Police Go Door-To-Door to Give “Friendly” Reminder to Gun Owners

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When the Gun-Free School Zone Act was signed into law in 1990, it effectively created mini constitution free zones within 1000 feet of every public, private, or parochial school. While exceptions are made for firearms on private property, the law basically makes it illegal to defend yourself or others with a firearm on public property within the arbitrary school zones, unless sanctioned to do so by the state, or the school.

More recently, after New Orleans saw a recent “rise in gun activity,” US Attorney Kenneth Polite decided that he should conduct a community outreach program alongside local and federal police agencies, to reinforce these rules. They’ve been going door-to-door in neighborhoods that fall within school zones, to remind residents that they basically have no self-defense rights on public property where they live. Check out the nauseating propaganda piece that the local news produced on behalf of the program.

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Contributed by Joshua Krause of The Daily Sheeple.

Joshua Krause is a reporter, writer and researcher at The Daily Sheeple. He was born and raised in the Bay Area and is a freelance writer and author. You can follow Joshua’s reports at Facebook or on his personal Twitter. Joshua’s website is Strange Danger .

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  • If they came to my door, I’d ask for a confirmation that I could defend myself on my private property, where they were committing technical arrest without a warrant. Then I’d ask them if they were aware that the SCOTUS had ruled that it was legal to use any level of violence to resist an unlawful arrest. I’d close by telling them that I was going to arrest them for a violation of 42USC1983 if they returned without a lawfully warrant. They wouldn’t be happy, but the snap on my holster would be off…

    • Smarty

      Not that I approve of ANY of their bullshit, but how are they committing “technical arrest without a warrant” by knocking on your door (to inform you of an unconstitutional law, but still a law, all the same) ?

      • Do you have a technical understanding of what arrest is?

        • Smarty

          You, 3 Boners-in-you, are a hopeless ass-hat…..

          • At least I’m not chronically ignorant because of my own refusal to look things up.

          • Smarty

            No, you’re chronically ignorant because that’s just how you are. Agreed.

          • Why would you ask me to ‘splain something to you if you already understand it? I didn’t ask you to explain technical arrest, you asked me. I don’t think you would make a very good lawyer since you are so good at providing evidence against yourself in everything you post.
            The only thing we agree about is that one of us is too lazy to do their own due diligence, and since you probably don’t know what that is, either, it is pretty much self evident that you are the ignorant one.

          • Smarty

            Almost every woman I’ve ever met can spin a story, and then stick it up a man’s ass one way or another. YOU, are an absolute PRO. Congratulations…..now go find yourself a good man and get to work!

          • I’m not sure about you, but I have external plumbing.

          • Smarty

            Yes. 3 of them. IN YOU. Agreed (again).

          • I didn’t know you were a hopeful homosexual.

          • Smarty

            You make it very easy to understand why you admit to having no loved ones in your comment below. It’s very self explanatory…..

          • bill lopez

            He’s a decent guy – none-the-less, still an internet tough guy / keyboard commando. Guarantee he’d bend over.

          • GenEarly

            and what is “Smarty soiled pants”?
            A keyboard toilet?

          • It is very easy for me to find people to like. It is probably easier because I’m not trying to hook up like you are.

          • David in MA

            damn, I love these sites!

          • patriot156

            let me guess a facsist right winger who has blue blinders on?

          • patriotism-matters

            What he said !!! The duopoly that is the gang of DC is corrupt beyond comprehension. The only thing that changes is titles and door signs.

        • patriotism-matters

          I’m betting “smarty” is a cop…

      • an unconstitutional law is no law at all, of no lawful effect, as if it were never passed, null & void from the get-go, i.e. COMPLETE CACA to be technical about it

        • bsroon

          Founding fathers called them “pretended laws” stated they are null and void, and in a GOOD govt would be made to comply w/constitution or removed.
          You nailed it.

      • azlibrabbit

        Sorry, but an unconstitutional law is no law at all. It is void and without force, and very dangerous because the low IQ, trigger happy enforcers will shoot first and ask questions later, after the ever-willing low IQ media CYA for them.

        • GenEarly

          An unconstitutional law (backed by protected enforcers and exempt from consequences of their actions) is definitely The Law!!! Comrade.

    • Another Thought Criminal

      The best thing to do any time the cops come to your door is to ignore them and not answer. If they have a warrant, they likely won’t be knocking anyway.
      Why subject your pets or loved ones to possibly being killed?

      • I don’t have any pets or loved ones to possibly be killed.

        • Another Thought Criminal

          Well, all of the terms and laws are being obscured to where we are living in an unlawful country. Not answering your door is resisting arrest; your hand on your holster would likely be assault. You could attempt to explain 42USC1983 to the police, but they don’t even care about the constitution. So, no point in even opening your door to them and losing your element of surprise.
          Also, maybe you should get a pet or some loved ones; you may be less contrary. 😛

          • Smarty

            He has a pet. It’s a “stuffing” gerbil…

          • TickTock

            I thought you were his stuffing gerbil?

          • Actually, the hand on the holster IS assault by the original meaning. All my loved ones are dead, and I have no funds to maintain a livable space for a conventional pet. I can enjoy animals without housing them, and I do feed a lot of wild birds. My contrariness isn’t a problem for me. Like some mentally ill, I don’t suffer from it, I enjoy every second:-)

          • GenEarly

            We need More Contrarians, not less.
            Can we not come to grips with how “accepting” we are become of the progreSSing “new normals”?
            (Welcome to the USSA.)

        • Razedbywolvs

          You should at least love yourself.
          Get a Basset hound Like Smoky and the Bandit!
          I don’t care how hard core you think you are. Your no match for that level of cuteness.

          • I prefer snakes but then again I am not normal 😉

            Here is a man I admire, Jay Brewer, almost getting bit and laughing about it: break.com/video/man-laughs-while-getting-bit-by-giant-python-2820309

          • Razedbywolvs

            It’s a beautiful snake, but he must go threw a lot of rabbits every year.
            I like cats and ostrich. I don’t have an ostrich but I rented a house once and the neighbor had 2 in his back yard. If you ever get a chance try to feed one chowmain it’s worth it. It will try to eat your hole hand in one gulp. It’s pretty freaky because up close they have red rings around there eyes and teeth. It wont hurt but it never gets un scary.
            Wen I was a kid I watch the movie “The Swiss Family Roberson” in the
            movie they ride ostrich’s. I have always wanted to try that, but I
            don’t want to brake some one’s ostrich trying to duplicate something
            I saw in a movie wen I was 10.

          • I do love myself, and I try to love others that I don’t like, as well.
            I’d rather have Clint Eastwood’s chimp than Burt Reynold’s dog.

          • Razedbywolvs

            Those make bad pets. They masturbate and throw the faeces at you.
            If you don’t want a basset hound, different breeds for different folks. I might not be your favorite person and I don’t know crap about your personal life. But if I find out your lonely I will have Я0llyJ0g3r doxx you and you will get a puppy.

          • How do you vanbreak a dog?
            I’m not the least bit lonely, just alone because of my eccentricities. I’d rather be alone with my eccentricities than deal with the ignorance that others have adopted as normality.

          • Razedbywolvs

            That is pretty easy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CskvOzDOmbw
            I’m not the biggest fan of people myself, so I can understand that.

          • It isn’t so much getting a dog to pee and poop on command, it is getting it to wait until given that command which is the thing:-) Given that any pet would find itself locked in the van during the day regardless of the ambient temperature, cooked or frozen might be a description of them when I could service their needs during the average work day, when I might be hours away in a truck.

          • Razedbywolvs

            The dog will quickly learn to wait tell you give the command so it will get the treat and if the tank is empty there is no need to empty it again. Combine on command pooping with a system like a letterbox or gravel, dogs are pretty sensitive on there feet and will grow accustom to pooping on a specific suffice.
            Take the dog with you to work or cut a hole in the side of the van for a dogie door. It’s just like having a kid. You don’t necessarily plan on it, but wen it happens you make it work. It can be a pan in the ass and you can think of a thousand reason not to do it. Some times it’s better to just do something and think of the consequences later.

          • Ah, I knew there was a good reason. I am daily thankful that I ran my ex- off before she could get pregnant and create a lifetime of aggravation.
            How many people do you know who have the option to take their dogs to work? America is in the screwed up situation it is because we never bothered to think about the consequences of spending trillions of dollars that didn’t exist to fix problems caused by spending trillions of dollars that didn’t exist…

          • Razedbywolvs

            I work in residential construction, so i know lots of people who take there dogs to work.
            Probably a good thing to ditch the ex. But should you never try agian to avoid future possible aggravation? I really dont see a dog being capable of producing the level of aggravation a women can. There is a good reason i didn’t threaten to mail you Sally Field and it was not the shipping cost.
            They knew fully what they were doing. They made the consequences yours and the benefits there’s.

          • I feel the same way about most dogs as I do about most children, I’m glad they aren’t mine. I ditched the ex- because she was a slob who cockroach infested a house we’d bought, and was starting an infestation in the mobile home we bought later. Since her mouth was the most efficacious sexual organ of her body, and was the motivating factor by which my little head vetoed my big head when I decided to marry her, and the performance of her mouth had become weekly or less, I decided I could do as well, orgasmally, without her treating me like a butler for life.
            I have thought about getting a vancat, but the environmental obligations remain a major deterrent.

          • Razedbywolvs

            Even wen I was a young kid I never found anything from Hollywood all that attractive. Never had the posters in my room like all my friends. I managed to avoid the marriage scam, but I have had a couple of hurricanes blow some of my stuff away. But they always walked away with less stuff than my family would steel from me so I guess it wasn’t that bad.
            I hope your not paying alimony. So what are the odds of changing your environment?

          • When I was a kid, I bought a poster of Rachel Welch taken from One Million Years B.C. and cut her out, pasting it on a 4 x 8 piece of fluorescent poster board, which adorned my pre-pubescent bedroom. That was the totality of my female sexual objectification via poster.
            Before my wife walked out of my life, she committed to two actions which my mother-in-law quickly purged any commitment to. One was to send me the paperwork to perform a non-fault divorce using one of several books designed for the purpose from her family’s bookstore, for my signature, and return to her for filing. The other was to send me a power of attorney for the mobile home. I stopped at the bank the next morning and prepared one for the house she’d infested and sent it to her before I went to work. She claimed later that I’d never asked for one on the mobile home. She hired an attorney and tried to get his fee and other things not part of the property division we worked out before she left, none of which did he or she ever receive from me. I consider myself lucky to have never impregnated her. No alimony or child support were asked for or awarded by the court.

            My environment is pretty optimal from my point of view. I take home $367 a week and manage to save $500 to $1000 a month. Life is pretty inexpensive when you have no rent, mortgage, property tax, utilities, or cable bills.

          • Razedbywolvs

            lol fluorescent poster board, that is just classic.
            For a devoice it sounds like you came out rather lucky. You could of easy ended up in a debtors prison or one of those dudes who sets himself on the courthouse steps.
            I ended up in a lawsuit against my sister who conveniently decided that she owned my fathers ranch. 4 years and $175.000 in lawyers fees later we ended up with a court structured settlement agreement to pay out 175.000 within 5 years no interest and the majority of the ranch. My father died of cancer 12 days after the settlement was signed.
            I spent a couple of years working and fixing all the damage. I took out a loan to pay my sister off because I could not stand the stress of owing her and getting threating letters in the mail. So basically to keep it short I’m in debt and work just to pay all my bills. I could end up rather well of or eating out of trashcans. Time will tell.
            I dream of the gypsy life, getting on a motorcycle,VW camper van,sailboat, and leaving all the troubles the world drags you into behind. Weather I end up homeless or well off, that life will be available to me so I guess it’s only a matter of time.

          • We were married in Colorado, estranged in Wyoming, and while she was in Colorado, I was in Texas. Multiplicity of jurisdictions make enforcement of court orders difficult at best. If she had pursued enforcement, I would have re-opened the case with a undeniable claim that exceeded all of hers, my mother’s loan of the down payment on the house that she surrendered to the bank.
            I could return to longhaul any time I want, I’m constantly being contacted by recruiters, but they can’t provide a secure place to park my only asset, and I know all too well about the history of companies like Arrow Trucking, whose former assets I transported several of to auction, after Daimler Credit pulled their financing, without notice, stranding 200 drivers without severance pay. I’m not really a gypsy, mostly just a extreme non-conformist:-)

          • Razedbywolvs

            I don’t see how those company can’t find a secure place to park your assists. There just unwilling to do so, it is probably not the type of people that you want to work for.
            I have driven from CA to FL and back in a 80’s mustang but I did not have any time to stop and explore. Are there any little towns that you enjoy stopping at or do they all look the same wen your a professional?

          • A long haul truck driver doesn’t usually get off the highway anywhere there isn’t either a truckstop or a place to park the truck within walking distance of desired amenities, like a restaurant and a restroom. The interstate has put a lot of tiny truckstops out of business because of lack of it. I haven’t long hauled since 1994, and my most recent experience was while doing driveaway, moving tractors as cargo by driving them dragging my van behind. I tended to prefer the larger branded truckstops, especially Flying J before it got taken over by Pilot. It is rather difficult to back the van into a space, so I’d usually go until late and then nose into whatever I could find. After many had left in the morning, straight backing wasn’t so mandatory, assuming I couldn’t just pull through.
            There aren’t many trucking companies with terminals not on interstates, and I’m 3 to 4 hours from any interstate.

          • Another Thought Criminal

            Clyde was an orangutan.

          • Question number two: Did you remember that immediately, or did you have to go look it up before you could feel safe to post it? 🙂

            The specie didn’t matter to me, so I went with chimp, a primate is a primate.
            Congratulations, you won the unimportant trivia prize for this week.

          • Another Thought Criminal

            My dad is a hardcore Clint Eastwood fan. We saw all the movies when I was a kid. So, yes, I knew immediately Clyde (Which I also remembered his name because of “Right turn Clyde” was an Orangutan.
            Thank you for my unimportant trivia prize. It’s so hard to get the recognition one deserves in useless trivia.

          • I can identify because I was a hardcore Star Trek TOS fan. I could tell you which episode it was by the opening scene or the first line of dialogue. As for getting the recognition one deserves in useless trivia, it has to be contemporary and cultural to get recognition for it, unless you are playing Jeopardy.

        • patriot156

          Not that i disagree but if you answer the door with a weapon even holstered with trigger happy cops these day’s I’d bet they’d shoot you.
          Just dont let them in. let them hand you thier stupid flyer then later burn it.
          then if they try and unlawfully arrest you later then you can and should use deadly force. its our right as citizens which has been swept under the rug far too long.
          As far as I see they’re the Red coats, but just be smart about it.

          • Several non-LEOs walk around with handguns on their hips here, going everywhere with them except government buildings, and that will be addressed when we get rid of the scum in the state legislature that keeps us from amending the original permitless concealed carry law. As I’ve said before, the police here still serve and protect, and they know what the law says and who is their boss.

    • Ish-Kay-Nay

      Sure you would…

      • I have, and they agreed with everything I said and apologized for bothering me as they left.

    • Hellhound

      Right on, my fellow American !

    • patriotism-matters

      Interesting, can you point me to the SCOTUS decision about level of force? I find that info invaluable.

      • Unfortunately, I no longer live in Denver, or I could look it up in the excellent Colorado Supreme Court library, and all the records I have of previous searches made there are buried deep in a storage shed. There might be some details in a treatise (that I read in that library) that proved that any level of resistance up to and including lethal was acceptable in a case of false arrest. There are several online law libraries that you could probably find it in, but I don’t have access to a fast enough access to use them effectively. You could get a good start at copblock.org/38561/the-right-to-forcefully-resist-unlawful-arrest-using-deadly-force-if-necessary/

  • Gearmoe

    Out of line to come around on this, oppressive and wrong. Don’t allow the bad guys the upper hand. Don’t die because some asshole created an unconstitutional gun-free zone.

    • Pamela


  • SKIP

    Legal arrest or not, the fact is that LEO (it also seems that everyone else that dat wuks fuh da gubmint can arrest us) can do what they want until the impending collapse at which point they are going to have to make choices involving the safety of their families.

    • David in MA

      if there is a collapse there may be lot of dear LEO’s in revenge.

  • Millions of We the People go Precinct to Precinct collecting the guns and ammo We the People paid for via extortion taxes.

    It’s a great day when you disarm the ” gov’t” looters in office

    ps: there is no government
    there are no lawmakers

  • Ricky Ross

    Yea, but cops can possess a gun to defend themselves within 1,000 feet of a school!

  • InsaniaFactusMirus

    Oh my God!

  • Ricky Ross

    “Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves”

    – William Pitt

    • LibertyBill_1776

      Great quote! I use it alot!

  • patriot156

    Those with blue blinders on can there be any doubt who the Red coats are?

  • patriot156

    as with everything, people will suffer despotisms up to a point, but once one of us decides no more others who feel the time has come better not ignore his crys for help.

  • Bo Wetstone

    worse than Jehovah witnesses

  • Bo Wetstone

    this is one more reason to get a ghost gun. defend yourself then dispose of the traceless weapon

    • Ish-Kay-Nay

      You’re dumber than you look…

      • Bo Wetstone

        at least I don’t put three periods behind my sentence. epileptic perhaps? or just too many energy drinks?

  • Mike

    I would have told the cops that I live in America, and in America there are no constitution free zones. If I feel the need to defend myself with deadly force I WILL DO SO, goodbye and the door would have slammed shut.

    • Pamela

      I agree

  • Ish-Kay-Nay

    Jingalls better get on this or his potus run is finished.

  • tanaberrys .

    Just another reason not to live in a cesspool… oh, excuse me… city.

  • Frank

    Another article by scare-monger Joshua Krause; who uses every snippet of half-truth to fan the flames of anti-police, gun control paranoia and intimidation tactics that an uninformed and suspicious populace is reactive to.
    Like the text says, “exceptions are made for firearms on private property” – this says it all. Unless the police have a warrant to enter your house and the homeowner does not give them permission to enter (actually tells them Stay Out), they cannot legally enter a private dwelling if they can’t actually see a violation of law occurring – NO MATTER WHERE YOU LIVE. Thanks to the 4th Amendment.
    School Zones are not “arbitrary,” as stated by Mr. Krause, either. The zones, typically extending out to 1000 feet from school (public) property, are NOT intended to prevent people from legally possessing and using firearms for self defense, but to deter the commission of other crimes (like drug sales, etc.) where illegally-possessed firearms are typically present.
    If you’re a law-abiding Citizen, you really have nothing to worry about – despite Mr. Krause’s dire need to scare you and make his opinions and fiction-based writing relevant.

    • FEMA L366

      You are also, just another bootlicker. Who goes out of your way to defend any LEOs regardless of action. A cop could rape and murder, a woman and child in front of you, and you would do nothing and claim it was for their safety.

      This country was not meant to be a bootlicking nation. Too bad people like you are easily manipulated, and think every person in a government costume is some kind of hero. You sir are the kind of idiot all politicians love.

      • Frank

        Then we’re BOTH idiots, in addition to your digression to infantile name-calling. Just how did you come up with the idea that I would go out of my way to defend LEOs “regardless of action”? You made some huge assumptions and let your own twisted biases cloud your ability to comprehend what you were reading. It is apparent that you did not understand most of what I wrote, as I provided avenues to nullify police actions. Ignoramuses and other “people like you” are easily manipulated and turned into belligerent fools. Mr. Krause, the author, has a lifetime subscriber in you.
        Oh, and by the way, for a person who has such disdain for the taste of leather, why did you pick “FEMA” for your screen name? Bootlicker.

  • Chosenone

    I wish the guys below would take their pissing contest elsewhere!

  • Ryan Cawdor

    First off what the cops are doing is despicable. The Constitution doesn’t allow the government stooges to usurp the Constitution. But I will address this based on current federal law (which is still unconstitutional) which states that people with a concealed carry license/permit issued from the state the school resides in are exempt from the 1,000 foot “gun free school zone” law. So if you have a valid concealed carry license from the state the school resides in you are exempt. You still cannot carry a weapon (for the most part) ON school property (there are exceptions) but if you have a license you can go on public property up to the border of the school property while armed. If you look at the initial gun free school zone law passed in 1990 you will find the wonderful people that actually wrote it and for the most part those cretins are STILL in the federal government today…some are senators. The original law was found unconstitutional by the U.S. Supreme Court so what did the authors of this illegal law do? They went back and added “Interstate Commerce” to their bill and got it passed into law again in 1995. Talk about a bunch of crap! The Interstate Commerce clause was not designed for abuse by the federal government. The federal government (as well as state governments) are all about enslaving the People and removing our rights.

  • Bruce Wayne

    Even if I did live within 1000 ft. of a school zone in East New Orleans,I would STILL be armed with a firearm.Firearm free zones are killing zones for the criminals!!!

  • David in MA

    don’t answer the door

  • Frederic Charles Hilnbrand

    OK here are my thoughts. Criminals know these are gun free zones. Who is going to stop them from doing what ever they want in these zones knowing that you can not protect yourself or anyone else?? Next; if you are in your home or on your property and you live with-in 1000ft of these areas are you telling me you can not carry a gun or protect yourself?? Like I said in your home or on your property. If the police come to my door my gun is at my spine when I answer the door for you never know who is really at your door now a days. Is this 100ft zone everywhere in the country?? Thank You for your replies as I am not trying to be a smart ass just looking for information and you all seem to know more that I do. Again, Thank You.

  • BOBT12

    This is another BS law from the U.S. Attorney. The Constitution, especially the Second Amendment

  • gunslinger1964

    O yea how are those gun free zones working out hummm, Don’t ya think nutcase’s are going to target gun free zones !!

  • omni

    in all fairness to the police-THEY DID NOT WRITE THIS STUPID LAW. But they will have to enforce it-so they are trying to give people every chance NOT to get arrested for breaking a law THEY DID NOT CREATE. Take your anger out on the anti-libertarians who made the law-vote them out.

  • GenEarly

    The police were going door to door to remind the lawfully armed citizens of the four rules of gun safety, mag check, chamber check, and sight pictures……..LOL!
    But nooo Comrades the Childruns must be protected! And the BATFEY is going to help! Are they running guns to the drug cartels in New Orleans now?
    But it is imperative to set up the neighborhood snitch network, but only on legally armed citizens; because No One is stupid enough to snitch on the Gangs. Crips, Bloods, MS 13, Copz, etc……….

  • blackberry8

    Note the wasted manpower (locals, sheriffs, BATF goons) taking time from their busy schedules to pass out flyers. Bothering local law-abiding citizens seems like such good use of their time, no? Oh, I forgot. They’re being proactive.

    • GenEarly

      “Proactive ProgreSSives always moving Forward”,
      Welcome to the USSA, comrade.