Police State USA: Run from Cops, They Will Shoot You; Comply with Cops, They Will Shoot You

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Someone called the cops in North Miami because they thought a man had a gun.

Turns out, an autistic man named Rinaldo (above right) who had wondered away from his group home was holding a white toy truck. A clearly visible white toy truck. His behavioral therapist, Charles Kinsey (above left), explained all of that to the police who showed up, guns drawn on him and his confused autistic patient.

Kinsey told the cops it was a toy, that the man had autism, that he was a behavioral therapist, that they were unarmed. He tried to get Rinaldo to lie down, but Rinaldo has autism, so he sat there on the ground rocking back and forth holding his toy truck instead.

Kinsey later explained what was running through his head during his mistaken encounter with police, “I was really more worried about him [his autistic patient Rinaldo] than myself because I’m looking at it like ‘as long as I’ve got my hands up, they’re not going to shoot me’… this is what I’m thinking… they’re not going to shoot me… Wow. Boy was I wrong.”

Wrong because even laying flat on the ground with both his empty hands up saying he was unarmed, even after he explained to police who he was (a behavioral therapist) and who the autistic man sitting on the ground near Kinsey’s feet rocking back and forth holding a toy truck was (his client), after all of that Miami police still shot Kinsey in the leg… for some reason.

What reason? That’s a really good question that everybody wants the answer to now.

The union representing the Miami police say it was “accidental” and that the officer meant to shoot the unarmed autistic man clearly holding a toy truck. Why? The officer thought — for some unexplained reason — the autistic guy sitting on the ground playing with the toy truck “posed a danger” to Kinsey… But he shot Kinsey instead. Who posed the bigger danger?

Guess it’s a good thing Kinsey didn’t “accidentally” die.

The officers then flipped Kinsey over onto his stomach and handcuffed him. He lay on the ground handcuffed and bleeding from a gunshot wound for 20 minutes until an ambulance showed up.

Somehow the police are claiming the incident, most of which was caught on tape except for the moment when Kinsey was shot, is being “portrayed poorly” in the media. The officer who shot Kinsey was put on administrative leave and released a short statement via text that said, “I took this job to save lives and help people. I did what I had to do in a split-second to accomplish that, and hate to hear others paint me as something I’m not.”

What’s that? A person with poor judgment who is a bad shot?

You know what this story proves?

If you run, police will shoot you. If you stay, lie down on the ground and put your (empty, weaponless) hands up, and comply with every single order the police give you because you are an innocent person who didn’t do anything wrong….

They will still shoot you.

All those people who say “I’m not doing anything wrong, so I have nothing to worry about” are dead wrong. We all have something to worry about in the American Police State.


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