Police Shoot and Kill Suicidal Woman from Viral Asperger’s Video, Again Affirming They Are the Last People You Should Call for “Help”

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If you love someone, and you are afraid that someone has become suicidal or might hurt themselves, calling the cops for “help” is perhaps the last thing you would want to do in the modern American police state.

“Suicidal, huh? How about we take care of that right now…”

Such is the case for Danielle Jacobs, a woman with Asperger’s Syndrome whose mother called the Mesa, Arizona police concerned her daughter was “depressed” and “suicidal” and might hurt herself.

You may remember 24-year-old Jacobs; she was featured in a video about how she self-harms when she gets upset and her guide dog helps her.

Well, it seems Jacobs won’t have that problem anymore.

Cops are claiming, as they always do in these cases, that it was self defense and the girl was going to attack them with a knife. Jacobs’ family and friends claim she would never harm another person and would have only tried to harm herself, not others and especially not armed police officers.

None of the officers involved were injured in any way whatsoever.

Just as Counter Current News reported, “The police made sure she wouldn’t kill herself, however, by doing it for her.” Way to protect and serve.

The same thing happened to this teen with special needs whose parents called the police for “help”.

It also happened to this teen who was shot nine times by police after his parents called the police for “help”.

Hell, all this guy did was call the cops for “help” with his elderly wife suffering from dementia, and they showed up and beat the crap out of him.

Again, are you worried your child or someone you love is suicidal? Going to self-harm? Then you better not call the cops unless you want the police to harm him instead.

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