Police Department “In Turmoil” After Most Of The Department Quit

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Instead of taking a paycheck to violate rights, some police officers in Louisiana had the dignity to quit. But most of the local media is saying that there will now be “turmoil” since there’s only a small weak crew left in the Town of Slaughter.

According to WBRZ, the Police Department in the Town of Slaughter in Louisiana is in “turmoil” after the Chief and the majority of his department called it quits. All of this follows stories by the Investigative Unit that showed Slaughter Mayor Robert Jackson had a quota system where he wanted police officers to write 40 tickets per month. Officers said they would not enforce it.

Chief Walter Smith said that once most of the law enforcement officers walked out, he decided it was right for him to leave as well. With a mass exodus of almost everyone in his department, he said it was hard to do his job. “Everyone I had working here when you talked to me last (two months ago) no longer is,” Smith said. But there are no tickets being written, as eight police cruisers remain parked. There’s also no incoming extortion revenue for the overzealous mayor who tried to enforce a quota on cops who find that wrong.

Slaughter Mayor Robert Jackson (left) and Chief Walter receive an award.

Writing of tickets as a means of taxing the populace rather than to promote public safety is something both sides politically agree on. Traffic crimes, for the most part, are victimless crimes anyway and aren’t worth the paper they are written on other than to be a vehicle of revenue for cities via extortion.

Smith said almost everyone left following this conversation that was recorded by the Assistant Slaughter Police Chief.

“You need some extra money, go pick up three or four people,” Jackson was recorded saying. “You can write your own check. We get paid, and you get paid. You can’t say it ain’t fair.”

“The law precludes him from doing that,” Chief Smith said. “But, he was not up enough ont hat law to know that.” Smith says in addition to telling his men to break the law, the micro-management was so bad it was hard for him to do his job.

Now that the majority of the Slaughter Police Department has left, the chief says the Mayor and Council will likely appoint an interim replacement as chief until an election can be held to name a permanent replacement, but most want the Mayor to resign instead.

This business of using law enforcement to prey upon the populace in order to raise money for the ruling class, is a lot more widespread than it ought to be. It’s a practice which goes all the way back to medieval times; there is an unquestionable feudal odor to the idea of manipulating the law so as to squeeze the serfs out of their spare change. –The Hayride

Around town, people seemed scared and refused to go on camera or be interviewed out of fear of retaliation. But, all of them said the turmoil points back to one person, the Mayor. WBRZ tried to talk to Mayor Robert Jackson as he exited Town Hall, but he said he was too busy.

When police officers do stand up and do the right thing, it’s important that they are told so. Quitting so they wouldn’t have to enforce the edicts of a chubby tyrannical Mayor on a power trip is bold and a brave decision. Many thin blue line supporters willingly submit to traffic violations believing that they somehow did actually commit a crime. Therefore, facing the backlash from those who support the thin blue line is possible too.

These are the cops who we should be thanking. These are the real heroes in law enforcement.

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  • The Tuna Fairy

    YES! Can we get an AMEN here!
    Get that mayor out, and get the officers to run ethics classes for police all over the country.
    This is how law enforcement is supposed to be!!
    My thanks to these officers 😀

  • NonYo Business

    Please be contagious… please be contagious.

  • mayday911us.

    Well I hope people start realizing these quotes. Mostly by politicians forcing the law enforcement to carry this out for revenue.

  • Cracker122049

    You will never see a big city police force do this and that’s a fact.. Its about feeding the ego, the paychecks and benefits then a retirement where they can still feed that ego and get away with it because the are ex pigs. The bigger the pig pen the more crimes they can get away committing as the look on the citizens as prey for their sick pleasure. The largest street gang in ameriKa. DHS and the other alphabet agencies do too because all you have to do to prove it is look at what the criminals in DC get away with.

    • Millard Huff

      Cops also get away with murder as well.

  • Larry

    Just kill the POS mayor !

  • Without respect for the law on the part of our leaders how can there be respect for the law by citizens? But then for the last three generations we have taught children that truth is relevant, if you feel it is right than it’s right for you, we are to be tolerant of others because they have their right to act according to their beliefs because all beliefs are equal, school counselors can provide birth control and abortions for children with the parents consent but parents better not let their child take aspirins to school and under penalty of law parents do not discipline your children who have the right by the State to do what they believe and remember they have been encouraged call the police if you interferer.

    • celticreeler

      “The best way to encourage respect for the law is to make the law respectable.”

      Frederick Bastiat

      • archer

        What a great quote.

      • Amen.

  • James

    But but if they can not guard stop signs they will not have any thing to do all day. As American cops are a crime not a crime preventer. & some one might steal a sign if they are left unwatched. Never mind your goods city property comes first. What you pay them to do is it not. Worth about 25 cents a hour they are.

  • whattabunchacrap

    A town of less than 1,000 people doesn’t need eight cops to begin with.

  • el Gallinazo

    Let’s see. That’s 320 tickets a month. Would that be enough to keep that mayor in hog kibble?

  • Carl-Cathy Wisnesky

    Thank you officers & Chief for standing up for your principles & the rule of law. I pray you find work in an honest town or city.

    • Millard Huff

      There are no honest towns or city’s anymore they are all out to get your money.

      • Carl-Cathy Wisnesky

        Oh, come on now. I’m quite sure Chicago, L.A. & D.C. are prime examples of honesty & caring for the average citizen. 🙂

        • Millard Huff

          Sure they are but I would never stay the night in anyone of them.

  • Millard Huff

    Cops do the same thing here in Largo,FL.

  • Upperthoughts

    Slaughter that pig Slaughter and there will be food for all. What is he about 350 or so?

  • anonymous4u4me

    Bravo to those fine officers that would not break an oath to God almighty, the constitution and the people they are to serve Bravo. Now the people must back them up, or all will be lost and they will be but a forgotten memory. The people should grab the fat slob mayor strip him naked tie him to a rail, tar and feather him and on that rail push in out of town. This will send a loud and clear message that the people like the police will not condone his type or his actions. He will be shamed and know he is done and leave for good. You will then be able to elect a new mayor maybe allot healthy and wiser, and everyone is a winner. I tip my hat to the officers that did this and to their leader for backing them up, Now its up to you the people.

  • Freespirit
  • rouge1

    Give the fat ass mayor 40 tickets a week.

  • brady

    WOW! What are the odds of several moral cops landing at the same city at the same time? Almost astronomical at best, but here it is. And now they’re all gone, which means they will be eventually replaced, by (likely) more “regular” cops who will be more than happy to write those quota tickets. This is a strange, sad story.

  • Idi Amin

    Can’t have legal marijuana, but the slaves/citizens can be written 40 tickets a month?