Police: Give Us Your Guns, We’ll Give You Flu Shots

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The “deal” being offered by Worcester Police in Worcester, Massachusetts seems like a double loss for those who are stupid enough to engage in it. Residents are being asked to turn in firearms, unloaded of course, to the police in exchange for gift cards. However, they are also giving away free flu shots. Apparently they want to provide flu shots instead of gun shots to the community.

The flu shots were being offered last Saturday and this coming Saturday. You didn’t even have to turn in a firearm to obtain the flu shot. Honestly, I don’t see the point of taking a flu shot, but that’s me. After all, do you have any idea what’s in those? Additionally the Center for Disease Control has admitted that they really don’t work.

Those that turn in working firearms are given gift certificates to Wegman’s, which offers expensive looking foods and brews.

So how much do you get for that working firearm? According to the Telegram, “a long rifle earns a $25 gift certificate, a handgun nets a $50 gift certificate, and a semiautomatic weapon yields a $75 gift certificate.”

Wow! You get almost next to nothing for a working firearm. Seriously, people could get a lot more from a pawn shop than from the police in this instance.

According to the police the weapons that are turned in and destroyed. People who are not properly licensed may bring guns to the police station and are granted amnesty by the District Attorney.

“We’re asking folks to bring in any guns that they can’t store properly,” said Dr. Michael P. Hirsh, chief of the Division of Pediatric Surgery & Trauma at UMass Memorial and the city’s acting public health commissioner. “And by being stored properly, I mean unloaded and locked away from children.”

Obviously these people don’t understand something. There is nothing proper about storing a gun unloaded, except in cases where you have absolutely no need to use the weapon.

One young man showed up in a wheelchair for a news conference, obviously to promote the “turn in your guns” drive. LaNyia Johnson, 18, was just 13 when he was hit by a stray bullet while he was on the couch at his aunt’s house. He was hit in the spine and was paralyzed from the waist down as a result.

He seems to be a very positive young man for facing such a trial in his life and encouraged teenagers to “Find a goal in your life and chase it instead of being inside negative activities.”

Linda Bock writes “Terrance Reidy, chief of the gang unit for the district attorney’s office, prosecuted Mr. Johnson’s shooter, and said it was a tragedy that should have never have happened. Mr. Reidy said the way he looks at the program; over 2,000 potential tragedies were averted.”

“There was the potential for over 2,000 people to be hurt,” Mr. Reidy said.

Yes Mr. Reidy that may be the case, but it also may be the case that those weapons could have averted untold thousands of tragedies as well. We always hear only one side from the bleeding hearts. Guns are not our problem, nor are they the problem in Massachusetts. The problem is the wicked hearts of men. Take away their guns and they’ll use a knife. Take away their knives and they’ll find something else. As a society we must get at the root of the issue and inevitably it is the hearts and minds of men that need to be changed, not confiscation of inanimate objects.

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  • Cnsay

    Right! I’ll keep my gun and give YOU the shot!

    • safetyoff

      I agree. They can have my rights and weapons one round at a time.

  • Dont dispair, the hoods probably did not turn in their own weapons, just the ones stolen from friends, relatives or neighbors. If they were broken they would not get much at a pawn shop. A free flu shot? They are being pushed at every store in America. Wonder why?

  • this is very unamerican,the police wanting to leave you defenseless against armed intruders with the conseption that they will protect you.
    if you are a law abiding citizen you have the right to defend yourself and the police have no way to protect you with there limited funds and getting less money every day.
    i dont want guns in the hand of criminals but i know for a fact they will have them no matter what the police and the goverment tell you,if people can bring tons of cocaine in united states believe me illegal guns is nothing to bring to the criminals.
    dont believe everything you hear but be a man and protect your family,home and protect yourself.

  • Dave, RN

    This is a good thing.
    Anyone who turns in a gun for a flu shot has proven themselves to stupid to own and operate a firearm, and shouldn’t have one.

  • Mighty Trojan Moe

    Paid good money for my guns. The heck with them.