Pregnant Nurse Fired For Refusing Toxic Flu Shot

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A registered nurse in Pennsylvania was fired for refusing to get a flu shot.

Dreonna Breton made the decision to refuse the shot because she’s pregnant and has a history of miscarriage.

“I want to give this baby the best shot that I can. There are just things in the flu vaccine that are not known, like how it affects my growing baby,” said Breton.

Breton worked for Horizon Healthcare Services, which provides drug and nutrition infusion services to patients in their homes. Horizon is co-owned by Lancaster General and several other hospitals, including Harrisburg-based PinnacleHealth System.

Her former employer allows religious and medical exemptions to vaccines. Breton says she explained her concerns about the shot to her employer and provided a doctor’€™s note which described her history of miscarriage. Her health care provider wrote, “€œIn my view getting the flu shot would significantly and negatively impact her health because of the increased fear and anxiety it would create as well as the emotional impact it could cause if she does miscarry again.”

The hospital said Breton’s reason for denying the shot was not valid and terminated her. Carolyn Carlson, a registered nurse and the president of Horizon, said in an email to PennLive that requests for exemptions are reviewed by a committee of doctors. She said that flu vaccination is a condition of employment because it “€œprotects our patients, employees, and community from getting this potentially serious infection.”

The National Vaccine Information Center provides the following information about flu shots during pregnancy:

In years past, pregnancy was also a contraindication to flu vaccine but, today, the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends flu vaccine for women more than 14 weeks pregnant.

The package inserts published by the flu vaccine manufacturers state that “Animal reproduction studies have not been conducted with influenza virus vaccine. It is also not known whether influenza virus vaccine can cause fetal harm when administered to a pregnant woman. Although animal reproductive studies have not been conducted, the prescribing health care provider should be aware of the recommendations of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices. The ACIP states that if used during pregnancy, administration of influenza virus vaccine after 14 weeks of gestation may be preferable to avoid coincidental association of the vaccine with early pregnancy loss.”

Pregnant women should be aware that the flu vaccine contains Thimerosal, which is a mercury derivative. Mercury is toxic to the brain and has been found to be associated with brain damage and developmental delays in babies whose mothers were exposed to high levels of mercury during pregnancy.

Warnings in flu packaging like this one concerned Breton: “€œFluzone should be given to a pregnant woman only if clearly needed.” She said she has thoroughly researched flu vaccine and “struggled to find the science behind mandated flu vaccinations.”€

“It would be a false statement to say the flu vaccine is known to be safe during pregnancy. €œI have lost my job, one that I love and am good at, because I chose to do what I believe is best for my baby,” Breton said.

During the 2012-2013 flu season, the flu vaccine’s effectiveness was found to be just 56 percent across all age groups reviewed by the CDC —in essence, the statistical equivalent of a coin toss. In seniors, aged 65 and over, the US flu vaccines were only nine percent effective.

What sense does it make to force a toxic vaccine that has such a low effectiveness rate upon a pregnant woman whose unborn child could suffer harm? Breton was yet another casualty of the senseless “get your flu shot or lose your job” ultimatum that is being pushed on nursing home and healthcare workers.

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  • Jimmy Yost

    It’s like Paul Craig Roberts said, that if you give someone power they’re going to use it. He was making reference mainly to system bureaucrats who come in contact with the public. In one of his YouTube videos he even hospital officials as an example of what happens when puny people attain power (i.e. mentally and morally puny).

  • Sir TuberKopf

    More corporate fascism. Since when do corporations get to make law and enforce it by firing people. In this economy with virtually no employment opportunity, vast power is confirmed on corporations and it is obvious they abuse their power.

    This woman does not need the flu shot, if the corporation is worried they could require her to wear a mask when she is around immune depressed patients. It’s no big deal.

    Anyone that has read up on plagues and disease transmission will know that once 30% of a population is vaccinated a pandemic can no longer spread. This attitude that 100% must be vaccinated is crap. And there are certainly many people that shouldn’t get vaccinated.

  • mfskinner

    A long time ago a group of people set out on the high seas to come to a new place where they hoped to be free and raise their families. It did not work so well since the new place was run in essence by the old place and its monarch.
    After a while the abuses became unbearable and there was a fight. It was not the fight we a re told about but it did happen and eventually people were freed to some extent until a new gov was formed that set about reducing that freedom almost immediately.
    Today the gov of the new place is so horrid and so full of its own sense of importance and so bought off and blackmailed that it is actually worse than the old tyrant that harassed the people who cam to the new place to begin with.
    There is no hope of reforming a system so completely corrupt and the only curative action that can be taken is to abolish it entirely. Of course those defendant on the system will suffer for a while until a new system that is more fair can be put in place.
    The politicians, bankers, lawyers and judges who are arrested and tried will make a nice prison population for us to teach our children about after we have removed the poor excuses for teachers we currently force our children to suffer under.
    Once the money stolen from the people has been recovered and the thieves dealt with then we can move on to removing the influence of foreign countries on our policies and strengthening our borders.
    When we put our people and our land first we can come back from all this tyranny. But there is no way to do it without first removing the rot and placing it into a prison away from other people.
    This is what we owe ourselves for christmas, and it is the way back from economic and political hell on earth anything less is just a cop out and ineffectual exercise in futility.
    Merry Christmas and sadly another New Year of the same old same old is most likely. Even a merry christmas seems rather impossible.

  • How healthcare workers can get around Mandatory Flu Shots:

    Healthcare workers generally know a lot of doctors. Just get one to write a doctors note that you received the Flu vaccine during an office visit. Take the note to your employer.

    It’s that simple. Whatever happens in the doctors office is strictly confidential.

    • Henry

      Guess ya didn’t read the article. She had a doctor’s note, took same to employer.
      She may have a legal claim against the employer, but good luck finding an attorney who doesn’t sell her down the river.

      • kitkatkaity

        “Guess ya didn’t read the” comment. The commenter is not referring to a generic doctor’s note providing reasons why the person should be exempt from a vaccination, but rather advising medical record fraud by having a doctor lie about administering the vaccination.

    • kitkatkaity

      What you are suggesting is fraud and could cost a doctor his license. Most doctors, even if they are friends, will not write a letter stating they’ve administered a vaccine they have not actually administered.

  • disqus_Nf0dGsyO7j

    Lady SUE the living hell out of them ! It has been proven time and again that vaccine’s are deadly and they are a hit and miss in the fall when every pharmacy is now promoting them.

  • JoBrown85

    I’m sad she lost her job, but good on her for holding her ground and refusing to bow to her employer’s unreasonable demand.

  • Lou

    The bottom line on the “Seasonal

    Flu” is you do NOT want protection from ONLY the seasonal flu. You want protection from ALL VIRAL infection. There is perhaps protection from four viruses in the “flu shot”. There are hundreds, at least, of viruses which can cause the “Seasonal Flu” like illness (ILI),
    which is nothing but a viral infection.

    Vitamins D and C, in ADEQUATE AMOUNTS will protect you
    from ALL VIRAL INFECTIONS. NO “flu shot” is needed to
    completely avoid all serious viral infection. IMO the vitamins D and C may
    offer you at least some protection from viral pandemic viruses.

    It is just this simple and difficult.