Poll Reveals That More Than Half of Americans Don’t Trust Their Tap Water

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In America, it was long believed that as a developed nation, the safety of our municipal water was a given. Dirty water contaminated with biological and chemical hazards was something you found in far away third world countries. We were always told to avoid drinking the water in places like Mexico, and we trusted that what came out of our own taps wouldn’t kill us.

But after the Flint water crisis, it’s become impossible for millions of Americans to ignore the possibility that their water really isn’t all that safe. According to a poll taken by the Associated Press, only 47% of Americans still believe that their tap water is safe to drink. 33% said they were ‘modestly confident’ in their water supply, and 18% said that they weren’t confident at all.

More than half of people who were polled, believed that what happened in Flint, Michigan is just a small sign of a much wider problem, and that there are probably other municipalities providing unsafe drinking water to their residents. Minorities and low-income Americans were more likely to say that their water had issues, which suggests that poor communities may be struggling to clean their water supply.

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  • That same half of all Americans must be completely ignorant about how to use a search engine to find a solution, as well.

    • Even my berkey filtered tap water tastes gross, the only water that I like is from my distiller.

      • Does your Berkey have the black filter elements? If not, it only filters particulates. I have a Travel Berkey, but I’d only use it, with its black filter element, as a prefilter for my Wisewater 1600, which I bought primarily because it doesn’t require anything but heat to work, since electricity will go off before people get thirsty.

        • I have the black Berkey filters and the water doesn’t taste good at all, the water from my refrigerator door dispenser with a regular water filter tastes much better than he berkey water. I made a decision to buy that waterwise 1600, I’ll probably own it within 90days. Maybe I need to replace the balck filers, they are over a year old and were heavily used but they still filter water so I assumed that means they re still good. Usually the only thing stopping me from using a filter is it clogging overtime but that is not an issue in my case.

          • I have never used the Berkey or the Waterwise, both being part of my survival horde, assembled in preparation for the eventual need, if I live long enough. I also have a big bag of activated charcoal that would be dumped into a container to absorb the contaminants that nothing else does as well, to be filtered out and reused by whichever filter. I’ve been thinking about adding a Go Berkey to my van, to be used as a ‘just for me’ filter, that I’d fasten up as a permanent fixture, probably running a hose to a catch receptacle. Given the fact that almost nobody has bothered to plan for the future, my horde would help me earn a living, along with the rivers around my home.

  • Reverend Draco

    Some friends of mine have been getting notices for a few years now, from the city, telling them that their water contains more than “acceptable” levels of Arsenic (the notices haven’t mentioned old lace, so I assume the water contains safe levels).

    Printing papers every 6 months or so is cheaper than fixing the problem, apparently.

  • Mike Hunt

    It also shows that the PR campaigns from Nestle and other major bottled water distributors worked.

  • I know I ain’t drinking that shit, I’ve had clean water for so long that I can taste tap water and it’s not good at all.

  • Rachel Flanagan

    Glad to hear American’s are waking up.

  • Mike Walsh

    Im lucky as hell.. I live in a poor 3rd world country.. Indonesia.. Here our water is fresh and clean, actually, because I live out of town, I get water supplied by the local council.. its not much more than a pipe connected to a natural spring..and supplies maybe 500 local homes. and its free.
    If i want to be REALLY sure my water is ok, I can have 5 Gallon refillable water bottles / jugs? delivered with reverse osmosis filtered water for 60c each..

    No black tarry crap or methane gas in the water here.. I suggest you open a business selling refillable RO water.. cant fail..