Pre-Crime Police Target Mental Health

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Arizona is the latest to begin using pre-crime models to supposedly thwart attacks by those who are “near the breaking point.” The video below highlights how mental health police units look to harvest everything from medical records to gun purchases to online posts. Citing the crimes of Jared Loughner and Elliot Rodger, these units are being given the green light with new legislation to involuntarily detain those who are flagged.

It’s becoming a trend that is taking various forms. In Chicago, a “Heat List” has gone into effect that has indexed approximately 400 people who have been identified by a computer algorithm as being future threats to commit violent crime. Without having actually committed a crime, some of those on the list are beginning to get visits from Chicago police warning them that they are already being watched.

In California, a sociologist at the University of California, Riverside has been working with the Indio Police Department to offer a computer dragnet that can predict where burglaries are going to happen in the future. Prof. Robert Nash Parker has developed  a “computer model that predicts, by census block group, where burglaries are likely to occur.” Notably, Indio only has a population of 75,000, indicating that populations large and small are increasingly being subsumed into the emerging Minority Report world of modern policing.

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  • Kountry Bumpkin

    Oh goodie, so when exactly do they start rolling out the Iron Maidens and Ducking-stools…. no proper witch hunt would be complete without them…. Sooner or later we’re all going to end up on one of these lists, it doesn’t even matter if they have to resort to such tactics as using eye or hair color as the reason.

    • Rick E.

      And just like the witch hunts, they couldn’t care less if one is “guilty” or not. It is literally the THOUGHT that counts. (as if thoughts can be monitored accurately).
      It’s what they THINK that you’re thinking!

  • Brosky

    Psychiatry is the most danger form of quackery and pseudo-science to ever rear its ugly head in our society! It MUST be exposed!

  • Calvin Sanders

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  • Jack

    Becareful what you say on the phone now, this is real. They don’t care if someone screwed you over and you went through a hard loss, if you say angry, violent comments on the phone they will frame you for felonies, set your bond super duper high, and offer you a low plea to force you into pleading to a crime you didn’t commit.