Police State USA: Simply Wearing an ‘Anonymous’ Mask in America Can Get You Arrested Now

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We are so far down the dark police state alley in America these days, it’s insane.

Apparently now all it takes to get yourself arrested in this county is to sit — peacefully and quietly, minding your own business, doing nothing wrong — at a county hearing…

Wearing a Guy Fawkes “Anonymous” mask.

Or not even fully wearing it. Via Anon HQ:

The incident took place in the House Gallery, during the Maricopa County hearing over the suspected election fraud.

Two officers attended the arrest of the man. Although the man in question didn’t have his face concealed by the mask—the mask had been resting on the top of his head—the first arresting officer approached from behind and kicked at him lightly until he left his chair.

The meeting reportedly had to do with election fraud in Maricopa County Arizona. Guess the officers there just felt the need to arrest somebody for something? Was it to distract from the election fraud which is already bad enough?


Apparently it took four officers to take down and arrest a man sitting peacefully at a county meeting.

The crowd quickly sprang to the man’s defense, as people chanted “shame” at the officers who arrested the man for seemingly no reason at all… other than half wearing an Anon mask. Chaos broke out as they yanked the man up from his seat. Others yelled, “You are sending the absolute wrong message to everyone up here!” and “We the People of the United States are TIRED of this stuff!”

These cops should be asked themselves who exactly they are protecting here… because they look like nothing but thugs.

Janet Higgins, who uploaded another video (below) of the incident from another vantage point, stated:

“We were at the point of chaos. All brought on by the police. For a man sitting quietly. With dreadlocks. His name is Jonathan S. McRae. He is currently in jail, charged with trespassing and resisting arrest. I disagree. He was harassed, held to the floor for over 5 minutes, and kidnapped. I don’t know if he was injured in the attack.”

How can someone trespass as a public hearing?

At least Mr. McRae will have plenty of witnesses and video evidence for his trial.

America, as they say, is going to Hell is a hand basket. How much worse are things going to get? How much more are people going to take?

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  • jeff

    I would of like to see the Thugs in uniform beaten….

    • ReverendDraco✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵃᶜᶜᵒᵘᶰᵗ

      …with plowshares.

      • Eddie

        I like the idea of motorcycle chains myself –with broken glass in the links. Pig bastards! Obey your oath, you IDF-trained fucks!!

        • knifemare69

          I’ll take the old reliable Louisville Slugger and make like Samson with that jawbone of an ass, but that’s just me…

          • bosunj

            Louis and I have been know to do more than a few pieces of work together. Long time ago it was. He’s never far even today.

  • Where are all of those ‘I love the police’ commenters who always say cops are the good guys? Cops are the enemy. Period.

    • bosunj

      Always have been always will be.

      • Joan Camara

        Exactly what I was going to say!

    • Eddie

      Yeah, right. Put down your Readers Digest, Edith, and turn off Fox Noise. “I love the police” . . . SHUTTY!! You’re just a good old German — er, Murikan with Authoritarian Personality Disorder.

      • ReverendDraco✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵃᶜᶜᵒᵘᶰᵗ

        Did you actually read the comment?

      • doodaa

        Been drinking much lately?

    • You’d be very disappointed in my local law enforcers.

  • Frank

    Trespassing and resisting arrest? If he had been told to leave prior to the altercation, and stayed, then they might have had a case. But from what I saw, they simply dog-packed the guy without any warning. The almost sure sign that an arrest is bogus is when a resisting charge is thrown in. Unfortunately, you can be convicted of resisting even if the main charge is dismissed, and the cops know it which is why they always tack “resisting” on to all the other charges.

  • harry323

    This is what happens when only government agents are allowed to carry guns in gun free zones …

    • Maxinejdill2

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  • Mike

    Cops are always the enemy.

    • bosunj

      Always have been always will be. Forever and ever.

      • Mike

        Not always, but they truly are now.

        • bosunj

          Always have been. In the 30’s they along with some Pinkertons attempted to murder my grandfather for organizing a union at his workplace and again when the new union voted to strike. That’s just my family in the last 80 years or so. Throughout DUHmerican history there are legions of corrupt low life scum sucking rat fuck rat bastard larcenous murderous POS cops, their buddies and citizens who defend them. Never was an Andy of Mayberry. Grow up.

          • Mike

            I like to go back to the days of the old west where there were plenty of good ones. After the old west became more civilized the police started their power trips for big money.

          • bosunj

            You’re delusional about the old west. As you keep insisting one imagines your delusion is grounded in the exceptionalism you’ve had blown up your skirt since birth. At least you’re part way to realizing DUHmerica is 100% bullshit and always has been. Keep workin’ at it.

  • Revolution now!

  • Marie Beckett

    Get the names and addresses of these cops……..have a skip tracer/collection agent to the work….get their spouses names, where they work, what they own……also the parents if living….start putting liens on EVERY ASSETT these people own. Find out where the spouses work and stand out in front with the t-shirts and posters of who these thugs posing as peace officers are……….make it very UNPLEASANT. PUBLIC SHAME IS AN EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE TOOL……….but it must be a LARGE and UNITED group. Remember……if anyone suggests violence they are an agent provocateur…………..Do the “Hester Prinn” method………………have posters T-shirts of these thugs along with who they are married to………..and Liens from MULTIPLE people on EVERY ASSETT is a wonderful tool!!!!!!!

  • bosunj

    During GWB’s first term I had a shirt and hat made up the said BUCK FUSH. I was threatened with arrest in California after a restaurant manager called the cops to have me removed because he was “a christian man who believed GWB was a great president” and in another restaurant in Washington State the manager of a Outback Steakhouse picked up my plate with two bites out of my steak and told me to leave because he didn’t wan’t any commies in his restaurant.

    These two anecdotes are from more than a decade ago.

    Face it, DUHmerica has ALWAYS been a shithole when it comes to unconventional or “unapproved” thinking. Comply and conform or face the wrath of any POS who thinks his rights trump yours.

    I’ll NEVER step foot in that warmongering terrorist cesspool ever again for any reason.

    • Eddie

      Outback Steakhouse? What a commie cesspool that shithole is. They ban firearms from their restaurants. The people who eat there are Cracker Barrel assholes on a date.

      • bosunj

        I don’t live in that DUHmerican warmongering terrorist cesspool and haven’t for decades so I’m unaware of Outback controversies. It was either there or a Taco Bell or a truckstop diner. Shouldn’t have bothered going to DUHmerica much less stopping in that one horse town.

        • Jas

          You totally should have gone to the truck stop, great food at most of them.

    • doodaa

      Look up Pinkertons. My spelling may be wrong, but, they are hired killers/thugs for the elites. Private army, not like now.

  • knifemare69

    Police have always been nothing but thugs; the only reason most people don’t realize this is the countless hours of police sitcoms on TV that tell them otherwise…

    • ExecutorOffice

      Thuggees is an ancient religion now practiced in a modernized way by the local popo.
      No organized cult of killers has ever murdered as many people as the Thuggee. In the 1830s this Indian secret society strangled upward of 30,000 native people and travelers as a sacrifice to their goddess Kali, the “Dark Mother,” the Hindu Triple Goddess of creation, preservation, and destruction. The name Thuggee comes from the Sanskrit sthaga, “deceiver.”

      Deceiver applies to ALL policy enforcers pretending to be Peace Officers

  • Our response should be appearing in larger and larger numbers, non-violently and anonymously (no ID and without police records) until they stop abusing us and go back to minding their own business.

  • earl tenembalm

    If he was actually arrested w/o a valid WARRANT, and w/o having violated any LAWS and on the whim of the arresting cop(s), then that is a FALSE ARREST! Next step would be to sue … but first you have to find an honest judge!! We’ve really gone down a dark, dark road.

    • Frank

      Cops can arrest if a violation is committed in their presence. No warrant needed in that case.

      • They still have to be able to prove probable cause when it gets to court.

  • stk33

    According to http://azcapitoltimes.com/news/2016/03/28/one-arrested-as-rowdy-crowd-in-house-gallery-protests-voting-snafus/ , he was first asked to leave, as one of identified agitators of disturbance, and refused. And not because of the mask, but because “he was yelling different slogans and was warned, but continued to be disruptive.”. When they tried to escort him out, he clutched to the chair. That makes trespassing. Likely, at some point they told him that he was being arrested for trespassing, and he continued. That makes resisting arrest. What part of it is true is a question, but it’s not that black and white as it is portrayed.

    • Frank

      Like I said in an earlier post, if he was asked to leave and refused to do so that makes it trespassing. The cops were then within the law to use appropriate (note: “appropriate”) force as necessary to eject him. Sounds like he was trying to provoke them, which is what happened. Still, there is little or no question that excessive force was used, but good luck in getting a court to agree.

  • doodaa

    They desperately needed an “incident”. The patrons were being uncooperative.

  • Razedbywolvs

    Oh look, the offerers were distracted.
    I think that was a perfect time to jump a city council member.

  • davee

    Is it mandatory for American police to be obese these days? I remember a time when police were fit, and had some respect for themselves..

  • YeahRightOkay

    …I don’t know…I counted 6 not 4 thugs…and they all looked like they just came from Dunkin Donuts…and the chick thug looked like she went back for thirds…

  • IzzysNextBarkingDog

    Arizona = Klan? Anybody know?

  • Becky Strohl

    Wow, we have all fell down the rabbit hole and now live in the Amerikkan Corporation of Police States.

  • Dunno y

    Oh come on you lot its just two shit for brains cowardly d grade non grads getting in some fascist practice for future heavyweight dystopia. Keep your powder dry boys and smoke em if ya got em.

  • Mike

    I’d really like more context for this. Obviously the dude is sitting there peacably… I’m wondering legitimately if someone can give me a “non knee jerk reaction” to the background here because I’m not hearing anything about that. Where cops on hand at this event already working as security? It says this happened at the hearing; does this imply the facility was a court house? Or other public institution where by nescesity anonymity is not allowable?

    I’m not saying they were right. I’m not saying they were wrong either. I see this type of video though and of course these fools used force that was unneeded, a crime occured by these police officers; bit something else becomes immediately apparent to me. There needs to be context to these stories. Otherwise you just feed whatever side you agree with. I wonder if the police’s irrational reaction was in part a reflection of spectators not trying to engage in calm conversation.

    I truely believe that even the dumbest lae enforcement officer wants to avoid being filmed, put on the web, and subject to national inspection. With cameras out around them, people chanting, and no meaningful conversation about why this is happening occuring, they obviously took their frustrations out on this guy.

    I’m not saying the croud is at fault either. They aren’t. But sometimes, when someone’s life or safety is I’m danger people need to remember that civility is a lost art that can disarm even the most hardened person, including police. They expected the reaction they received (hense 4 cops). This was something planned because 4 cops wouldn’t have been there otherwise. So why didn’t anyone ask why? Instead this woman begins shrieking & fanning the flames while this guy getting arrested takes the brunt of her reaction.

    It’s not her fault either. But human behavior is a fickle thing. We need to be more confident of how we react, because doing so irrational & without consideration will almost always result in a negative consequences for someone.

    They yell they are killing him. I don’t know if they were or if they werent., but I’d like to think that if I was in a situation seeing an officer treat another person like that, I’d certainly engage them meaningfully.

  • The “officers of the law” need to be taken out behind the wood shed and have their asses beaten! THIS is why there is going to be a revolution in America! Yes, there are a lot of good cops. But it’s ass clowns like this that get the headlines and it is because of them that ALL cops are painted with the same brush. No one trusts law enforcement. No one wants to defend them or stand with them because when they get the chance, they absolutely abuse their power. Last week my wife was driving on a busy road near our home and a cop was driving next to her….WHILE HE WAS LOOKING DOWN AT HIS PHONE TEXTING! That is illegal in my state and no doubt he would not hesitate to issue her a ticket if he saw her doing it. Law enforcement has become nothing more than thugs with guns and badges and the Constitution, nothing more than a very old piece of paper.


    When getting arrested, make sure when they ask you for a zip code say without US. If they ask you for a ssn, say you don’t have one. You are doing contract law with the sheriff which is a corporation. You are not the all caps name. reaperishere.weebly top left video

  • Tim Hadfield

    Hijab/burka is OK, but wearing a halloween mask is a crime?

  • Maxx Headroom

    And then police in the USSA wonder why people come up to them and just shoot them. It’s because of things like this that continue to happen day in and day out in this country. Welcome to Amerika, comrade.

    • JackerRaabit

      I veel racght at home! Many tanks to you, Amerikan Comrade!


  • JackerRaabit

    Bra filled with tissue-paper, and a burka…


    Instant unrestricted access anywhere! Yay!

  • Joan Camara

    Watch the movie, “V for Vendetta”! Americans need to get together and do what they did in this movie!! I would be ONE of those…in front!!

  • Barbara Fisco

    I’m sorry but if you’ve got something you want to protest you are a coward if you have to wear a mask to do it. That said, I agree that we are in a police state in many many other ways.