Predictable: DHS and FBI Warn Against Possible 4th of July Terror Attacks

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Apparently “they” still hate us for our freedom.

According to USA Today, despite any specific, credible threat (as usual), local law enforcement agencies across the country have been warned about the potential for possible terror attacks this Independence Day.

An intelligence bulletin issued jointly by Homeland Security and the FBI noted ongoing threats from ISIS and “other homegrown extremists,” though the official quoted in the article was not named because he was “not authorized to comment publicly” (even though he obviously was commenting publicly, again as usual).

Oh, and DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson just wants people to “remain vigilant”. (Again… as usual. Aren’t they bored with this script yet?)

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  • Anonymous1

    Remain vigilant, so when we ask you to give up your liberties, you do so without question.

  • Mike

    The only terrorist threat to the USA is the USA government and all ABC agencies thereof.

  • Rick E.

    Time for a false flag again! Be ready and prepared!

  • NonYo Business

    Quickly Friends. To the Freedom mobile. Lets get rid of as much freedom as possible to avert the next False Flag perpetrated by our traitorous leadership.

  • What Freedom? The 4th of July is one huge joke on uSA, We the People had a Republic from 1776 to 1789,,,then the GODLESS SWILL lawyers barfed on all of mankind, turning freedom into legal persons and central banks and demonic flotsam

  • 1PissedAmerican


    All ARMED AMERICANS shoot to kill false flaggers.

  • molon_labe

    I was an infantryman for 10 years. Been all over. And I can honestly tell you this. Militant islam can be squashed, like a bug. Our politicians won’t let us do it. They say no to everything we can do to win. So, they don’t want us to win. Furthermore, the biggest enemy we face, is right in DC.

    • arahn

      They can’t have you squash the bogeyman when they still need ’em as an excuse to wreck us.

  • Reverend Draco

    The 4th of July is a sad joke, anyway.

    On the 4thy of July, one can celebrate one’s Freedom from Tyranny – so long as one does so at such a time, in such a place, and with such materials the tyrants have decreed acceptable.

    Happy Dependence Day.

  • Bored? Not yet, as there are still so many clueless sheep out there.

  • My 4th of July prediction is that our illegitimate government will continue to remove our freedoms in small increments so as not to spark a nationwide revolution.

    • arahn

      And they (the ones taking away our freedoms) will still hate us for our freedoms.

  • robertsgt40

    Timing is everything. Think Jade Helm.

    • arahn

      My suspicion is that Jade Helm is going to appear to be a non-even until the finally

  • renda blue

    Jade Helm 15 bitches

  • ccambridge

    Forget the terrorists. The real terrorists are the participants and creators ofJade Helm vs law abiding citizens

  • frankw

    If “they” hate us for our freedoms, they are being seriously deluded. We’ve been losing all semblance of freedom for decades, propelled most recently by the 9/11 hoax.

  • Bobby Brown

    Apparently, ISIS has no interest concerning gay-pride parade participants who piss on the Koran in public – but watch out for 4th of July barbecues? Great job, Female Body Inspectors (FBI).

  • daveinga

    too bad the f.b.i. & d.h.s. didn’t tell us where they are planning on holding the psy-ops. my friend who got in on a recent gun grabbing (f.e.m.a. event) said they pay the participants/actors in these false flag events big buck$, mostly donated by the weeping masses.