Politician Warns Parliament of the 10 Ways Australia Has Become a Police State (Sound Familiar, America?)

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Australian politician and independent federal member for Denison Andrew Damien Wilkie warned parliament that Australia is becoming a police state.

Wilkie then listed the 10 attributes of this police state:

1. Surveillance of all electronic devices including phone calls SMS Email, SM and metadata will be stored and accessed without a warrant.

2. Manipulation of the media, bullying techniques used by ministers against media.

3. Manipulation of judiciary.

4. Ludicrous level of secrecy especially in regard to irregular immigration or asylum seekers.

5. Arrests for pre-crime, merely upon suspicion someone may do something in the future.

6. People in Australia can be incarcerated indefinitely without trial.

7. Disregard to international agreements and international laws that Australian Governments including ignoring their own statutes have signed off on (eg. The Rights of the Child and The Refugee Convention).

8. Parliament is forbidden to debate upon important decisions such as the government secretly deciding to declare war on Syria. No debate, no vote by Australian representatives.

9. Government safeguard mechanisms bullied and disregarded if they get in the government’s way (eg. the mistreatment on the human rights commissioner recently).

10. Security agencies acting beyond their legal power, Border Patrol going beyond legal powers (no one lost their jobs, no one was held to account).


Does any of this sound familiar, America?


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  • Hey Daily Sheeple: California is getting deluged with rain: what happened to all your stories about government ray guns blasting the heavens to make the place into a dried out chemtrail basted dustball?

    • Mike

      bilbo, haarp was restarted a few months back and bada bing bad weather all around. Imagine that. there you go are you happy now.

      • I’m happy !! Cosmic Martian Ray Guns from Area 51 !!! Will Smith must commandeer the flying saucer again and attack the Mother Ship- blow it to smithereens .

        • More than likely Will Robinson would know the robot is going off unnecessarily and tell it to shut up.

        • sunshine

          I know you think you’re really clever and so much smarter than everyone here, but what do you get out of being a Grade-A asshole? Your trolling is super weak, it’s really sad.

      • I’m still waiting for someone who actually understands what HAARP does to explain, in scientific instead of conspiracy theory terminology, how a one megawatt ERP high frequency transmitting array can affect the weather over the horizon from it.

        • while I’m not on the HAARP “conspiracy theory” bandwagon, it does not take much of a leap to understand that manipulating the altitude and density of the atmosphere will have a direct relationship with weather patterns. “over the horizon” is really a non-issue for radio waves, as evidenced every day by Hams using HF propagation

          • You apparently know a lot less about the entire subject than a rookie technician license holder. I, on the other hand, have held a commercial FCC ticket since the mid 70’s, when I began a decade-long career in broadcast engineering. The altitude of the atmosphere is unaffected by EMF. The density is only affected where the EMF is converted into heat, directly over HAARP, whose array is only slightly steerable. The stated purpose of HAARP, and its function by every measure, is to heat the ionosphere in order to study the use of RADAR over the horizon.
            Something that is designed to heat the ionosphere is going to have stiff competition from the sun, which is so quiet right now (in route to a historic solar minimum) that HAM operators are having increasing difficulty getting much HF propagation. Those of us who listen to shortwave radio are fully aware of this, as well.

          • Actually “stated purpose of HAARP” is radio communications enhancement, later expanded to included subsurface imaging.
            Yes, the primary heating region would be above the array, although I would assume some heating is possible above the magnetic conjugate point.
            Solar competition or not, heating a region is what it does.

          • Heating the smallest and least effective layer of the atmosphere with respect to weather is unlikely to affect weather around the world, even if it manages to divert the jet stream, which would take a substantial nudge.

          • LiberalsRLost

            Keep in mind HAARP has seven locations and they run several megawatts of power……Dr. Beardens website has the details and this scalar energy is at a level that conventional EE schools do not teach. Te Tesla equations were truncated after JP Morgan figured out tesla wanted to generate electricity and power the grid free of charge and w/o copper wires…..
            JP got the best brains around to truncate the eutions and have them stored elsewhere no doubt TPTB have the they all run on those inner cabal circles luciferians of a feather flock together……

            So it can be hard to wrap out heads around a technology and energy levels that we have never been exposed to and it crushes our normal matrix….but we have to get out of it in order to ‘see’ and ‘hear’ what is truly around us………a short anecdote …..my wife finally got to observe a chemtrail plane cloak in front of her eyes after months of me reporting to her my observations…..she is better versed in aviation then the average house wife…..I took my family to every airshow possible during my aviation days during my 16 years of active duty…she knows a slick from a chinook to a cobra…..so when she called me one night (i was contracting out of town) she told me there was a chopper flying over our house for over 15 minutes and it never made a sound and it flew a radius of <1/4 mile ……and lower then 1000' in altitude …which is my guesstimate after a lengthy conversation trying to ascertain the situation…….then she finally got spooked……think 'Blue Thunder" …. so weather control is a modern done deal just because 'we' cannot fathom the technology nor the reality does not make it a conspiracy …..

            In simple term lottah chit out there we just don't get…..but the more we all share , inform the better off we will be shed ight on these roaches….!

          • There are far more than seven similar facilities on the planet, but HAARP is only one of them. They run far more ERP than they do input power, due to the directionality of their arrays. Scalar is a word that scares those who do not know what it means. One should expect scalar output from a scalar array, such as most of the facilities use to achieve the directionality that causes the high ERPs. An oscilloscope couldn’t display what you suggest without input from the appropriate processor and it the requisite data acquisition. What is EVLY?

          • LiberalsRLost

            Extremely low freq. think I fat fingered that beauty…lol….
            Yeah I was using the O-scope as a metaphor for those observing the clouds patterns as akin to some wave shapes of certain frequencies on a O-scope…and the clouds are merely responding to the radio waves according to the material in the concoction…as barium, nano-silver, and the latest is fly-ash from coal plants…..even read the the location of the Navy base in Va. where they are flying from but brain-dead did not book mark…….thanks for the additional insight …..

          • That would be ELF. The presence of metals like barium and silver would be obvious on a common radar screen.

          • paulgilpin

            i can remember back in the ’50s/’60s radio moscow or voice of russia or whatever, had a big transmitter in vladivostok. they had two, actually, but one was a reeeeally big one. 500kw if i remember correctly. anyway, when they would turn that thing on, or change the direction to broadcast into the US, it would actually heat up the ionosphere and bend, we called it then, the signal. we were told, RM had to station(?) someone in lincoln nebraska to receive the signal, and make a telephone call, 1950s, to vladivostok to tell them what/how to vary their transmission to get it to come in on the correct wavelength. they had to stay on the phone for the duration of the transmission.

          • LiberalsRLost

            It was called the “woodpecker” by ham operators….. and it has advanced by quantum leaps literally…
            dig in get a cup of java lots of good reading for the hungry mind….and it appears a few of yah’ll over here…..enjoy fellas…

          • sunshine

            So what do you think about ham radio?? I was thinking about getting into it, but I’m not very technical.

        • Mike

          basically it heats the upper atmosphere thus changing the flow of air in that and surrounding areas thus creating irregularities in the upper atmosphere. Those irregularities affect weather patterns in different ways depending on where those irregularities occur.

          • The University of Alaska Fairbanks doesn’t have a meteorology school, and they are the current owner of HAARP.

          • Mike

            yes a while back the government stopped using it, changed ownership but the university is using it under ‘government supervision’. Imagine that.

          • Is it not located on federal property?

          • Mike

            That I am not sure of, butt he university is running under government supervision.

          • What state university isn’t running under government supervision?

          • LiberalsRLost

            it’s also called mis-direction…who believes the press release when the ussa has perfected Psy-Ops at so many levels right….

        • LiberalsRLost

          No conspiracy folks and you all are honest in wanting to understand…I will supply you ll the link…..a deep rabbit hole of education….that will blow your mind…..
          Dr. Bearden has endured severe hardships and medical issues by our own gummet due to his lifelong pursuit of Tesla type energy harness for mankind…..
          enjoy folks….yes, Virginian there really is a HAARP and Dr Montieth wrote a book on it years ago, titled Angels don’t play this HAARP …..

          • Wrong doctor. The late medical doctor Stan Monteith didn’t write that book. It was written by the honorary doctorate holder named Nick Begich. Begich would be more credible if he had earned instead of been given the degree.

          • LiberalsRLost

            whoops…thanks for the correction……should quit rely on ah…memory ….lol…

        • JETJACKEL


          • Does that mean that you can explain it? Or that you are stunned by my refusal to accept unsubstantiated theories on their faces?

  • whiteberry

    New… World… Order…

    • George Butler

      Nuff said.

  • doucyet

    “There is no greater tyranny than that which is perpetrated under the shield of the law in the name of justice.”


  • Did it take The Daily Sheeple to turn “becoming” to being?

  • It should be noted that he is an “independent.”

  • Smarty

    How much do you want to bet that Andrew Wilkie will soon meet an untimely death?

    • paulgilpin

      jamie dimon and malcom turnbull will not like this.

      Turnbull was a director of FTR Holdings Ltd (1995–2004), chair and managing director of Goldman Sachs Australia (1997–2001) and a partner with Goldman Sachs and Co (1998–2001).

  • World revolution is the only recourse!

  • ccambridge

    An honest politician is an anomaly. Rest assured his days are numbered by the power machine.

  • NormVan

    Andrew Wilkie worked in Aus Intelligence before Gulf War 2 and he was the only politician or bureaucrat to call it lies and resign. He is an honourable man

    • geopolitics

      An honourable man lol.I don’t know any “ex” intel man who is honest let alone honourable.Its the nature of the “job”.

  • Scotoz

    This encroaching is indeed universal and is quite literally attack on our freedoms all under the guise of protecting them so how ironic is that? It is clear they are all establishing a Marxist control mechanism which are designed to stifle any sort freedom and the treasonous curs who are supposed to represent us are no more than the front men for the criminals behind the scenes who pull the strings. I find it noteworthy that Obama has said that if anyone questions ‘Climate Change’ that they would be denied access to weapons and mentally unstable. This is a classic technique used by the USSR to stifle any free speech and indeed many were sent to state mental institutions if they questioned ANYTHING the state said was true. We are quickly descending into the NWO of pure socialism controlled by the 1% who have been generationally taking over the world in stages.



  • Aug Ust