Poll: Most New Yorkers Blame Doctors For Opioid Epidemic, But Gov’t Got a Pass

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 New Yorkers are placing most of the blame for the opioid epidemic squarely on the shoulders of the doctors who prescribed the opioids.  Although they do shoulder some of the blame, the heart of the problem goes to the pharmaceutical companies who earn big bucks when a doctor prescribes their opioid, and the government who has promised to look away.

According to a new Siena College poll released on Sunday, 80% of residents of the state of New York blame the doctors who prescribed “too many pills” for the opioid epidemic.  The poll also states that residents are blaming the pharmaceutical companies who are promoting legal drugs without fully warning about risks as either “somewhat responsible” or “very responsible” for the epidemic gripping the state.

New Yorkers also said that government entities across the state are not doing as much as they possibly can do address opioid abuse, the poll said.  But now that there’s a problem, is the real issue not enough regulation of the drug industry? Or is it perhaps, too much regulation?

The truth is, the US government is actually colluding with big pharma and making these deaths more abundant through their “lawmaking.” A significant percentage of this human carnage results from the illegal distribution of opioids, but here is the open secret:


That law is the Ensuring Patient Access and Effective Drug Enforcement Act of 2016, passed by Congress and signed by President Obama on 4/9/16. And that is the federal government’s role in perpetuating and expanding the opioid crisis.

Honest agents inside the complacent DEA want to have the right to march into a pharmaceutical company headquarters and say, “We know you’re shipping millions of opioid pills to little pharmacies and clinics that, in turn, are selling the pills to street dealers. We’re going to freeze those shipments now, and we’re going to arrest key executives.” But that 2016 law raises the bar so high on what the DEA can do, the whole law-enforcement effort is hamstrung, throttled, and loaded down with legal complications.

The fact that no one is stepping up to the plate with a fast repeal [of this law] is proof that multiple parts of the federal government are, in fact, tacitly supporting the opioid crisis and its devastating impacts on human life.-Jon Rappaport

The US Government Colludes in Mass Deaths by Opioids

The problem is compounded by the fact that the government manipulates the media into reporting on establishment propaganda (has anyone heard of the Russian election meddling yet today?) instead of admitting that they literally gave the drug companies responsible for this epidemic a free pass to devastate our lives.

There are Americans out there right now demanding that their rights and the rights of other innocents be taken away by the very same government that continues to protect those who are actually killing us. If we want to have a rational discussion, we need to take a look at where the problem begins, and as always, it’s going back to government regulations.

The private market will have to fix the problem created by the government, as it always has, even if it’s “illegal.” The good news is actually great news, however.  As people begin to realize that the government solves no problems, it only creates them, more will seek out private solutions and government will make itself obsolete.  Here’s hoping, anyway.


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