Police Seize 10 Children From “Off-Grid” Homeschool Family

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Police seized ten children from an “off grid” homeschool family in Kentucky on Wednesday after receiving an anonymous tip about the family’s traditional lifestyle.

The nightmare story began when sheriff’s officers set up a blockade around Joe and Nicole Naugler’s rural property before entering the premises. Eight of the kids were out with their father but Nicole and two of her oldest children were at home. Nicole attempted to drive away but was subsequently stopped and arrested for resisting (attempting to prevent officers from taking her two boys away).

The sheriff then demanded Joe Naugler turn over the other eight children by 10am the next day or face felony charges, an order with which he complied.

“They are an extremely happy family,” said family friend Pace Ellsworth, who asserts that the Nauglers were targeted because of their “back to basics life” and their decision to homeschool their children.

Friends reported no concerns about how the children were being treated by the parents, who follow an educational model called “unschooling” where the children decide their own curriculum based on the subjects that interest them and what their strengths are.

“This is the natural way to live,” said Ellsworth. “It’s actually a growing movement. They want to have a personal education and not a factory education. They are completely open about their life. Everyone is learning by living. They are all extremely intelligent.”

The family’s Facebook page – entitled “My Blessed Little Homestead,” is a charming testament to their way of life. The Naugler children are obviously living a blissful “free range” lifestyle amongst 26 acres of land in Breckinridge County.

“They frequently post pictures and videos of their children, animals and their off-grid life,” reports Off the Grid News. “A May 5 post showed a video of a toddler, Mosiah, learning to walk. An April 24 post showed a happy family, gathering around a campfire, roasting marshmallows.”

The family have set up a GoFundMe page to try and raise money for legal expenses.

A website for the family spells out their plight with the heart-wrenching words; “This Kentucky family of 12 people, 6 dogs, 2 farm cats and a few random farm animals was just torn apart. Their crime: Living a simple, back to basics life.”

This shocking story once again illustrates how families attempting to simply get on with their lives in a traditional manner are being treated as extremists by other Americans, snitched on, and targeted by authorities.

Meanwhile, in New Jersey, a WND report highlights how parents were interrogated by a CPS caseworker who questioned Christopher Zimmer and his wife Nicole, “on everything from their son’s homeschool education to questions about vaccines and guns in the house.”

Michelle Marchese aggressively demanded to enter the property after asserting Christopher Zimmer Jr. was not getting a “proper education.” Police subsequently arrived and allowed Marchese to enter the home before conducting a warrantless search.

The Zimmers are now suing the CPS for $60 million in a case before the U.S. District Court in Trenton.

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  • mallardhen

    The system is broken we all know that so why does this not surprise me. As a retired teacher at this point in time I wish more people would take this route with their childrens education the world would be better for it.

  • bill lopez

    How “off grid” can one be if regularly posting images to facebook?

    • watchmanonthetower

      It may be time to upgrade your Technology Textbook, bill. Even elementary wi-fi and tethering tech can get a person web-connected without a fuss.

      But perhaps you meant ‘off-grid’ in a more Luddite fashion. Why bother with computers and the like after going to all the effort to be physically disconnected from it?
      Answer: many kids. 🙂


      • Reverend Draco


      • bill lopez

        Hmmm…guess I thought that little thing called facebook was on the internet which is a global system of interconnected computer networks – which strangely sounds like a fucking GRID to me…maybe you need to upgrade your textbook. Try googling that without the internet…

    • Rick E.

      Hi Bill, I live off of the grid with propane and solar power. I don’t lack modern conveniences whatsoever.
      I have no physical address as my road is unnamed. Just a parcel number for the tax man.

      So it’s entirely possible to live off of the grid and have really good internet access.

      • I am admittedly jealous Rick 😉

      • Ken, North Face

        Hi Rick I have been turned on by the idea of off grid living for a long time now and acquired many friends sharing my views. Shame I must keep a 2nd Facebook acct away from real friends, family, work colleagues etc in which my like of Dr Tenpenny is treated with the same caution one would give to an adult site.
        On dating sites you can’t be a car, cat or computer. Only real profile pics and names accepted. I admit I fear medical and dental trouble. Other than that, 90% of my internet activity is done through my ifone, bought outright, £27.99/month through EE.
        You can take most things of mine but leave the ifone. That’s my soul LOL.

      • Just don’t talk about living off-grid too much online, especially on NSAbook.

    • Ken, North Face

      Sorry Bill, I posted my comment to you in the wrong box. Silly me LOL

  • Joe Lizak

    After reading this article I think we should jail the entire Walton family. Especially John boy.

    • Reverend Draco

      Mary Ellen was a tramp slut.

      • watchmanonthetower

        Tramp was the dog’s name.

      • watchmanonthetower

        Just kidding about Tramp. The dog on the show was actually named Wreckless.

        • Reverend Draco

          She was still a hoah.

          • watchmanonthetower

            That’s a young Judy Norton-Taylor you’re talking about there, Reverend. Hot as Madam Pele’s fireplace in the Summer she was to a hormone-sloshing teenager in the early 70’s.

            All that mountain naivete and pent-up farmgirl passion..

            Hey, maybe you’re on to something there, Draco!

          • Reverend Draco

            Oh, she was as hot as a $5 pistol, no doubt about it.
            As soon as I was old enough, fantasized about her too.

        • Jasper

          Tramp was the dog on My Three Sons. Of course, those boys were properly schooled by the gov and had all their vaccines, and electricity came from an approved corporation.

      • Joe Lizak


  • watchmanonthetower

    Situations like this occur because we, as Patriots and Americans, are still thinking with our Old World Order brains in a New World Order era. The Naugler’s -assumed- they would be allowed to freely, and without interference, exercise their God-given and Constitutionally-derived liberties. In a world that was NOT being rapidly compressed into a totalitarian dynamic with the overriding goal being ‘total control’, their assumptions would be valid.

    But we are not in that world; haven’t been for more than a century.

    The creeping, snake-sneaky and irrevocable adjustments to our assumptions through litigation and the legislature, and hence our entire existence, is replacing the freedoms we naturally assume are ours, much as the Naugler family must have felt assured that they would be left alone.

    Just as it was engineered to do, Old World thinking habits will not work in a New World environment.

    Prepare…or perish. And stay off Facebook.

    • cuntsuella

      For all of my adult life, I’ve been trying to figure out this whole “Life, Liberty and pursuit of happiness” our founding fathers talked about. Apparently “OUR” definition of – “Life, Liberty and pursuit of happiness” is to be defined by others?

      • Mark

        But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves. For if a man be a hearer of the word, and not a doer, he shall be compared to a man beholding his own countenance in a glass. For he beheld himself, and went his way, and presently forgot what manner of man he was. But he that hath looked into the perfect law of liberty, and hath continued therein, not becoming a forgetful hearer, but a doer of the work; this man shall be blessed in his deed. And if any man think himself to be religious, not bridling his tongue, but deceiving his own heart, this man’ s religion is vain. Religion clean and undefiled before God and the Father, is this: to visit the fatherless and widows in their tribulation: and to keep one’ s self unspotted from this world.

        James 1-22-27

        • cuntsuella

          Okay, how about making your point in English?
          I have NO CLUE what the hell your quote from the Christian bible has to do with this topic. I have NO INTEREST in “Christians” quoting books, which have been PROVEN to be falsely attributed to their names-sake!
          Please SPEAK your own words, so I can UNDERSTAND the point YOU have in mind?

          • Mark

            Interesting that you can’t parse the simple English (apparently don’t even recognize that it is English), but you “know” the Bible is “falsely attributed.” As if anyone has ever claimed that Jesus Christ sat down with pen or keyboard in hand? So much for today’s educational system.

            I expect non-believers to make up their own rules as if they are gods.

            The admonition is directed to those who call themselves Christian but who make up their own rules as if they are gods.

          • cuntsuella

            My statement, “Okay, how about making your point in English?”, was referring to YOUR bizarre religious post. Is it too much to ask, that you to simply speak in a secular manner, rather than spewing ridiculous religious dogma?
            For the record, I wasn’t referring to Jesus, when I said “PROVEN to be falsely attributed to their names-sake”. How self-righteous of you to presume I am a “non-believer”, but then again, that is a Christian by definition.
            It is a well known FACT the Christian portion of the bible (aka new testament) is comprised of individual writings, created by Christian hacks in the past, who penned them as if written by their names-sake. Theologians acknowledge this, making all sorts of apologetic excuses to justify the actions of the hacks.
            Thanks for the silly diversion!

          • Mark

            As if an Apostle dictating to a scribe has less authority or truth than an Apostle writing in his own hand?

            By your illogic an author who used a secretary/typist or voice transcription software could not be the author of record. Go figure.

            Revealing too that you omit the Old Testament “hacks” from your illogic. As if Isaias sat down with pen in hand? Again… go figure.

            What is your point?

          • cuntsuella

            You might consider doing some basic theological studies, you would find them illuminating. The Apostles did NOT have scribes writing for them, this is not even a debatable fantasy. This is not a forum where I can educate you on the history of Christianity, or more specifically, the Roman Catholic church! I omit the Old Testament, because it is NOT Christian, it is a rewrite of the Hebrew Torah, with translations muddled up by Christian interpretations. I excluded reference to the old testament, because it has nothing to do with my point(s) concerning Christianity. IF I referenced the Torah, I would utilize it to demonstrate where Christianity is in fact the ANTI “everything” the Torah warns against!

            Please, tell me where this ill fated diversion of yours, relates to my original comment, “For all of my adult life, I’ve been trying to figure out this whole “Life, Liberty and pursuit of happiness” our founding fathers talked about”!!

          • Mark

            You really are upside down and not with any detectable logic, only smug self-edorsement.

            As one index of your ignorance is your reversal of the direction of mistranslation of the “Hebrew Torah.” By the the time of Christ there was NO COMPLETE SET of Hebrew scriptures. The Hebrew scriptures had already been lost to history. By the time of Christ, THE ONLY COMPLETE SET OF SCRIPTURE WAS THE GREEK SEPTUAGINT that had been preserved in their Greek translation of the lost Scriptures by the Hellenized Jews.

            It was the Masoretes who mistranslated their reverse-engineered “Hebrew Torah,” a bowdlerized anti-Christian phony that wasn’t even completed until the first millennium AFTER CHRIST. Because it is in Hebrew, many suckers foolishly believe the bait-and-switch “Hebrew Bible” is the original and are wiling to take the word of Christ-hating rabbis over the Word of God.

            You, my friend with the vile screen name, are the one who needs remedial catechism.

          • cuntsuella

            You must have done some feverish research on the internet, to compile that last post, but your position is patently false. Bear with me and I will provide evidence to this fact, which even a Christian can NOT deny. But first, let me shed light on a few irrefutable facts, your presumption fails to take into account.
            The Torah has always been comprised in two forms, the written and oral. The origin of the written form is still subject to debate and opinion, amongst even the Hebrews. However, it is widely accepted that Moses followed God’s command and compiled the TRUE written form of the Torah AND had the original placed into the Arc of the covenant.
            The verbal form of the Torah comprises details that have been meticulously memorized and passed down generation after generation. In the Hebrew Torah (both forms) there has ALWAYS been STRICT adherence to every distinct detail, without compromise! Unlike Christians, opinions, individual interpretations, nor alterations have ever been allowed under ANY circumstances. That aside, your reliance on the IDEA the Torah was maintained solely in written form, is tragic. No other organized group in human history, made any comparative effort in the security of accuracy for posterity, for any endeavor.

            You stated;
            “By the the time of Christ “there was NO COMPLETE SET of Hebrew scriptures. The Hebrew scriptures had already been lost to history.” To suggest that the written Torah was lost, and did not exist by Jesus’s time, begs some questions.

            HOW and WHY did Jesus and Flavius Josephus referenced the Torah????
            EVERYTHING about Jesus, who he is, what his purpose was, where his authority comes from is ALL in the Torah (prior to the prophets) and the books of the prophets. All of which would be meaningless if there was no written reference (Torah) available, to validate his claims. Do YOU suggest that Jesus would use a perverted version of God’s word, when learning from scripture as he was growing up?

            Just one (of many) example from Jesus: Check out Jesus’ question in Matthew 19:3-6 “HAVE YOU NOT READ IN THE SCRIPTURES?” and ask yourself, if the “WRITTEN” Torah was lost and did not exist in Jesus’s time, why would HE challenge whether they had READ THEM?
            Although Flavius Josephus did his writings after Rome sacked Israel, he was born and lived DURING JESUS’s TIME and BEFORE Christianity was remotely more than scattered groups of nuts! Do tell, what was Flavius Josephus’s reference, when he wrote the “Antiquities of the Jews”, which co-mingles Hebrew history with the Torah?
            Let’s be clear, Jesus’s Apostles were NOT Christian!!
            If EVERYTHING that Jesus taught the Apostles had its basis in scripture (the Torah), does it not make sense they took THEIR coveted copies of the Torah with them, when they left Jerusalem prior to its destruction?

          • Mark

            Are you dyslexic? In Christ’s time, “THE ONLY COMPLETE SET OF SCRIPTURE WAS THE GREEK SEPTUAGINT….” Certainly portions remained in Aramaic and Hebrew, but they were PORTIONS, INCOMPLETE.

            Whether in Aramaic or Greek it was still “Torah” and indeed it was studied. What was widely accepted is quite contrary to your contention. The rabbis’ made-up “Oral Torah” NULLIFIED the “Written Torah” (Old Testament). The “Oral Torah” teaches that the Written Torah is suitable only for women and children, and even ridicules the Prophets. The “Oral Torah” teaches that the rabbis’ authority and opinions supersede even God… AND THAT IS PRECISELY WHY JESUS CHRIST, TRUE GOD AND TRUE MAN, CONDEMNED THE ORAL TORAH TRADITIONS OF THE RABBIS (Mark 7:8-9).

            Salient examples here:

          • cuntsuella

            You are perpetuating absurdities, which proves you are a dutiful and loyal Christian. The ONLY FACTUAL truth to spill from your keyboard, is your acknowledgement that the Torah is still the Torah, regardless the language used. Assuming of course, word for word true translation. As far as the rest of your dribble, I don’t even care to know where you heard it. None of it is from any credible reference I’m aware of. Although, there has been no shortage of lunatics throughout history, struggling to create myths to insult everything uniquely Hebrew.
            This is my last post – feel free to make any last reply a good one!

          • Mark

            As if we buy all your drivel (not “dribble”) on your own “authority”? Big talk from a person who could not even parse the word “complete” and whose own example, Josephus, originally wrote in Greek.

            Honest readers may verify the “points and authorities” of the salient examples I provided, “points and authorities” including the Written Torah, Oral Torah, talmudic scholars, the Jewish Encyclopedia, etc.:

          • cuntsuella


            Who are you to presume I didn’t MEAN “DRBBLE”?? You are far too presumptuous, with your false sense of superiority.

            Dribble: to advance a ball by bouncing it or a puck by giving it short, quick kicks or pushes.

            Use in my statement: You continue (unrelentingly) to push a false narative, thinking you pushing to slam dunks!

          • Mark


  • Rick E.

    As to the subject at hand, my guess is that they will win their lawsuit and be able to live where they want in whatever manner they want.

    Soon homeschooling will be deemed illegal, and people like me that live off of the grid will be subject to special regulations, taxes, permits, and all that the powers that be can think of to discourage self sufficiency!

    • Barb wire your property far enough out that they can’t get close enough to find something to bitch about. At that point they will probably bitch about the fence though!

      • Rick E.

        I put two fences up, one surrounding my 20 acres, and one of 2 acres immediately surrounding the house in order to keep the dogs in, and the javelina and bears out. (people too).
        My nearest neighbor is 3 miles away, so no one has come to our inner gate even. No one is close enough to bitch about my fences, and I like it like that!

        • Wow, your current set up is my future goal! That is exactly what I wish to do.

  • So now all it takes is an anonymous tip for state sanctioned kidnapping? An anonymous tip, really? It seems that as soon as “they” find out you are raising your kids outside of their control system a convenient “anonymous tip” by a “concerned citizen” always comes in and needs to be investigated just like when a new gun law is being proposed a convenient shooting always takes place. Methinks they are full of shit and just want to harass this family into compliance. “They” need us to need them and if we all raised our children independently they wouldn’t look to or need “them” for anything when they grow up, boo hoo. They must infect the mind when they are young so they can grow them into compliant little robots that can’t think for themselves.

    • James Michael

      They attempted to come in my home on a similar load of crap back in December and were sent packing…No sworn accuser with an attached affidavit, no obligation to even talk to the felon traitors….

      They were sent packing 2x…There is no such thing as a valid anonymous report…Americans have the RIGHT to face and cross examine their accusers….

      • Good for you for standing up for yourself, most cave like wimps.

  • packsack

    What is the difference of going to a one room school house, I did and my mother & father and their parent, those were the people whom built America, not the F–king government?

  • ron17571

    Like public schools are better than home schooling.

    • “They” don’t want what’s best for the kids they want what’s best for “them” which is terrible for the kids.

  • Mark

    Of course, our hearts go out to this exemplary family.

    That said, it behooves every homeschooler to join the Homeschool Legal Defense Association BEFORE they have any legal problems. The HSLDA has a pre-paid legal insurance that covers the kind of harassment that EVERY homeschool family should expect.

    Proper prior planning…. http://www.hslda.org

  • TellItAsIs99

    And they are taking are elderly and given them this stuff: the highly deadly mandatory clot-buster TPA drug given in the ER for a non-life threatening moderate ischemic stroke which has a history of deadly failed test trials and controversial if any benefit modest benefit. Search: AAEM TPA position, The NNT TPA stroke, or in ER emergency blogs or http://www.stroketreatmentrisktpa.co.nf for the stroke TPA drug controversy.

  • Hunting, trapping, snaring lessons are now required along with excellent recon first.

  • I’d have no qualms about conducting a ‘ reckoning’ on any deluded azzwipes involved…..


    The government is treading upon the natural right of self determination which, ironically, our federal government recognizes as a fundamental right of all people as a signatory to the UN charter.

    • Nothing the UN does is legitimate to me, they are the problem, not the solution. They laugh in your face with their flat earth logo while they tell the world it’s round. Evil.

  • Carl Stevenson

    The government thinks it owns your kids and is increasingly trying to assert that claim.
    It’s all about making sure they are indoctrinated to be good, compliant slaves, incapable of independent thought and never questioning the edicts of the tyrants and their bureaucrats.

  • SKIP

    Maybe if the family were illegal alien welfare freeloaders the “gubmint” wouldn’t want, nor be allowed to, “tear famblys apart”!

  • SKIP

    FB is the site the FEDS troll looking to bust mostly White people going sort of against the wishes of the gubmint, whereas WORLDSTARHIPHOP is the site of choice to catch stupid POS POC lol

  • lordchamp

    The pace is accelerating exponentially. I used to see and article here and there like this. Now it’s almost daily and much worse with each incident.

    Same with LEO shooting us and other type crimes.

    The police state is expanding so fast there is no longer any keeping up with it. At this pace, it will not be long before we are seeing the mass arrests Gestapo style. That’s definitely where this is heading. It’s the nature of government once it has move into tyranny which it’s very evident ours has.

    There is no longer any stopping this at any ballot box, local, state, or federal. There is no talking our way out, no hoping our way out.

    With the coming fast track super secret trans-pacific treaty, there may shortly not even be enough arms and ammo left to fight our way out.

    Still we continue to do nothing. What will it take or are we just put a fork in us done?

  • Ken, North Face

    Bill, I don’t like using labels like “off grid”, “averse to tech”, “opposition to NWO” etc. I am simply an eternal student keen on new ideas, my test is survival of self, family and nation.
    I fear my election results spell disaster because without the Coalition with Clegg moderating PM Cameron he will experience a power trip that can only corrupt. History is my guide here my friend.
    Therefore I experience a new urgency to practice what I preach.
    But back to FB it is the abusive Landlord of the Internet whereas I NEVER get trouble from Google, Apple, Microsoft etc.
    I believe FB spies on you with view to grassing you up. I admire its Community Standards, a Constitution LOL. However, one can only ask Snowden what is really happening here my friend.
    Now you must excuse me as I log in to like BLH on FB LOL.
    Help them not me God.

    • Katlady

      Brainwashed much?

  • James Michael

    Americans call this felony home invasion and aggravated kidnapping…. A felony on any state and no matter what costume the wrongdoer is wearing…

  • James Michael

    Anonymous reports are nothing, as Americans have the right to face their accuser and to cross examine them…We Americans call what the state did here, aggravated kidnapping, felony trespass and abduction under the color of law, all felonies, not to mention treason of oath, breach of this families peace and about 20 other felonies…My family had a cps kidnapper try this back in December and without a warrant with sworn affidavit attached and she was told to pound sand…Came back with 5 deputies and required to present the warrant with sworn affidavit attached, which she did not have and they were told to leave …and also warned if they disturbed our peace again, I would own the county…and everything they have personally…There is NO SUCH thing as an anonymous claim on America, there has to be a man behind any claim willing to swear under oath in court …and without that, everything these people do, is treasonous and felonius…

    • Katlady

      Yes it is and keep on standing your ground!

  • Katlady