiian property.

He recently built a six foot wall that stretches for half a mile around his new 700 acre estate, much to the dismay of his neighbors. As one local resident told the media, “The feeling of it is really oppressive. It’s immense. It’s really sad that somebody would come in and buy a huge piece of land and the first thing they do is cut off this view that’s been available and appreciative by the community here for years.” Another resident complained that “It just doesn’t fit in with the natural beauty that we have here. There are people on the island who money can pay for anything. These kind of things that they do take away what Kauai is all about.”

Of course this is perfectly legal, as a representative for Zuckerberg recently explained: “Rock walls like this one being built along the roadway are routinely used as sound barriers to reduce highway and road noise, and that is its primary purpose.”

A sound barrier? For a 700 acre property? Yeah right. With that kind of distance between the main house and the public roads, I doubt he’ll hear a thing.

It’s his property however, and he has every right to build a massive wall around it; especially as someone who is as well-known and wealthy as he is. Surely he has good reasons to protect his property and privacy. But if he’s going to build this monstrosity, then he has no right to talk down to Americans who want to protect their country.

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  • Zuckerberg is the last person I’d want to crash, given the fact that he has called Facebook users dumb f…ers several times. If I could hack a drone like the one that hit the Pentagon on 9/11/01, I’d drop it on his sorry ass.

  • DW

    Arse head. Have nothing to do with the spyware, Face Book. Screw him!!

  • Mr Larry

    now I try to guess who wrote the story after I read it. I knew this one was you josh. he should have bought his own island or this one and kick these people off I would.

  • David James

    We just cut him off. Cut off his water, his power, and his cell access. Cut all his lines out and starve him out ! Then we EXECUTE him as a TRAITOR !

    • Jacquelinedlaird4


  • Tabbytha

    Maybe he’s not building it because of the immigrants, but because of fear of a general uprising? The elites are preparing for such thing as well…. they can only push people so far. He IS one of their puppets, after all.

  • Donna

    Can you spell


    boys & girls ?

    I knew you could .

  • bosunj

    F#<k Z#<k

  • Joe2D2

    LoL, a 6 foot wall certainly isn’t high enough. What an amateur.

  • ProudAmerican

    Oy veh! Zuckerberg has never spoken against Israel’s apartheid wall. Not once. judaismDOTis/perpetrators.html

  • BigGaySteve

    He is only rich because he stole the code for facebook from other students

    • It helped that he knew what to do with it, regardless of how and where he got it. If Americans could do half as well with the Constitution that they don’t own or understand…

      • BigGaySteve

        Yea knew what to do with it , use Jewish privilege to get a Jew at Harvard to back him. Israel and china both think they are smart for stealing innovations.

  • Israel’s wall = GOOD!

    The Vatican wall = GOOD!

    Zuckerberg’s wall = GOOD!

    Trump even suggesting an American wall? BAD! VERY VERY BAD!

    Their main belief system is hypocrisy.