Pope Benedict XVl to Resign

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Italian news agency ANSA has reported that Pope Benedict XVl is going to resign his post on February 28th.

The BBC who are carrying the story live have the Popes full speech available and it has confirmed that the Holy Father is going to stand down. He delivered the news in Latin to a meeting of Vatican cardinals.

Pope Benedict said:

 “….had to recognize my incapacity to adequately fulfill the ministry entrusted to me”

Benedict, the 265th Pope began his papacy on April 19 2005. A Papal conclave will now have to decide who the 266th Pope will be. He is the first person since 1415 to step down as leader of the Catholic Church.

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  • tward3

    According to prophecy Benedict is the next to the last Pope. The Pope following him will be the Pope who serves during the tribulation and Jesus’ return. If the next Pope is “Peter the Roman” he is the last one. If he is not the prophecy is wrong. Search: prophecy of Malachi

  • you don’t need to know

    @tward, as soon as I heard that he was retiring, I thought of the prophecy. And with Argentina devaluing their dollar… Can you imagine a more perfect collapse?

  • tard3

    And then ‘he who shall not be named’ will return and Harry and friends will have to save the wizarding world. Seems everyone loves a fairytale. Now can we get back to the reality that shit IS hitting the fan while we all huddle and play make-believe?

    Religion has always been a tool of population control and always fails the masses who clutch it like addicts. I have heard and seen the faithful pine away about their choice of gods and yet nothing ever changes. I have watched for over 60 years and its always the same thing. One religion saying they are the TRUE religion and all others are going to burn in hell.

    Well this guy is the same as all the rest. I wish him a happy retirement and good ridance. Religion is like politics, they are all gonna do this and that and almost all do more harm than good. Stick that in your crucifix and smoke it.

    Oh and all those who thump that book and cry foul, your faith is mindless. You have been brainwashed since birth. You only know what you have been told. I can PROVE it … if you had been born and lived in the middle east you WOULD be kneeling to the east twice a day and banging your head on the ground listening to the bleating of the other sheep around you.

    But anyway it does not matter because Christ will save you from yourself regardless if you are a mindless drone or not, right?

  • spencer

    all the faith in the world wont stop a 30.30 round..js

  • pray4u

    to tard3, The Holy Father prays and sacrifices for His flock which is the entire world. Catholic means universal. He prays, suffers and makes sacrifices for all God’s children so they don’t become satans prey. that would include tard3. Where are you getting your info? If you really wanted the truth you would work harder to seek and find it. You are a “sheeple” not a true sheep because you have bought into satan’s lies. A Crucifix will keep satan away….obviously that is why you have bought into deception because you have profaned it. i will pray for your soul. satan does not want you to have the fullness of GOD’s truth. The Cathoilic Church is against abortion because it is a sin to control the population,…..what is your point? Only the Almighty can decide when someone lives or dies. Thou shall not kill….do you like this website or are you a progressive who like to argue with people on conservatice blogs?

    • tard3

      Dont pray for me you hypocrit … my God can kick your gods ass.

  • pray4u

    Tard3 and anyone who loves the Lord….Check out thewarningsecondcoming.com and click on latest messages. There will be an illumination of soul to warn the sheep and sheeple not to take the mark of the beast. Prophecy is being continued thru the Book of Truth(see website listed above) spoken of in the Book of Daniel. we have a responsibility to pray for the sheeple who are our bro’s and sis’ too so they don’t succumb to the anti-christ. God Bless All

    • tard3

      My God also told me your god carrys the mark … you have been served.

  • Only Pope Benedict XVI himself could know if he absolutely cannot do it anymore and we should respect his decision. By the way, it seems that Cardinal Marc Ouellet, formerly the archbishop of Quebec City, has the best odds of replacing the Pope and he is expected to be the continuity of Benedict XVI.

    And no, I don’t want to hear anything about the Malachian prophecy, the last Pope and the next “end of world”. I have heard enough people talking about the previous “end of the world” that was scheduled for December 2012 and I need a break…

    • Billy D

      Heeerrs Johnny!!!

    • pray4u

      forgive me for intruding in on your break.
      see thewarningsecondcoming.com message given on December 22nd 2012. It is the end of this wicked age. The earth and mankind are damaged. God wants us to have a new paradise were the lion lays down with the lamb. We are in the last 3 and a 1/2 yrs of the great tribulation…see thewarningsecondcoming.com and i hope you will join in the crusade of prayers and help save The Good Lord save His precious souls. Our Brothers and Sisters in Him…God Bless You!

  • Billy D

    Former nazi soldier as Pope?? LOL!!

  • Anonymous

    its the end with or without the stupid pope..

    • pray4u

      Benedict the XVI is not a Nazi or stupid or anything but a gift from Heaven….you attackers will weep with regret for mocking God’s appointed ordained Holy servant at the warning. I pray that you will let God’s Mercy flood your souls when you see yourselves as God Himself sees you. Anyone who thinks the Pope is the anti-christ has things confused. Prophecy says there will be an anti-pope. the last pope before the new springtime when God gives us His new paradise. Eucharistic Reign of 1000 yrs.
      see…thewarningsecondcoming.com Seek the Truth if you have the courage. Check out the lives of the Catholic saints who respected the Popes in their times. Saint Catherine of Sienna wrote her Pope and respectfully told him through the grace of the Holy
      Spirit that he was in error. Please do not offend God by rebuking His Holy See! Pray that the next pope ain’t the anti…and if so that God removes him swiftly….see…thewarningsecindcoming.com

      • tard3

        There is cookies and koolaid in the main camp. Plenty to go around so have all you want. Oh and as for your end of days just remember,

        Harold Camping was wrong twice 1994 and 2011
        Pat Robertson wrong in 1982
        Heaven’s Gate cult wrong in 1992
        Joanna Southcott was wrong in 1814
        Y2K was wrong in 2000
        “The True Way” (Chen Tao)wrong in 1998
        Rockin’ Rollen Stewart wrong in 1992
        Johannes Stoeffler prediction for 1524, wrong
        Richard Noone Predicts Ice Age 2000, not
        Richard Miller World Will End 1844, didnt happen
        Mayans were wrong
        Romans were wrong
        Crusades were wrong
        Nostradamus was wrong … the list goes on for eons.
        Westboro Baptist Church … need I say more?

        So I am LMAO at you and your ideas. Everyone above researched for decades and never got close. Good luck though, I am sure you got it right.

  • Anonymous

    anyone that expects his ring to be kissed…..do the math

  • SKIP

    This turd pope is a muslim ass kisser that thinks there can be some accomodation with islam and muslims where we can all live together and be one big happy family..He seems to know nothing of islam or it’s world caliphate goals, ignores the treatment of non muslims in muslim lands and has ordered despicible things for the British Catholic schools to do such as install foot baths for the muslims students in those schools….just WTF are muslims doing in them anyway!! how bout INVADING! Good riddance to bad rubbish and now I believe that the Catholic church will opt for a black pope because it appears to be the thing to do. Black Run America is such a shining example of what blacks can do, imagine what the Black Run Catholic church can do.