Prepper and Reality TV Star PJ Vinch Has Property Raided Over Fears of “Bunkers” and ‘Guns”

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By Bob Tuskin & JG Vibes

Tonight on the Bob Tuskin Radio Show at 6 PM EST, we bring on PJ Vinch, a vocal activist from the New Jersey area who recently became the victim of a police raid.  PJ stars in a reality TV show on TRUTV called “Bear Swamp Recovery”, and he has appeared on the Bob Tuskin Show in the past to discuss the importance of prepping.

The following post was made to his facebook page about the incident:

“What does six squad cars…the Captian of my local police department, SWAT, one Federal Agent and Helicopter have in common? A inspection at my house fearing someone put a bunker full of Guns near a creek that floods every other week next to my house. REALLY? My family has lived there since the 50′s, you could not just ask? Knock on my door? Guns drawn, know what they found? A deer blind..that was made of two pieces of fence bought at Home Depot. And you wonder why people are mistrusting of government. FEDERAL MARSHALS WITH HELICOPTER CALLED FOR A DEER BLIND.”

This situation is reminiscent of a raid that we reported on about a month ago, that took place in Maryland.  The following is an excerpt from last months article:

“Now, in a more rural area of Maryland, a man named Terry Porter became the target of a massive manhunt involving FBI and state police after being reported to be a “survivalist” with a “collection of guns” who outlined his anger over the presidential reelection to an undercover officer.

This situation apparently stemmed from an anonymous tip from someone who reported Terry to the police because he owned guns and invested in a bomb shelter.

Where this “anonymous” tip actually came from is still a mystery due to the fact that many of the neighbors in the area who were questioned by reporters have expressed support for Terry and have said that they are extremely offended by the tax dollars and police resources that were used to hunt down a nonviolent person.”

This recent raid is very similar, an anonymous report of an average citizens with guns and a bunker ends up leading to a full scale raid with helicopters and guns drawn.

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  • JW M

    What ever happened to the part of the 6th Amendment to the US Constitution – the part about “to be confronted with the witnesses against him”? Isn’t an “anonymous tip” someone making an accusation against that person?

    • where all nazis now

      welcome to fascist america

      • Edgar

        THEY always rolled that way.Their patriotism style allows themselves to self-compare as better than the nazis that THEY have told you stories about.Many years ago the Gestapo apoligized to a relative and gave him a ride back to his home after a talk.No black masks,no assault kevlar vests,no flash bombs,no excessive flashing of any weaponry,no childish yelling. Oh yes!The gestapo knocked on the door,at night and got let in. The two(2?)of them inside the house. Expect broken doors,bruise wrists from handcuffs and a long walk home in this freedom land.

  • David B

    Yeah No Shit!! I thought you had to have at least two witnesses !! Then it would be conspiracy ?!! Wouldn’t it?!! Why yeah duh!!! Even at that, hello, what happen to due process?!! I guess their just probing!!

  • Cnsay

    These fagbastards gin this BS up to the height of American Idol and expect the awakened to swallow this whole. Only a highspeed CS could believe this crap. BTW I’m refering to the Feds and LEOs not the writers.

  • z

    having a bunker and guns makes you a dangerous person in their thinking.

    going on television and talking about prepping is not a good idea. do it and shut up about it.

    • Edgar

      Can’t get a permit for a root cellar here.Local wealthy merchant family had a funeral gathering an the tunnels between their houses were mentioned.Just figures!!

  • z

    I like his hat, cigar and stomach. great pic.

  • wolf

    Too bad he didnt fill the chopper and the feds full of holes

    • Rick45


    • SKIP

      When that does finally happen, perhaps the stand off will last long enough for the news people to get involved on live TV and other like minded citizens will pay attention. The first arrests are going to be like the arrest of NEO by the SMITHS in MATRIX, the SMITHS will tell the news people what to print and they will do it but visions on TV and first hand witnessess will grow.

      • big jim

        remember ruby ridge? or even waco? the fed tyrants are scared of little ppl who wise up and start taking precautions. i am with yall. chache the guns, ammo, etc. build up food reserves, learn what you need to survive pretty much no matter what. but keep it to yourself and just a few trusted folk.

  • Zebra

    preppers be warned. The feds have already said you are a terrorist if you store food and guns.

    my dead grandfather prepped. We had food, gas, candles, weapons before during and after every hurricane. We made out just fine thanks to him.

    Thank u grandfather for teaching me.

  • Gardencat

    Such bs. Farmers have put food away for centuries now you’re a terrorist for planning in case of a disaster or emergency. They’re so full of it.

    Your grandpa was a wise man.

  • Africaman

    Stop going on tv and advertising what you are doing. You folks need to use more sense and discretion because these days no one, especially your neighbor, is to be trusted. If they “see something” they will “say something” like good little government rat shit stooges.

    • Edgar

      Sheep like to amass a gathering of friends so they can graze together and feel safe.

  • harley hooch

    If you tell your neighbors that you are prepping they will kill you for your food and guns later.

    • L.A.


      • big jim

        very true

    • Gardencat

      No sh!t there.

  • Heimdall

    The law enforcement personnel involved in these illegal and unconstitutional raids which are really nothing more than criminal persecution of “thought criminals” need to be held accountable for their treason and criminal activity! It is a copout to just blame some nebulous leaders at the top. The entire U.S. Police system from top to bottom and from federal to local has been coopted by criminal traitors. The sooner you knowledge that fact, the sooner we can take real action. “Just following orders” will not get immunity at the next Nuremberg trials.

  • Bob w

    I believe the people who coordinated this fiasco should be fired , pensions forfeited and not be eligible for any future government employment.

    • Edgar

      Tree decorations?

      • SKIP

        ROGER THAT Edgar, and light poles too.