Police Kill Unarmed Car Wreck Survivor Running to Them for Help

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Still trying to tell yourself that we don’t live in a police state?

A 24-year-old former college football player wrecked his car so badly in Charlotte, North Carolina yesterday that he had to climb out a rear window to get out. He took off running for the first house he could find and began banging on the door for help.

The woman inside didn’t recognize the man, Jonathan Ferrell; terrified of the stranger, her immediate reaction was to slam the door in his face, hit her panic alarm and dial 9-1-1.

Ferrell continued to try and get her attention. When the police showed up, he took off running for them. He didn’t make it very far.

One officer reacted by pulling out a stun gun, but it malfunctioned, so another reacted by pulling out his gun. He opened fire.

The officer gunned down the unarmed car wreck survivor in the street, killing him. Ferrell’s totaled car was found nearby after the fact.

All three officers at the scene have been put on paid leave. Officer Randall Kerrick has been charged with voluntary manslaughter, a felony, and is being held on $50,000 bond.

While the woman who was home alone may have been justified to slam the door in the guy’s face and call the cops, the cops reportedly did not even give the guy a chance to get to them before Kerrick fired multiple shots that left Ferrell dead in the street. According to CNN, “Police used both ‘charge’ and ‘run’ in their description of what Ferrell did.” Yeah. Because apparently he had been in a bad car accident and needed help.

The police used to be the people you could run to for help. That no longer seems to be the case in America.

Our post-9/11 nation, complete with the continued militarization of police, breeds a society of fear. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is currently investigating just how far this trend has gone:

American neighborhoods are increasingly being policed by cops armed with the weapons and tactics of war. Federal funding in the billions of dollars has allowed state and local police departments to gain access to weapons and tactics created for overseas combat theaters – and yet very little is known about exactly how many police departments have military weapons and training, how militarized the police have become, and how extensively federal money is incentivizing this trend.

Some examples the ACLU cites include police killing a confused seven-year-old after they threw a blinding, deafening flashbang into his home; an Arizona SWAT team shooting an Iraq war veteran 60 times during a drug raid; a Colorado neighborhood getting shut down for four hours while SWAT teams hunted for a man suspected of shoplifting a bike from Walmart; North Dakota police borrowing a predator drone from the Department of Homeland Security to arrest a family that failed to return six cows that had wandered onto their property; and an Arkansas town announcing plans for SWAT to regularly patrol streets with AR-15 assault rifles…you know…just because.

According to the CATO Institute:

These increasingly frequent raids, 40,000 per year by one estimate, are needlessly subjecting nonviolent drug offenders, bystanders, and wrongly targeted civilians to the terror of having their homes invaded while they’re sleeping, usually by teams of heavily armed paramilitary units dressed not as police officers but as soldiers. These raids bring unnecessary violence and provocation to nonviolent drug offenders, many of whom were guilty of only misdemeanors. The raids terrorize innocents when police mistakenly target the wrong residence. And they have resulted in dozens of needless deaths and injuries, not only of drug offenders, but also of police officers, children, bystanders, and innocent suspects.

Stories like Ferrell’s are becoming so commonplace, it’s ridiculous. Earlier this year, a man with Down’s Syndrome was choked to death by an off-duty officer patrolling a movie theater because he wouldn’t leave after the movie ended. The suspected officer was not charged with any crime. Police in California arrested a man for filming them and then killed his dog. A small organic farm in Texas was hit with a ten-hour-long paramilitary raid last month that appears to have been for nothing more than code enforcement. Alcoholic Beverage Control agents recently swarmed a University of Virginia student in a convenience store parking lot and drew their guns, and one even jumped on the hood of her car all because they thought the sparkling water she bought was beer.

It just gets more and more ridiculous as the examples of police state mania go on and on.

As the ACLU says, “Towns don’t need tanks.”

So many police in this country have apparently lost sight of their basic mission to protect and serve the people. Even though there are still good cops out there, sadly it is getting to the point that when in trouble, a cop is the last person anyone would want to call.

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  • RickE.

    What happened to cops tackling someone-physically subduing a “suspect”???
    Now it’s shoot first, ask questions later! A bunch of cowards behind a gun.

    There is no longer any difference between the so-called criminals and the police.
    If you call them for any reason your life is in danger.

    • anon45

      Welcome to the pre version of Martial Law

      • michelle

        You are, sadly, correct

    • Anonymous

      Criminals have more guts than cops. They often break into places unarmed without knowing if there is an armed person there. The cops always go in with guns drawn.

    • TAG

      I agree. I will take my OWN chances. 9-11 a farce. Would be raped or dead by the time they got around to it. If they even did! Would probably charge me with murder for defending myself. Pathetic way we have to live, but welcome to AMERIKA!

    • Anonymous

      What happend to talking to people and not assuming EVERYONE is out to get you. I have been all over the world and in some crazy situations, but NEVER was I not able to calm others down and defuse the situation.

    • Jean

      Rick, That’s unfair! There IS a difference between cops and criminals – Criminals want your money, mostly – Cops want your OBEDIENCE, including, “Play dead.”
      And they do so with state sanction.
      So end the state.

    • Jonathan

      Hey … hey, they could brake their nails doing that!!

  • Kyla

    I’ll say it again, the pigs are an enemy occupier force who will murder you and your family, laugh about it and alter lie in court. Do not call them for help ever, they are the opposing enemy force we all will eventually encounter in Battlefield USA. They’re brutalizing and murdering Americans, they need to be dealt with. Wake up, a pig is a tool of the political state who in turn condone and create their general orders of operation.

    • The police are endangering our lives and taking our liberties away they are the greatest threat we face — the local Cop/Pig…..

  • Guest

    The penalty for police SHOULD be 5 times the civilian penalty. In reality they are off free because the government does not want to discourage the enforcers (Gestapo) vis a vi Waco and Ruby Ridge murderers.

  • When I was conducting judgmental shooting training at a school in North Carolina, in one active shooter school scenario, a SIGNIFICANT NUMBER of officers fired on students fleeing from the shooter. In fact, the school director had a deputy state attorney general come in to observe the training. Yet this type of training is often the first item cut in law enforcement budgets!

    • RickE.

      “Yet this type of training is often the first item cut in law enforcement budgets”!
      The reason for this is because in law enforcement’s eyes, we the mundanes, are expendable.
      There’s no such thing as public safety anymore, just officer safety.

      • The cops only need to be armed with a night stick to protect themselves they cannot be trusted with guns…..


    Drones are fun practice. PLEASE RAID MY HOUSE, look for multiple red dots from secured , bullet proof, swat truck proof locations.

  • 0jr

    the only ones that get away with crime and don’t get arrested ect ar relatives of cops especially if they are irish

    • Jean

      “Irish” doesnt’ hold much any more. Most of the piggies I’ve met are of different ethnic stock. Mostly OBVIOUSLY so.

  • Anyone that still thinks we are not living in a police state now are in sever deep denial of reality.The cops are trigger happy because they know that many in the population are wise to what they are doing and they fear for their lives and are more than willing to take yours! Its only going to get worse till the people have had enough and revolt.The cops are the first line of defense and the low level thugs for the ruling politicians and corrupt court system all over the country.Life as a paid thug just might get dangerous for them as well!

    • poptoy1949

      And i agree with that statement.

      • Jean

        Not soon enough.

  • Bob Marshall

    in many towns and cities the police are as well armed as the military. We had better get accustomed to the Police ( Gestapo) tactics because they serve, not the citizens of these United Sates but their master, the government.

  • poptoy1949

    Automatic 20 years in prison. Police watched him do it. Throw away the key.

  • Andy

    The gun control folks want to take away citizens guns,but with this citizens killing going on by cops,I think citizens now need to protect themselves from the police and need their weapons more than ever.When the SHTF there will be a lot of cops hunted down and dealt with,that is just how it will be.Be prepared and ready.Keep your powder dry.

  • TAG

    And I thought it was bad back in 1996 when a witness to an auto accident. I did what I thought was right. Stayed and told what I saw. When asked to fill out a report, was told by the God in a uniform I couldn’t borrow his pen! This dick was so worried I might steal his pen he treated me like I was some kind of parasite. Last time in my life time I will ever waste my time on the gestapo! Cops today are on a power trip. They sure a shit forgot what they wanted to accomplish to make them serve….just the same way as the MD’s do. Bucks and power. The only thing they understand.

    • Australian Observer

      I’m an Aussie lady of mature age who was hoping to visit the USA in the not too distant future but I’m having second thoughts.
      In Australia all citizens at the age of 18 years must vote by law in our political system or get a huge fine and or possible jail if they don’t have a medical or a very good reason not to have done so.
      That’s how we keep most of OUR way-ward (I can use less charming words) pollies who are answerable to the people’s voice and choice and must be kept under the ordinary citizen’s thumbs.
      Yes! we are not perfect down here but we’re working on it and ourselves and them/the pollies too.
      Some of our bad politicians have been jailed with many more NOT as of yet.
      But they’ll get their just deserts sooner or later.
      I hope you Americans will make voting compulsory in your country and you will see a big difference for the better start to happen slowly but surely.
      America you are a democratic country of long standing you are not Russia FOR GOD’S SAKE stand up and be counted.
      Demand your God given civil rights and speak up and out loudly.
      All people deserve the basic right for a decent roof over their heads, daily food in their tummies and decent modest clothing to start with to begin to feel human.
      Good education and good health services and good Police protection goes hand in hand for all human beings anywhere in this so called MODERN world.
      You have a right to live peacefully in your communities.
      Thus making long and firm friends with your law-abiding neighbors building trust in each other as it was in the old days.
      Every community ever where needs harmony and balance for all people and families to really feel part of life that’s unfolding each day for them.
      If you are a “solo” person in life with time on your hands go and do “community volunteering” to the less fortunate and the elderly in your street.
      Say Giday/hello, to the elderly for a start as they love to have a good old yarn/chin wag and they are full of information you didn’t even know about.
      Help them do their shopping, clean their room/home, give them you unused clothing, furniture, fix their car etc etc.
      Talk politics in a civilized manner with your families and friends and tell them you “MUST VOTE” for the future of America depends on it.
      Compulsory voting will give you the LOUD voice you all need to help change many of society’s outstanding issues that should not be tolerated in this day and age.
      Put politicians on notice and in their place, first and fore-most.
      Make your politicians gratefully serve all the human needs of the ordinary people and in a Godly manner.
      You must be able to see their Godly actions clearly starting to happen in your local communities.
      And keep on asking WHY NOT until THEY DO SOMETHING positive and constructive.
      Nag them constantly for years if you must–DON’T EVER GIVE UP.
      You as tax payers must tell politicians in no uncertain terms what you expect of them.
      Because you pay their bleeding BIG wages/salary and you are their BOSS-don’t forget that.
      When you catch a lot of pollies sleeping on the job and not listening to your voice/vote.
      Tell them that IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH and do so even to some of their (faceless) faces by SACKING EM next election.
      Then watch the “civil servants” and “the medical profession” and all necessary public services that you pay taxes for– start to dam well behave themselves and do as the TAX PAYER demands or else.
      Tell them they’ll be out on their backsides hanging their heads in shame.
      If any politician in the world in these very corrupt days has any SHAME left in them– that is?.
      Like stupid little children their dirty hands often tastes pretty good to their pea size brains until they get whopping’s from their loving Mums to stop their bad habit.
      And as adults dirty money tastes too good to stop until they get a hell of a belting from their voters (who are not so loving) to stop them.
      Too simplistic I know but it will take time but please start now for your children’s and grandchildren’s sake.
      As I hear most of you Americans are kind, friendly and helpful people like most of us Aussie are like also.
      And I want to meet some of you personally sooner than later and before I die.
      America you gave Australia your very best and bravest young ancestral soldiers to help us from a fate worse than death.
      When (so called) mother England abandoned us Australians for their own selfish survival purposes.
      Then left Australia like voiceless sitting baby ducks to the fast CREEPING beast of all evil THE unstoppable inhuman Japanese.
      If it were not for your young American men and women (some still alive today– God bless them) who fought and died to save the lives and future of my innocent parents for one.
      And of course so many more Australian families that have grown FREELY to 20+ million of us now.
      Australia’s massive rural and mineral rich country called OZ DOWN UNDER these days– would have been lost forever to a most demonic FOREIGN rule.
      The Japanese would have ruled the world MOST SAVAGELY from Australia and cunningly over taking the Nazi/all of Europe in very quick time.
      Quite an unimaginable thought but it would have been a very different world by now I can tell you.
      The whole of Australia were greatly relieved when America dropped the BOMBS on Japan to stop their evil acts of wickedness most foul committed against tens of thousands of human beings in the Asia Pacific region.
      Nothing else on this God’s earth would ever have stopped the Japanese but for those BLESSED bombs.
      There are Australians still saying today that the Americans didn’t drop enough of them at the time.
      They belong to families who’s loved ones never came back from the war and from the endless horror of the Jap POW camps all over Asia and in Japan.
      We must never forget history for one day history will repeat itself.
      As for today in both our countries the massive usage of the evil ILLEGAL DRUG CULTURE is killing off our future generations at an alarming rate–it’s NOT WARS anymore.
      All of which must be firmly dealt with by our brave political leaders.


        This article was about police not politicians:

        I’m sorry I didn’t read your entire”wall of text”I stopped at:
        “compulsory voting for 18 year olds”. Are you aussies insane?

        The last thing we need is to force a reluctant population of ill informed short-term viewed.no life experience low information folks to influence the political arena.

      • Jean

        1. We do not vote for police. They are employed by the [incorporated, usually] town.
        2. I get the hint, from how you have worded things, that allowing gun ownership by ANYONE outside of LAW ENFORCEMENT is seen as “irresponsible.”
        3. Ditto drugs, you seem to think that allowing drug use is immoral and wrong – yet look at the side effects of the LEGAL drugs. And guess who profits on all the misery those drugs cause? Police, lawyers, jails, municipalities, cities, states, judges, and the Federal Government.

        RE: 2 & 3, Please promptly go to hell, as I will not allow people like you to impose Hell on Earth – German Nazi, Japanese God-Emperor, Egyptian Pharoah, or Islamic New Caliphate, makes no difference to me: You would trample on other’s rights. Kindly stay out of my way, or I may be inclined to respond in kind.

        Bear in mind, YOUR OWN STATS show that the gun ban hasn’t stopped crime.
        Nor in the UK, for that matter, has it stopped crime. Nor in Japan.

        Please wake up, and stop with the selfish, “WE NEED YOU!” America is too over-extended to keep pulling your panties out of the fire, and AMORicONS too damn stupid to deal with the real problems – so next time we are “over there”, we may well be wearing American Flag Swastikas.

        I’m disgusted to see how it has changed (1) in my lifetim, and (2) in JUST THE LAST 15 YEARS. Yet your generation – my PARENT’S generation – think it’s still a free country.
        But they think that of Australia, too. And Canada. And Britain…
        You get the idea. Tyranny is not limited to a country; the drive to control others is part of human nature. We need to get rid of those who would control others, “for their own good.”
        It’s ALWAYS “FOR THEIR OWN GOOD,” because you’re SO self-less.

        More like cowardly, you just want the NEXT generation to keep supporting the crap of the day.

        DONE. If intelligent people cannot see the problems, AND COMMIT TO FIXING THEM – people like me will. And you will sleep VERY well at night, while we become the “bag-men” and bogeymen of the time.

        I’ll do my part to help Agenda 21… I’ll eliminate the tyrants and the traitors, any way and every way possible.
        As Jefferson comitted himself to.

        But then, those men were terrorists, weren’t they?

        Think about it. THIS is where we’ve come to. SOEONE will have to get their hands dirty, and you’re obviously unfit.

        • RickE.

          Great reply Jean! Well-stated!

          May I add that Australian Observer’s idea of compulsory voting is an ironic joke, as few candidates are worth voting for.
          Voting for the lesser of 2 evils is an exercise in futility because what you get is STILL EVIL.

      • THE ENTIRE world is falling apart because of people who have their heads so far up in the clouds,reality will NEVER be part of their life,australians are one such group,your country is going into the shitter and next time you stupid whores look in the mirror,you’ll see who’s fault it is,I never heard so much stupid crap come out of one persons mouth as yours………..,

      • shropster

        You can’t defend yourself with a meaningful weapon.
        You require the illiterate, uniformed and indigent hoi polloi to vote.
        No thank you.

      • Beano

        Any country that forces you to vote is tryanny.

        And the ones they forced you into voting only take your guns away.

        You are closer to China and Russia then we are. A troop of only 50,000 could run right through your country raping and pillaging and shooting the able men in the back of the head AFTER.

        Your comment does not make sense.

      • Eat at Joe’s

        wow, you sound American.
        glad they dropped the bombs on Japan?
        Japs and Nazis taking over the world?
        Instead you got the Jews and Chinese taking over the world. Happy?
        Ever listen to Deanna Spignola on RBN? You might change your outlook if you research what she talks about.

    • TAG,its to bad you didn’t get to see the real police gang,thats who they been for 50 years,TERRORISTS,extorting everyones money,enforcing unconstutitional laws,AND PRACTICING KILLING WOMEN AND CHILDREN,they were NEVER ANYONES FRIENDS,and damed sure not americas friends,BUT THE DAY americans are going to be forced to wake up is coming,ALONG WITH THE RUSSIANS AND CHINESE MILITARY,your police gangs are all implanted russians and commies who have been in america for years,JUST TO TAKE OVER THE COUNTRY and if we lose,america will LEARN WHAT SLAVERY is really about,..GOD HELP THE WOMEN AND CHILDREN OF STUPID LAW ABIDING CITIZENS,who are blinded by VOMIT VISION,and are sound asleep………………..

  • DW

    I wonder if the fool had an orgasm as he shot the unarmed guy. Killing innocent people seems to the the police wet-dream du jour these days.

  • james martin

    You do not mention it was 2:30AM in the morning, very dark, the man was a big former football player, and the cops were responding to a frantic woman telling them someone was trying to break into her house! What would you have done?!!!

    • RickE.

      I would have NOT shot first then ask questions later!
      I would have loudly and clearly stated I was the police, and to halt and identify himself.
      Most cops seem to want to panic and shoot, than to actually protect anything other than themselves.

  • james martin

    If this man had been white it would have been a justified shooting!

  • spud

    It’s no longer “To server and protect”. More like “To harass, kick your door in, taze you, kill you and your mother”

    • RickE.

      YEP! But u forgot to mention the family dogs. They’re the first to be killed by the storm troopers and their marches to punish the mundanes.

  • laura m.

    I never open the door for strangers period. Many breakins/homeinvasions claim an emergency, need to use the phone, then make their way in to rob, rape, etc. Yes, some knocking on doors are sincere, but why take a chance. The man shouldn’t have run from police, but at least the officer is charged with manslaughter. I just don’t answer the door unless I know the person male or female.

    • RickE.

      Laura, please note that this fellow ran TOWARDS the police! Danged if you do, danged if you don’t sort of situation.
      Either way, you’re dead!

    • Beano

      What did the women TELL THE 911 operator that may have ALARMED police???

  • THE 7 year old,was dressed in turbin head gear and was carrying an AK-47,and screaming islam slears at police they had to kill him,NOW THE TRUTH,the cowards in police gangs all accoss the nation are being trained to KILL WOMEN AND CHILDREN,the fact the 7year old had just had a FIRE BOMB thrown thru his bed room window and was burned over haft his body didn’t carry any weight with the TERRORIST SWAT TEAM,they were there to MURDER THE FAMILY,not take prisoners……………….

  • btruth

    NO ONE should trust any MERCENARIES ((aka police))! They are here to protect banker cartel interests only. NOT to protect or to serve the slave sheeple zombie public! Prepare for war here in USAcorp, because “THEY” are!

  • anonymous.

    This is insanity.buy and stock up guns and ammunition.prepare for martial.law and go out fighting in the street if need be.