President Obama “ORDERS” Schools to Allow Transgender Students to Use Whatever Bathroom They Want

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So this is happening.

Via ABC7 News:

The Obama administration is telling public schools that they must allow transgender students to use bathrooms and locker rooms consistent with their gender identity. The directive is in formal guidance being sent to school districts Friday by the departments of Education and Justice.

The letter does not impose any new legal requirements, but federal officials say the guidance is meant to clarify school districts’ obligations to provide students with nondiscriminatory environments.

Notice that “the letter does not impose any new legal requirements” because the president can’t impose legal requirements directly onto schools like a dictator or a king, but that didn’t stop ABC7 from Tweeting “Pres. Obama to order public schools to allow transgender students to choose own bathrooms.”

“President Obama, in the dark of the night – without consulting Congress, without consulting educators, without consulting parents – decides to issue an executive order, like this superintendent, forcing transgender policies on schools and on parents who clearly don’t want it,” Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick told NBC 5.

Throw aside the bathroom issue for a second wholesale. How can Obama really order schools to do anything? This kind of thing violates the separation of powers in just the way you know Obama loves to do. And inevitably this will get tied to the funding at these schools, which is really all most schools actually care about these days anyway. This new development comes on the heels of this:

AG Loretta Lynch earlier this week announced that the DOJ is suing North Carolina and threatening to withhold federal funding over the state’s new bathroom law, which forces public schools, colleges, and government agencies to — prepare yourself for this — designate bathrooms to be used by people based on their biological sex.

I know. I know. Crazy right?

Well Lynch thinks so; she compared the new law to Jim Crow laws.

Meanwhile, the DOJ has the time and inclination to sue North Carolina for being sooo evil as to force the potential 0.37 percent of transgender North Carolinians to use the bathroom designated for their biological sex, but the department just can’t seem to get around to indicting Hillary for, well, any of the laws she’s broken, of which there are many and that affects everyone (especially if she becomes president).

And that’s the country we live in.

This whole thing reeks of obedience training. Social engineering and bullying via politically correctness to get the 99.63 percent of everyone else to bow down, no matter how uncomfortable it might make them, to the will of the 0.37 percent…

Again, please refer to this comment left on an article where people were arguing about these laws:

I’m gay. I know a man when I see one. A woman who cuts off her breasts and grows a throat beard is not a man, she is a woman with a psychological disorder, known as gender disphoria. And I do not want to share a locker room or a shower with a woman. And YES, sorry libs, gender dysphoria is a mental disorder. That is the only reason insurance will cover the surgery–as treatment for a mental problem.

People with the disorder known as gender disphoria deserve love and compassion, but that does NOT mean that the rest of us will be bullied into showering with hairy women, or men with breast implants.

Sex is biological and cannot be switched. Neither can gender. Gender ROLES or gender NORMS may be a social construct, but gender itself is BIOLOGICAL and IMMUTABLE.

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  • StevetheHun

    The problem isn’t the “transgenders”; they’re 0.3% and the molesters and peepers in that small population is even smaller. The problem is the “straight” peeping Toms and child molesters who will go into the women’s restrooms under the pretext they can choose whatever restroom they want. It’s the law of unintended consequences. They’ve created a loophole.

    • Mike

      most child molesters are of the same sex as the child, so you may want to look at the lgbtq community for that one. Now the pervs who want to peep are on both sides of the fence.

    • doucyet

      Exactly! I can hardly wait for this to blow up in his (obamas) face when the boys in high school get together and hatch a plan to invade the girls restrooms because their feeling a feminine that day…..

      • Yep. Unfortunately this has the potential to hurt many innocent people WHEN it blows up in his face because he wants to appease the .03% of Abhorrent freaks in our midst! Then again, I think Obama like things “Blowing” in his face

    • Uh *cough-cough*:

      Sorry, but, I’m so tired of ‘transgenders’ being constantly touted as innocent, precious, super awesome snowflakes.

      • StevetheHun

        From your blog…
        “Transgender fetish is the largest sexual disorder reported in convicted
        sex offenders.(4) Almost 100% of convicted sex offenders have a
        documented history of transvestism, crossdressing, free-dressing,
        Autogynephilia, transsexualism – in other words: TRANSGENDER.

        In other words, transgender people tend to … act like Transgender. Well, that’s almost tautological. Sure, a mental disorder but it’s not a mental illness unless they can’t function in society. But there is a difference between wanting to pretend to be their sexual opposite and being a danger to others. Most killers are sociopaths but not all sociopaths are killers, for example. You’re going to make an argument that some child molesters have a ‘transgender fetish’, ergo, you conclude, all those with a transgender fetish are child molesters. No. It does not follow, that’s bad logic.

        • I agree, but sometimes you can be right while using bad logic. Angel BB didn’t prove most transgenders are dangerous but I think her opinion has at least some merit

  • Mike

    Man there are going to be a lot of teenage boys in the girls bathroom trying to get a peek. Freaking pervert lgbtq loving pos president. To all parents of all school age children, TAKE YOUR KIDS OUT OF PUBLIC SCHOOLS.

  • Clementine

    Disgusting!! I see no light at the end of the tunnel…

    • ReverendDraco✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵃᶜᶜᵒᵘᶰᵗ

      I do, but I had to cut the hole with one of my axes.

      • Clementine

        Maybe I need a bigger ax! 😉

    • Mona Stewart

      You’re right! However, if you do see a light, trust and believe it’s a runaway freight train!!!! America is officially dead! It just hasn’t fallen over yet!!!!

  • Broos
    • Thank you Broos. Until this very moment, I thought women could not be funny. you have opened my eyes.

  • Wow, this isn’t connected to Target at all. It’s all just a coincidence, folks, go back to sleep.

  • mirageseekr

    Seems to me that this is propaganda to condition the masses to accept ANY sexual preference. Could this be because there are so many pedophiles among the elite and next we will be conditioned that that is acceptable? Just look at the UK pedophile scandal or Jerry Epstein, and in case you don’t remember pappy Bush was thought to be running little boys thru the white house. The elite are suck fucks that need to be removed from our society.

    • Wish I could up-vote that more than once!

  • Hey Obama- %^#$ YOU!!!!

  • stephen joseph

    Again the cretin temporarily occupying our white house taking action he has no right taking. This is part of his and his handlers(Soro’s and company) agenda. We the People need to help these schools and institutions that stand up against this perversion financially. At least we can crowd fund them better than the feds using our misappropriated taxes.

  • Nabi

    The election of Obama is the best example of “The Law of Unintended Consequences.” Let’s not triple down this disaster by voting for Clinton.

  • Doyle Nibits

    Talk about a Government Brainwashing program gone too far. Now you guys see why I vote against all tax increases at public schools, which some tell me I’m a terrible person for doing that.
    If you want to send your child to a private school, you pay double tax. You pay to send them there, and you pay for the property taxes that go to your public schools.

  • ReverendDraco✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵃᶜᶜᵒᵘᶰᵗ

    But. . . but. . . what about their feelers?! The LGQBLT crowd have more especial feelers that must never be ignored – only the vast majority of everyone else has earned the privilege of being so marginalized.

    Maybe when enough psychologically unstable men start getting beat down for waving their junk in the faces of eight year old girls, they’ll decide that maybe it’s easier to use the right restroom rather than to cry bully the rest of us.

    • EnemyOfTheState

      Things were much better when men were men and queers stayed in the closet- where they belong.

      • I agree. I also think straight people should be in the closet, too. Your love life is private and you should keep it private. Whether you much carpet or cock.

        Most straight people don’t have pride parades, though

  • Mr Larry

    That evil prick Vladimir Putin wouldn’t allow this in Russia. So who side are you on ? Do you hate America, or is it OK to let a freak pee with your kids ? Exactly

    • Love America- HATE WHAT IT HAS MORPHED INTO- Some Politically correct idiocracy where 99.97% of the populace must be uncomfortable so .03% of the abnormal can be “comfortable”. And NO, A freak will NOT be peeing with my children as I will stand outside every bathroom door that I can to prevent that!!

  • Guillotine_ready

    The US has fallen so far under this clown we now have bathroom controversies. When will people wake up and throw every single one of these lying, stealing, murdering, treasonous scumbags out and realize we do not need to replace them. What do we really need any of them for? Oppression.

  • Montana Man

    In the year 2008 the American people elected Lucifer to become President of the United States, by proxy. While the world is greatly blinded to this fact, it is clearly seen by those who love and pursue godliness.

    • Robert Stevens

      Couldn’t have said it better myself……

    • ReverendDraco✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵃᶜᶜᵒᵘᶰᵗ

      Please explain how the American people elected a mythological creature to become President?

      • Robert Stevens

        Please explain if your parents had any children that lived?

        • ReverendDraco✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵃᶜᶜᵒᵘᶰᵗ

          Not even close to the same question, cupcake.
          If you knew what an education was, you’d already have the answer.

          Crack a textbook, sunshine

          • Robert Stevens

            Cupcake ? Sunshine ?
            You DO live in the land of ducklings and rainbows….
            Crack,is that a reference to what you are smoking?
            Or what your wife sees when you bend over,if you can?

          • ReverendDraco✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵃᶜᶜᵒᵘᶰᵗ

            Crack is what got between you and an education, Sparkles.

      • Robert Stevens

        You ever notice that when a liberal is commenting on a conservative they have ALL the answers,but when the subject turns to liberals they have nothing but asinine questions?

    • Gary

      Satan’s “chosen people” select the contenders for president. They choose the morally depraved for several reasons, one of them being to normalise depravity and keep the population enslaved. This said, such leaders could not survive long amongst a righteous people – in many ways, nations get the leaders they deserve.

      As this has been going on for such a long time, in a way, any vote over the past 20, maybe 50 or more years, has been a vote for the devil. Democracy, at least as it is practiced today, is such a bad idea.

      • Al Mather

        Because ….JEEEEWWWWWSSSSS!!!!!!!!!

  • PaulfromTexas

    Obammy’s world….where nobody ever has to abide by a budget.
    Just who does this jugeared fool think is gonna pay for the new constructions and signage and monitors and such?….out here in “advelorum

    ‘ land, we have budgets we must use……….

  • clarioncaller

    Just because Barry and his partner share a urinal, doesn’t mean we parents of young girls want them exposed to this sexual confusion.

  • Frank

    This whole issue is a great big distraction for the masses – keeping them distracted by pseudo social-engineering moves that are disruptive and distracting, while the Gov accomplishes its true objectives behind all of the drama. “Watch my right hand, not my left.” The bathroom gender access scandal is nothing but another (effective) way of creating confusion, chaos, and social divisiveness. The People, and the States, need to just say “No!,” hold to their (Christian) values, and move on. Give their actions no heed and they take no energy. Ignore the LGBTX crowd and, after they throw a temper-tantrum about not getting their way, they will go away.

  • toktomi

    Hear ye! Hear Ye!
    All public school administrators.

    Just do your job and let that federal hood ornament issue whatever exec orders his handlers want him to issue. None of it is worth the paper that it’s written on.

    Furthermore, the federal government no longer represents the will of the people and therefore, is no longer legitimate or legal. However, it does possess the majority of the entire world’s weapons. So, we can’t completely ignore it – yet!

    To a brighter tomorrow,


  • lloyd Lisco


  • lloyd Lisco

    O-Homo just can not keep his nose out of our toilets, I would like to push him in much further.

  • Tatiana Covington

    And just how will he enforce this nonsense? Butt out, buster.

  • tag

    No wonder my daughter chooses not to have children. Children today are nothing but pedophile, (OMG where is my PC? Called TRANSGENDERS! Sorry to offend you idiots!) rape victims. Obama got his change thing alright. Changed GOD’S morals and decent values for his Muslim slime living. He should be facing a firing squad.
    Hey Obutt. Penis = male Vagina and boobs = Female. Get it? Cutting things off doesn’t change a thing. Well, maybe in your world it does!
    I also blame all the low informed takers that caste a vote to elect this POS not once, but twice, to destroy everything decent in life. He isn’t or ever was MY President. He is a joke and a little horn. Dust it off! Right there in front of your shit covered faces.
    Don’t come crying your asses off to me when you finally find your brain and YOU are at the bottom of the toilet waiting for the flush. You all got just what you ask for. SHIT!

  • Mona Stewart

    How does this nonsense compare to Jim Crow laws??? Gender bendering is a choice; race is not!!! He was right when he said he was going to transform America!!!

  • skip barker

    This little piece of spoiled garbage cannot order the states to do anything, he is a power hungry homo that should read the 10th amendment and understand the reason for the 3 branches of govt. He is not allowed to make law only congress can. now rise up against this puke and take him out back to the woodshed and spank his little ass until he understands he is the servant and dictates nothing to anyone. Can I do the spanking?

  • ferebetv

    Why wouldn’t this human blood parasite do this, hell, he is “married” to one – a CIA programmed “marriage”

  • Can they use the teachers bathroom then?

  • TellTheTruth-2

    Why not name the bathrooms PENIS or VAGINA?

  • “Gender is a social construct” therefore bathrooms should be unisex. Put cameras in the common areas of bathrooms (not in the stalls) and everyone will be safe. Or have a guard. Cameras are cheaper though.

  • Guillotine_ready

    Obathroom has just cemented his legacy we had Obama phones, Obamacare, now the all new Obama Bathroom brought to you by Obathroom the toilet bowl president.

  • Robert Stevens

    Liberals have shown time and time again that their political agenda is infinitely more important than the lives of the american people(example Kate Steinle-sanctuary cities).Now their political agenda is also more important than the lives of our daughters nieces,wives,sisters,aunts,mothers.They want to keep construing that by being concerned for the safety of our female relatives that we are somehow bigoted against transgenders.Anything to deflect from the issue at hand huh?
    I have said it before,let me clarify one last time for you liberal morons-sexual predators will use ANY advantage given them to gain access to their victims.You just gave them carte blanche access to our daughters nieces,wives,sisters,aunts,mothers.Proud of yourselves ? How about this,you want to identify as a woman,then you undergo voluntary genital removal.After all a woman doesn’t need or want a pesky penis or testicles hanging around do they?
    And then, and ONLY then, MAYBE we will talk about you using the same bathroom as little girls.

  • dan from ohio

    A man ln chicago had already attacked an 8 Year old girl in the girls restroom even when the mother was in the next a prominent lgbt advocate has admitted the bathroom isssue isn,t about transgender rights but the destruction of the male and female roles in society,namely the family.thank the sodomites in the. Whitehouse gor destroying our society

  • It is not Paranoia

    Just make another restroom! Every school will have MEN, WOMEN and FREAKS&PEDOS.

  • Gary

    I think I see where you’re coming from. Essentially, this “equality” of the sexes has been a long time in coming, and started with feminism, women leaving behind the tradional roles of women as wives and mothers, taking on men’s work and dressing like men etc. (with men reciprocating by becoming more effeminate).

    This “bathroom equality” nonsense is simply the next logical step in the process, unless people can admit that so-called gender “equality” has been wrong from the start.

  • Vernon Bennett

    the ‘real’ Barry Sorreto